Ulva Vydrina

One of the Lucky Draw, she is very intrigued by the chance to visit the Ruins of Terran

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a character in “The Ruins of Terran”, as played by echored



Name, first and last: Ulva Vydrina

Born in Russia

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Lucky Draw


Ulva always saw herself as average, but her mother of course said she was too modest. She is a very attractive young woman, with long blond hair that could almost pass as white. She usually keeps it tied back in a long braid, as seen in the image above. She has arctic blue eyes, common in the region where she is from. She usually wears turtle neck sweaters that hug her slender form. It is cold in the Northern region of Russia so she has several different jackets that she wears. Her favorite, the one in the picture, has white fur around the jacket color and comes with a set of detached sleeves that slip up her arms like gloves.


Ulva has a gentle, observant demeanor. She is talented in judging the mood of a room, and responds appropriately. She loves her family and friends. Very loyal and wise beyond her years, people come to her when they need advice or a shoulder to cry on. Very much the girl next door, she loves a good adventure with her close pals. Around her region is a decent sized mountain and on the weekends Ulva and a group take part in rock climbing. This keeps her in shape and releases a great amount of nerves from the week. Good-spirited with a smile always on her face, she knows she will go far. She takes one for the team, willing to put herself in danger before anyone else can get hurt.


Going to the Ruins of Terran, she was told it was a relatively safe place despite the unknown of the castle. This being said, Ulva's father wants her to have at least some form of protection. He gave her a family heirloom, an intricate knife that is truly beautiful. It is small and ease to carry, weather it be in a pocket, purse, or hooked to her belt.


Ulva was born in a small town in northern Russia. The community, a tight-nit group of people, have spent generation living in the same area. Though small, there is a plethora of activities that one could do, such as rock climbing the nearby mountains in the area, something Ulva takes part in every weekend. She lives with her father, mother, and three younger siblings. Her parents instilled in her loyalty and devotion, having been a couple for more than 30 years and still going strong. One day she hopes to find the one person who she could dedicate the rest of her life with. For now though, she is loving the independence of the single life. One day she got a call that she was selected to visit the Ruins of Terran. She at first was hesitant to the offer, not wanting to leave her loved ones behind. Yet her parents encouraged her, stressing the fact that this was a once in a lifetime experience, and she would be home in no time. With the go for it from her community, she packed a small backpack of clothes and left with her head held high.

"I can't wait to come home and share the stores I learn... the things I see.. I love you mom," she said over the phone, the last time she would hear her mothers voice and be able to speak with her.

Hundreds of miles away from her home, she took the journey to this place with spirit in her heart and mind. The idea of viewing such a beautiful forest would be a spiritual release like no other.


When Ulva enters the Ruins of Terran, she will embody that of the myth of the White Wolf.

Despite the Wolf's reputation as being a fierce creature to be feared by man, in the spiritual world he is actually valued for his affinities with human kind. The reality of it is that the wolf is actually a very social; intelligent and friendly animal; It is one of the most faithful of all animal guides. Although a wolf certainly has the strength and knowledge to stand alone; it shows us the importance of family and friends. The pack is a wolf's large facet of meaningful survival. The pack learns to work together and respect one another's position within the pack; the wolf leader shows great love and affection for all members of his pack...seeing here the importance of descipline and love within a family unit. The wolf brings all of the qualities of faithfulness,intuition, the shadow and learning. Inner strength is the key to strength and power. The White Wolf is a spiritual guide, humans often taking on this animal as a totem, an inner being.

Ulva will embody the myth of a white wolf. She will have the power to switch into this animal form by will. Once in this form, she will embody the qualities above, as a protector, leader, and wise advisor. She will excel in guarding the weak from harm, keeping a balance in power.

This is what she will look like in wolf form:

So begins...

Ulva Vydrina's Story