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Rea Agnimitra

Gymnast chosen in the lucky draw, who has travelled across the world to be there.

0 · 161 views · located in Earth 2011

a character in “The Ruins of Terran”, as played by MercyKilling


First Name: Rea

Last Agnimitra

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has a delicate pixy bone structured face, with high cheekbones and soft arching brow. Her large soft mouth is usually tight in concentration, not leaning towards a smile as most would assume. Her eyes are abnormally large for her face, a slanted deep brown, that look soulful and sad. She has worked from a young age in the circus and is highly developed in many of the different areas there. Mostly she works with light tricks before the show, using poi and gymnastics in the main show. This has given her an extremely muscled body for a woman, contrasting strongly with her soft features. Other than being overly muscular she has the perfect figure, though she does everything she can to hide this fact. When she is our of her show clothes, she is most often seen in huge baggy hoodies and strait cut jeans. Her hair is cut short at the front to frame her features and left long at the back; this allows her movement without impairing her vision.

Appearance in other form: White dog that will occasionally burst into flame, comes up to a humans knee at most height wise, so a small dog.

Myth: In the Hawaiian religion, Pele (pronounced in English PAY-lay) is the goddess of fire, lightning, dance, and volcanoes. Her people recognized her as a fire goddess bestowing on her the titles of goddess of the volcano and Pele the Destroyer. Volcanic eruptions are only one manifestation of the goddess Pele. Pele is a living goddess, appearing to her people as a wise old woman bumming cigarettes, or as a surpassingly beautiful young woman, or as a little white dog. She is said to light cigarettes with a flick of her fingers and to dance in red robes around the rims of the fiery mountains. (6:250). Brown haired women are sacred to Pele, hair itself is sacred to her. Thin strands of lava floating about in the air during eruptions are referred to as Pele's Hair. Pele is a very powerful deity to work with. She lends her strength and passions to her followers. She is to be invoked when seeking protection, energy, strength, creativity or the ability to let go.

Extra: Extremely hard working and though its hard to bring out of her, she can be sweet and playful.


Personality: Rea is extremely hard working, dedicating all her time to practicing and getting better at her job. She is like this in every aspect of her life, working hard at relationships as well as work and play. She is close with very few people, most finding her attitude to things a bit much, but those who do befriend her find her both loyal and kind. The only time she really relaxes is when either entertaining children or cleaning out the animals, the two places where she feels she is less judged. She has a calming aura about her, focus on the moment absolute and unwavering. She loves animals above all things, reacting kindly to them and has a feeling for when they are upset of ill.


Weaponry: Kusarigama, after becoming more than advanced in the use of poi in her profession, along with her gymnastics and tumbles in the circus, she’s finally decided to move onto weaponry. A short 5 inch blade balanced atop a 7 inch handle, curved blade at a right angle to the handle. The whole thing is attached to a meter chain and is toped with thick black leather straps and a heavy metal ball.


Back story: Born to an American mother, her father was Hawaiian, but that was all she knew; having never met him. She was bought up in California and for the most part enjoyed her life there, her mother cared for her greatly and her friends thought her sweet. At the age of 16 she got a card from her father, he was currently in England as a part of a traveling circus that worked worldwide. She had never been so excited to find news of her long lost father, so despite her mother’s warnings she left to go and meet him. She could barely sit still through her flight, breath tight in her chest. She stepped off the plane not into her fathers arms, but a tiny slender girl who worked with her father. They chatted, all the while the girl drove them towards her father, a man her mother had refused to say a single thing about.
The man she met was both warm hearted and hard working, completely honest in everything he did and he charmed her instantly. Writing to her mother only a week later, she told her that she would be staying here, in the circus and would work very hard to be the best she could be. That she did, quickly picking up tricks just like any of the other people there, however it was very clear that her true vocation was in gymnastics, flying between the beams with grace and poise, till her young body gave up and she slumped down to the safety net. Over the next ten years she really only worked on two things, her gymnastics and her Poi, enjoying the smooth movements it produced and how it both strengthened and softened her muscles, allowing her greater flexibility.
Her father however did not let her abandon her studies, as she had some what hoped to. Between them the scraped enough to let her attend online courses till the age of 21, where she got a degree in Biology specializing in Botany. Though she had little use for her degree, she knew it made her parents feel better that when she gave up her current work she would always be able to get a job. So she worked on harder than ever, having nothing to distract her from her physical training. When it became to dark or to tiring for her to continue, every night she would go down to the animals area and sit with them, perhaps reading a book or drawing. This was the only time she ever relaxed and she was glad to have time for it. She had very little time for people in her life, only having a few friends and she was happy this way. She needed no man to keep her company, more than put off by the issues some of the other entertainers had. She was happy and content in her life.

So begins...

Rea Agnimitra's Story