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Alister Mackenzie

0 · 389 views · located in Hogwarts, Scotland

a character in “The Ruins Of Hogwarts”, as played by RedRavenChronicle



{Sometimes good people do bad things, I just want people to understand that bad people can also do good things.}
Headstrong: Trapt || Sound Of Madness: Shinedown || Enemies: Shinedown || Remedy: Seether ||


Alister K. Mackenzie


June 4th, 16 years old



|{Blood Status}|


Ash, 9 1/2in. Dragon Heartstring Core.

|{Face Claim}|
Ash Stymest



Favorite ...


Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge

The Raven (1935)




The smell of Coffee grinds


{We live in a world now where black and white has become obsolete, now there's only the gray inbetween. }


|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
[color= blue]▪[/color] Bites his nails [color= blue]▪[/color] Cracks his knuckles and neck a lot Compulsive Liar Compulsively steals small objects (Which he later gives back) Picks at his cuticles taps foot Has a hard time sitting still
|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
Brave Funny (Depending on what your humor type is.) Animal-lover Confident Straightforward Can easily read emotion Can tell his position by the stars Quick learner (Lacks patience to learn though) Can memorize things rather easily Plays guitar Can sing

|{Flaws || Weaknesses}|
Arrogant Conceited Liar and Manipulative Lives to prank others Rude/Can be a major jerk Has a hard time communicating Needy Explosive temper Often times secretive Possesive Bad at making Potions Bad at Herbology Has a hard time paying his full attention to something Impatient easily distracted

Quidditch Singing (something no one knows about) Hanging Out With Friends Sketching (But most people don't know this) Guitar

øHis fatherø
ø Loosing Aileenø
ø Dying ø
ø Being forced to killø
ø Cursesø

Dark Mark Forced upon him by his father.
His Mothers Death Was his fault, because he told his father about her...uh habit of being around other men and what type of men (Muggles) they were.
Aileen is actually only his half sister, and his father is unaware that she is a half blood. He keeps this secret to himself in fear it may get her killed as well.

|{Goals & Dreams}|
He plans on applying for a job at the ministry once he is done with school. He still isn't sure what job he would like to go into though.



{I'm an honest liar to tell the truth. }



|{ Arrogant, Joker, Conceited, Persistent }|
Alister has a slight problem, which consists mainly of a mixture of arrogance and conceit. Two very similar things that have led him to be an almost intolerable human being. Not only does he flaunt it but he assumes he has something to flaunt. When really he isn't anything all that special. In comparison to some people he can even be considered average - or as average really as a wizard can get. But to call Alister out on his problem would be to receive every sort of denial and insult known to existence. He thinks he's the best around, and should not be considered other wise in his books.
Other than being a repeat offender jerk, he can be a pretty cool guy to just hang out with - unless you piss him off in which case its likely he will start either a fight or start spreading rumors about you. Most people stopped believing his rumors long ago but there are still a few unknowing first and second years that tend to still believe him about things.
As a friend he can be one of the best, as long as you are a friend and not a potential love interest because those two types of people are treated very differently. Where as he can be a jerk on a regular basis he gets even worse around people he actually likes. Call it a sort of defense mechanism. If you can't deal with him then obviously you are not the one for him. Towards friends he can be a subtle jerk, but most of the time he acts more like a doofus than anything. It can be noted that when around friends he gets in trouble a lot more than usual.
He likes to joke around and will go to great lengths for a prank. Which goes to show he is a pretty persistent guy. He won't give up on something, and the harder the puzzle the harder he will try. Not to say he won't eventually give up if there is no progress made, but it takes a long time for him to admit that he can't do a particular thing.
One thing that usual lights his temper is talking about his family or life outside of Hogwarts. Usually when presented with the opportunity to talk about his life he will either shut down or shut the conversation itself completely down. But if some prick were to in passing mention his family he has a tendency to go off. Everyone speculates that his family happens to be deep into the dark arts and thats why his mother died, but they know nothing and won't know anything unless they dig it up from some other source.


{Sometimes the things we like are the things that hurt us. }


Letters from Aileen Causing havoc Creating a mess Disrupting the peace Joking around Muggle activites Going to Hogsmeade Adventuring Clear days Cats Spreading rumors Gullible first years Leading Being in charge Care of Magical Creatures class Quidditch Having a lot of energy Spending his days outside Astronomy Old classic movies Old classic anything really Rock music Freedom to do as he wishes Smoking (off school grounds of course.)


{Other times the things we dislike are the things that can save us. }


His Family/Talking about them Storms Being cooped up Small spaces Being forced to do something Eating healthy Know-It-Alls Foreign languages Double Blocks Ignorance Being lied to Having to lie Getting caught up in things that don't concern him Arguing with friends Being analyzed/questioned Having to explain something Potions class Herbology class Detention Getting points taken from his house Having to live with stereotypes


{I know the feeling of having my world turned upside down. Do you? }


|{Hometown & Place Of Origin}|
Bucksburn, Aberdeen (In Aberdeenshire)

|{Family Tree}|
Mother || Malvina Mackenzie ||54 ||Deceased
Step-Mother|| Elissa Mackenzie (Breighton)|| 45|| Living
Father || Gavin Mackenzie || 52 ||Living
Half-Sister || Aileen Blair (Mackenzie) || 23 ||Living
Step-Sister || Bonnie Breighton || 19 ||Living

So begins...

Alister Mackenzie's Story