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Season of Giving 2020

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Camillë Van Der Woodsen

"People say I'm lucky, but I define it as hard work."

0 · 738 views · located in Hogwarts, Scotland

a character in “The Ruins Of Hogwarts:REBOOT”, as played by Magical_pineapples



{"Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard at it."}
"All Of The Stars": Ed Sheeran||"Little House": Amanda Seyfried|| "Far Away": Julia Sheer ft. Kevin Littlefield|| "Human": Madilyn Bailey||"Rather Be": Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne||"Kiss Me Slowly": Parachute


Camillë Isabella Van Der Woodsen.


December 25th, 1998|| Sixteen.

90% Swedish|| 10% German.



|{Blood Status}|


12 ¾" Vine wood, with a Dragon heartstring core.


2)United Kindom

1)Tree Adams: - Open Road (Keith OST)
2)"Try Again": - Try Again (Keith OST)

The Maze Runner.


Light blue & Jet Black.

1)Pepparkakor, traditional Scandinavian Sugar and Spice Cookies
2)Surströmming, fermented herring served with boiled potatoes and salad
3)Swedish knäckebröd, or crisp bread.




|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
▪Talks to herself: She tends to hold long, senseless conversations with herself without even knowing it. When she's thinking, she talks to herself. When she does her homework, she talks to herself. You get the point, right? She usually doesn't realize she’s doing so unless someone brings it up.
▪Nail Biting: During deep thought, Camillë bites her nails all the way down to the nub.
▪OCD: Or an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Everything HAS to be clean and organized by alphabet- biggest to smallest- in Camillë's eyes. If it's not, she'd freak out or is likely to have a mental breakdown.
▪Manipulation: Camillë is not just skilled in the mind, but also at her hands. She is very skilled at hacking into even the most secured computers, and thinking up schemes that would be useful in the future.
▪Lying: It's something that just comes naturally to her, and she's good at it.
▪Gum Collection: Camillë saves every single gum wrapper. Like, she has thousands of Dubble Bubble and Bazooka and she puts them in a little shoe box so that one day she'll know how much gum she's chewed.

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
▪Intelligence: Clinically diagnosed with low latent inhibition, Camillë is unable to block out periphery information and instead processes every aspect and detail of any given stimulus. This, combined with a high IQ, theoretically makes her a creative genius. She's also able to define every word out the dictionary precisely.
▪Eidetic memory, or Photographic memory: She is able to recall images, sounds or objects in memory with high precision for a few seconds without using mnemonics.
▪Quidditch: After being on the German National Quidditch team since she was just five years old and placing in first place for the winning title seven years in a row, Camillë knows her stuff. She plans to play for Hogwarts as this years' Chaser, yet again.
▪Martial Arts: If you think Quidditch is the only thing Camillë is skilled at, the you haven't seen her MA skills. However, she uses these skills for self-defense purposes only.
▪Linguist: Camillë knows every single language in human civilization from German to French, Sweden to Latin, and so on; Camillë will for sure decipher. She can speak in over 8,000 languages none stop.
▪Instruments: An intelligent scholar by day, but an All State Honor violinist by night, Camillë is a virtuoso at the eye; always brainstorming on original music pieces. She is extremely artistic when it comes to writing up music sheets, or painting self portraits.

|{Flaws || Weaknesses}|
▪Bipolor Disorder: A condition in which a person has periods of depression and periods of being extremely happy or being cross or irritable.
▪Stubborn: We all know how it is Camillë gets in one of her "moods."
▪Overly Competitive: Let's just put it this was: to Camillë, winning IS everything.
▪Foul Mouthed:Camillë is a bit of a foul mouthed; rarely. However, when she gets in that stability words do hurt more than actions do at least for her that is.
▪Vegetarian: Camillë get sick any time they eat meat. Safe to say, there are always vegetarian friendly replacements provided for her.

▪Embroidery//▪Spell casting.
▪Writing Poetry//▪Reading.
▪Cycling//▪Playing the violin.
▪Learning language

øNever achieving Her Goals.ø
øDying Young.ø
øDisappointment from Her Father.ø

✤Was raised to be evil.
✤Never been in a relationship, nor has she had her first kiss.
✤Camillë has an anxiety disorder which can bring about severe anxiety attacks, however she does regularly have CBT as well as medication {some forms of antidepressants called SSRI}.
✤Deep, deep under that black heart of hers is a person that truly cares.

|{Goals & Dreams}|
"One day, I hope to become a powerful sorcerer."



|{ Cold || Apathetic || Dissembler || Hard worker || Competitive & Headstrong || Stubborn || Intelligent }|
Cold & Apathetic
Though due to her dissembler trait people around her will believe that she's friendly and outgoing with a bundle of character. However in reality Camillë is actually a cold and apathetic person who likes being alone rather than being surrounded by people. She has a dark and sarcastic humor that some just won't get, which she uses to her advantage to get more laughs out when others bewilder over her slightly twisted sense of humor. Only those extremely close to her know her true personality but don't find it surprising how different she acts.

A lot of the times Camillë doesn't show her true emotions which is understandable. However she does have the tendency to conceal her flaws in a way since she is quite persuasive. Although in this modern society norms and opinions are changing so views on things like homosexuality and mental health for example are becoming more accepted, mere imperfections within herself mostly relating to her mental health feel like an unnecessary fact that she should share to the world. Rather she still hasn't accepted her flaws and perhaps it is because her pride is somewhat to large but she'll do anything to be perceived as perfect fine and normal, or at least thought positively upon.

Hard worker
It doesn't matter what Camillë does she'll always try to put in the greatest amount of effort in order to bring about the best results. Her stubbornness ensures that she will never give in no matter how difficult or tired she may feel. In fact even though she may be completely awful at something she will always try to get at least a little bit better because in her eyes people can always progress and do better each time if they simply tried.

Competitive & Headstrong
Camillë Van Der Woodsen knows what she wants out of life. Since she was old enough to understand just what her father did, she knew that she wanted to follow in his footsteps. Dedicated, determined, and with no small amount of ambition and talent, Camillë knows it's only a matter of time before she accomplishes her goal. She has always had a firm belief in herself and her skills. It isn't arrogance, but rather pride and confidence in her abilities. She doesn't brag or unnecessarily show off, but when challenged to prove herself she has no problem doing just that. She's known for her competitive streak, and seems to have problems saying no to challenges.

Camillë has one hell of a stubborn streak, she isn't used to backing down. She'll stick to her guns no matter the pressure, often stubbornly refusing to admit when she's actually wrong too. She may actually realize when she's wrong, but a mixture of pride and disliking being proven wrong usually results in her refusing to admit as much. It usually takes a push from a friend and sucking up her pride for her to verbally admit as much.

As she loves her isolation, during those times she has a passion for reading and watching documentaries. It grew with her love of psychology and social sciences as well as subjects like biology and mathematics. Her goal throughout her student life was to remain at the top in terms of grades and educational status regardless of her hard she worked and the lack of sleep she got while studying.



✔ Charms ✔Transfiguration ✔Dueling Magic ✔ Potions ✔ Aurors ✔ Flying ✔Quidditch ✔ Winning ✔ Competition ✔ Cats ✔ Raccoons ✔Sarcasm ✔Roast Vegetables ✔ Travel ✔Puzzles ✔ Frozen Yogurt ✔ Literature ✔ Foreign Languages ✔ Indie Music ✔ Her Raccoon Sebastian ✔ Animals ✔ Chess ✔ Intelligence ✔ Herb Tea ✔ Being A Pure-Blood ✔ Organization ✔ Antiques



✘ Losing ✘ Being Insulted ✘ Being Scolded ✘Being Proven Wrong ✘Failure ✘ Spicy Foods ✘ Coffee ✘ Injuries ✘ Muggle Transport (she thinks it's too slow) ✘ Divination ✘ Dementors ✘ Faulty Justice ✘ Muggle-borns; "Mudbloods" ✘ Commoners ✘ English Dubbed Movies ✘ Chocolate ✘ Broccoli ✘Meat, Poultry


Berlin, Germany.

|{Place of Origin}|
Berlin, Germany.

|{Family Tree}|
Mother || Hera Van Der Woodsen|| 39 ||Deceased.
Father || Lucius Van Der Woodsen || 36 ||Alive
Twin Brother || Cedrick Van Der Woodsen|| 16 (older by 15 min.) ||Alive


Chloë Grace Moretz


So begins...

Camillë Van Der Woodsen's Story