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Ezreal Jaeger

Of The Lucky Chosen, Wildlife biologist

0 · 170 views · located in Earth 2011

a character in “The Ruins of Terran”, as played by Desperado


First Name: Ezreal
Last Name: Jaeger
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Peoples: Of the Lucky Drawn

Weaponry: Ezreal carries with him a hunting knife at all times, as well as a machete when venturing into rougher terain. Seeing as how he has very little knowledge of this land, he will have both with him.Both sheathes are attached to his belt. The belt was given to him by his grandfather on the Reservation in North Caronlina. It was woven from horse hair and said to have been given to the best hunters in the family. He doesn’t enjoy carrying the machete so much as he likes to travel light, though he’d rather be safe than sorry.

Myth: Tsul 'Kalu is a legendary figure in Cherokee mythology who serves the role of "the great lord of the game", and as such is frequently invoked in hunting rites and rituals. Tsul 'Kalu is also believed by some to be the Cherokee version of Sasquatch or Bigfoot because he seems to share several physical and behavioral traits with the creature. When in any situation, if his adrenaline is spiked even faintly he becomes extremely aware of the world around him. His movements become slightly quicker and with little to no sound at all, virtually becoming a perfect hunter. While inside the ruins this is never ending, along with a few other things. At night his vision is sharp like that of a beast, and some of his movements becoming that way. The muscles of his body go into a "Pumped" state and his veins look like they're about to burst. While in this state his body releases endorphins at a high rate, giving his body a high which can’t be touched by drugs. With much less to add, his body more or less adapts to that of a beast, though his sanity is still intact.

Appearance: Image
Ezreal stands at a good 6’3” and weighs a good 240 pounds of lean muscle. He has a farmers tan from his line of work, and his mothers background adding to his complextion. His hair is normally about as messy as it is in the picture, never really finding the want to clean it up at all. His eyes are the same color as his mothers, a light chocolate brown which is predominate with most if not all of her kind. His defined features of his face come from his fathers side, holding a great number of men with chisled edges. Ezreal has his fair share of scars from different outtings, weather it be from a blade, animal, or plant, he has taken blows from just about anything and everything. On his left upper arm there is a tattoo of a dream catcher with a Celtic band running behind it, symbolizing his heritage (and a night he can’t fully remember). The dreamcatcher has two large eagle feathers under it, both of which you can see quite easily if he isn’t wearing a long sleeved shirt (which he hardly ever does).

Personality: Ezreal is a very low key guy, though has his moments. Though some would see him as an introvert, though it’s just the opposite. He has little to no problem talking to people and interacting with them, though beginning that interaction is where his fault lies. He’s one of the nicest guys you’d ever meet though most people never know this, generally one of thos types of people to sit at the back and draw little to no attention to themselves. As mentioned before, there are days when he wakes up and that shell he’s normally in disolves. These days are few and (normally) far in between, making it even odder to see him act like this if you’ve been around him for a while. He’s one of the few that still hold even mildly chivalrous values; holding doors open and what not for others and doing various things of a courteous nature here and there. With his heritage, he is very prideful and has a faint arrogance about him at times, though it’s normally warranted. It’s very easy to tick him off and after you do he normally doesn’t want anything to do with you for a while (length of time depending on what you did, needless to say).

Back story:Ezreal was born on the Cherokee reservation located in west North Carolina to a German Father and a Cherokee mother. This reservation was a point of many vacations, though not the location of his actual home. Ezreal grew up in a suburb outside of Dallas Texas, living on a decent plot of land looking over a valley with a large creek at its trough. It was here where he was taught about hunting and fishing, as well as some at the reservation back in North Carolina. Their home was rather nice, though their levels of wealth didn’t fit their attitudes as did with most. Ezreal gained his mothers quiet side, and his fathers inner fire, not to mention the short fuse. These atrributes helped him in life, though also screwed him over at times. After he got into high school he started getting around a bunch of what you’d concider snot nosed brats, or just kids who lived off their parents bank accounts. It wasn’t but about a month into 9th grade when Ezreal got kicked out of the school after getting into a fight with a couple of people who decided they were better than him because their car cost about ten grand more. His parents, through some short lived work, got their son into a nother school, not too far from the last though with largely different demographics.

The school had a much lower income per family, though it seemed they were a much tighter knit group, both with the students and the teachers. After hearing about a hot headed kid coming to the school, he was spoken to by the football coach and was brought onto the highschool team even though they were a couple weeks itno the season already. Ezreal carried a 3.4 GPA though he invested little to no time into his school work, focusing more on sports than anything. He acceled greatly and attained a starting position on Varsity for three straight years. He gained state recognition and ended up with a scholarship to go to school at a university in East Texas to play football. While there he gained a degree in Wildlife Management and a minor in Biology later going to Graduate school, turning his degree into a PhD. Ezreal has recently been moving between various ranches all over the United States doing research on various populations of animals, predominately White Tailed Deer, though he was apart of a research team dealing with Lyme Disease in the North Eastern states.

Another elder Biologist laughed after getting done working with him, stating, “He has one hell of a resume for not even being thirty yet.” With the aproval of so many people, Ezreal has made his way to his dream as a life long hunter, now finding potential jobs over seas. Recently something has caught his eye and took priority over his current jobs. Ezreal had been making a field report when the Old man had appeared on his TV, speaking about the Ruins located in the Hatfield forest which he had only heard rumors of. He never thought over the billions of people on this Earth he’d have a faint chance of being able to explore this area. This would be an experience of a lifetime, an experience no one in the world would be able to top, even if it was just for one day and night.Ezreal spent a day with his parents before boarding a plane set for Thomas Thatcer’s home.

Extra: Ezreal has become so enthralled with this trip he has entirely forgot about his birthday coming on the day he should be arriving at the location. This hasn’t been the first time it has slipped his mind.

So begins...

Ezreal Jaeger's Story