Cedrick Van Der Woodsen

"My sister and I are nothing alike."

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{Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down}
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Cedrick Uriah Van Der Woodsen

Just simply Ryan

December 25th, 1998|| Sixteen

90% Swedish|| 10% German


|{Blood Status}|


|{Face Claim}|
Callan Mcauliffe


{Once you've accepted your flaws no one can use them against you }



|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
Chews at the end of his pencil Corrects people when they use colloquial speech Bites lip when pondering Tends to over think things through Has that challenging look in his eye when he feels he is being threatened Tends to over protect his twin sister When he writes poorly, he erases his writing and rewrites it neater Teachers' pet Accepts nothing but "A's"Doesn't talk much Wears fancy suits wherever he goes Combs his hair back in the 50's hair style Tends to wear 50's attire with the button-up shirt tucked into a pair of trousers Quirks eye brows Bounces his leg when things seem challenging Bites knuckles when laughing

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
Making elixirs Virtuoso Getting what he wants Fluent in German and Swedish Is actually a pretty decent cook. His specialty has always been breakfast He can listen to the sound of someone's heart to tell if they are lying, though you would have to be one hell of a liar to fool him

|{Flaws || Weaknesses}|
Crude Competitive Lying Socially awkward towards those who catches his interest Lacks romantic knowledge Despite the air of confidence, Cedrick has always been quite insecure and has doubted himself his entire life. He does not have a good image of himself. Always compares himself to his baby sister He can be very bitter Controlling his emotions He cares more about people's opinion of him than he is willing to let on

Reading Playing the piano Playing the acoustic guitar Stargazing Rock climbing Archery Golf Quidditch Cricket Sewing Chess Observing others

øFailureø||øCoulrophobia; fear of clownsø
øGrowing Oldø||øPhilophobia; the fear of being in love and falling in loveø
øClaustrophobic; fear of closed spacesø||øDeath of another family memberø
øAtelophobia; fear of never being good enoughø||øHaving a panic attackø

Suffers with an anxiety disorder||Never been been an intimate relationship
Never had his first kiss||Father treats Cedrick has if he doesn't exist. All the attention goes to his baby sister

|{Goals & Dreams}|
"I want to be the first wizard to attend music school with the mortals."



{I'm not rude, I'm honest. I just speak what's on my mind, even if most can't handle the truth }


|{ Crude, Blunt, Careless, Quiet, }|

To put it simply, Cedrick is a hotheaded prick with nothing better to do than to fuck up someone's day. He's smug, intolerant of people's views and beliefs, and has a mind heavily protected by his own ego.

The first thing you can notice about Cedrick -like his sister- is his profane furnace of a mouth. He's crude, raw, and had no boundaries when it comes to speaking his mind. Unfortunately, his aggression is extraordinarily easy to trigger; with a simple yank at his chain, he can switch into attack mode with nothing but his rage to fuel him. Despite this fact, it's a strong aggressive behavior devoured by a terrifying, nonchalant violence. Upon being alone however is a whole different story and one you'd rather not get involved.

Cedrick keeps a clear distance between most people but casually interacts with the relationships between those he can tolerate and those he cannot. He chooses them with caution, but often finds himself distracted by those little quirks that keep him at his heels. Nevertheless, any relationship he'd been in was purely for the pleasure of the flesh.
In the eyes of a sprouting adolescence or a maturing youth, romance was shot completely out of proportion. Although love isn't entirely out of the question, but locating someone who could occupy his full attention span is rare.

Cedrick is as bold as a cockroach with a steel spine, while stuffed with an astonishing sense of courage to the point of pure insanity. It's more of a witless bravery, but animal-like innocence nonetheless. For him, it was easier to tip-toe through life with a heavily shielded pride and a vanity stronger than concrete; always swimming in a pool of cat-like satisfaction. But don't get me wrong, he isn't the dull type either. Cedrick's senses have been sharpened to a point by years of developing in the wrong kind of living, a torture to a child's mind but a battlefield for his own.

With a tweak of his smile and the simplicity of a social behavior; it's was easier for Cedrick to hide his "true emotions". Even after his break was made public, he still pulls out the crude remarks and sweetens it with a smile. So honestly, despite the marks on his skin and a written record, much of it is physically impossible to notice. That of course, is how he'd like to keep it.


{Don't put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket }


Owls Predatory Birds Versatility New Tricks Short Cuts People With Their Heads In The Clouds Original Ideas Flying Quidditch Spontaneity Transfiguration Class Gummy Bears Public Speaking Fine cuisine Button-Up Shirts Formal attire Classical music Competition Astronomy Harmless Pranks Wind Autumn Suspense IntelligenceThe PianoOld, Classic Movies Being direct Thunder & lightening


{Hate is more lasting than dislike }


Boredom Idleness Being Scolded Complaining Without Making An Effort Someone who can't take a joke Being Ignored Complete Silence Last Minute Cramming Extreme Shyness Humiliation Getting Up Early Going To Sleep Early Cats Teen Romance Movies Failing Losing When he can't read a person Coffee


{That was the past. This is now }



He has a pet barn owl named Ringling.

12.5", Maple Wood with a Dragonstring Core.

Berlin, Germany.

|{Place of Origin}|
Berlin, Germany.

|{Family Tree}|
Mother || Hera Van Der Woodsen|| 39 ||Deceased.
Father || Lucius Van Der Woodsen || 36 ||Alive
Twin Sister || Camillë Van Der Woodsen|| 16 (younger by 15 min.) ||Alive

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