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Parrish Anderson

"I used to think I'm cool. Then I realized I'm friends with an owl."

0 · 565 views · located in Hogwarts, Scotland

a character in “The Ruins Of Hogwarts:REBOOT”, as played by _wICKed_



{"Wands? Wizards? Magic? My dad would go nuts."}
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Parrish Jones Anderson
"Parrish. What were my parents thinking?

"Get it? Like peanut butter and jelly!"

July 18th || Age 16
"I'm a Cancer! Fun."

"Very white."

"Obviously. Maybe I'd make a pretty lady, though."

|{Blood Status}|
"Honest to god, if one more person says 'mudblood'..."


|{Face Claim}|
Francisco Lachowski


{"Lots of people sound like they're super insightful, and I'm just... no." }



|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
Playing with his handsHummingWhistling to the alphabet songEating only green applesDrumming his fingersNot looking people in the eyesScribbling When he writes, his 7's, 2's, and Z's all look the sameHe has a horrible habit of mumbling

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
Creative/critical thinkingThe amazing ability to not listenBalancing a spoon on his noseHis enthusiasmAdventurousDetermind

|{Flaws || Weaknesses}|
Easily frightenedQuick to become aggressiveWastefulOccasionally standoffish His poor reading skillsPrideIndependent

Collecting model train setsHerbologyLego buildingWatching quidditchOwl carePing pongScrapbookingHikingCollecting comic stripsBridge

ø Ghosts ø
ø Clowns ø
ø Suffocation ø
ø Bugs getting in unattended drinks ø
ø Confined spaces ø

The fact that he believes bugs will get into his drink if he leaves it unattended
He doesn't know much about the wizarding world, despite going to Hogwarts for four years
His dyslexia
In grade five of elementary school, PJ dyed his hair pink

|{Goals & Dreams}|
PJ grew up in a completely muggle household in a muggle world and lived a muggle life until he found out about Hogwarts. With that said, his dreams and aspirations have always been somewhat bland. He wants to be a doctor once he graduates. A normal one. Though he's unsure if any colleges will accept a school for witchcraft and wizardry as a place of education.



{"I don't like to talk about myself. Other people are what I'm interested in." }


|{ Hardworking, Honest, Kind, Competitive, Easily persuaded }|

Staying true to the Hufflepuff name, PJ is what many would expect a member of the House to be. He's honest, kind, and loyal, and believes in fair-play. Still, he isn't a shining example of a Hogwarts student. Though PJ normally does his best to do what's right, there have been countless times in the past where he's let his bitterness, anger, or jealousy get the best of him. He let's his emotions pave the way for his actions, and with a mindset like that, it's easy to get in to trouble. Not that he intends to be that way, sometimes it just happens.

Being competitive has always been in his blood. He has two brothers, after all, so it's no surprise why he has it. When PJ feels challenged, he acts on it, though normally the aftermath isn't overly pretty. He voluntarily gets himself into a mess out of pride, but he sure as hell feels justified while doing it. What can he say? He has a thick skull.

Hardworking is another word to describe PJ. When he's not getting himself stuck in a knot, he's most likely studying. Hard work leads to success, after all. At least, that's what his dad says. PJ isn't sure how Hogwarts is going to help him out in his muggle life, and frankly that scares him. What college will accept 'Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry' if he puts it down as his education?

To add to that, PJ is insecure about a lot of things. Being the only wizard in his family puts a lot of weight on his shoulders, but it's also the personal stuff that eats at him as well. Dyslexia has always been a struggle, and PJ prefers to keep it a secret out of fear of being ridiculed. In retrorespect, it probably wouldn't make much of a difference as to how people view him, but PJ thinks that being muggle-born is embarrassing enough. He doesn't feel the need to let people know of his disability.


{"I like a lot of things. My dad says I shouldn't." }


Hot chocolateMagicTrain modelsPineappleParfaitWatching cartoonsReading comic booksTechnologyBeing around his friendsAsterCracking his knuckles when he's nervousCleaningHummingBeing able to go to HogwartsStrawberry icecream with sprinkles and slices of bananaHome-made smoothiesGardeningHerbologyScienceThe smell of a new book


{"I don't like a lot of things. Mom says that's normal." }


People who talk too loudRudenessPeople who don't take responsibilitySlackersHis siblingsShoutingGoing to sleep earlyTestsHead and Shoulders shampooSmall dogsDrama TV showsHis lack of ability to play quidditchBeing the only living wizard in his familyGetting into troubleConfessionsTalking about himselfHis uncertaintyTalking infront of a large group of people


{"Lots of things aren't necessary. Like this, for example." }



He's kind of dumb.

|{Wand} |
It was in the family for generations, just sitting in the attic. When PJ's mother found out he was a wizard, she finally knew what the dumb thing was for.

White Rock, BC, Canada

|{Place of Origin}|
White Rock, BC, Canada

|{Family Tree}|
Mother || Faith-Anne Anderson ||47 ||Muggle || Alive
Faith is the shortest of the Andersons. Standing at 5'7", she was shocked when all of her sons outgrew her.

Father|| David John Anderson || 49 ||Muggle || Alive
A big guy with a bald head. He's always been focused on work and making things look right, but not much else. PJ has never been fond of him.

Brother || Browser Franklin Anderson || 19 ||Muggle || Alive
Browser, who just goes by Frank, isn't fond of the wizarding world. He has his mothers blond hair and his fathers grey eyes.

Brother || Henrick George Anderson|| 14 ||Muggle || Alive
Henrick or Henry, as he likes to be called, is the youngest of three brothers. He's the shortest one, too, but somehow is still taller than his poor mother.

So begins...

Parrish Anderson's Story