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Kira Albernacki

"I'm really not about all of this...I'd rather be off in another world right now."

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a character in “The Runaway Misfits”, as played by -Elda_Luna-03



Kira Noelle Albernacki





Sexual orientation:



Kira is one of those girls that is called 'pixie' or 'fairy' for being so small.
Standing at 5'1" and weighing only ninety-three pounds, she is most certainly 'tiny'.
Having a pretty fair complexion, Kira tries not to be out in the sun for too long, causing her to remain so fair-skinned.
But that's hardly an issue for her. It fits her, especially with her lightly golden blonde hair and fierce blue eyes.
Typical 'Aryan' features.
Going along with her 'fairy-like' stereotype, and with her being one of those artsy kids, Kira is most commonly found wearing light, thin flowy garments.
Dresses and blouses of flax or silk. Skirts and shorts of polyester or leather. Kira is able to mix and match different articles of clothing and make them look creatively wonderful. Not that she's out to impress,just to be comfortable.
Although, one thing she cannot stand to go without is her makeup.
Heavy eyeliner and mascara, dark smoldering eye shadows and lips as nude and fair as possible. Giving off an almost gothic look to her face.
With all of these key elements combined, you have a well put together young woman who goes by the name Kira.



The ability to create hallucinations and visual images from her mind into another's for a certain amount of time.
Not in any way is she able to make these 'sightings' concrete, but she sure as hell can scare the living hell out of someone or bring someone to paradise just by willing them to 'see' it.

Kira is an odd ball.
Slightly awkward in communications, quiet, reserved; Kira is not one to put herself 'out there' to meet and get to know others.
Rather, she's more likely write you a note, poem, song or story to communicate her feelings and thoughts.
Not that she's anti-social or anything. Far from.
Those who are closer to her can't seem to shut her up.
As introverted as she can be, she has quite a lot of pent up energy and excitement to express, being rather liable to talk a friend's head off about whatever dream she may have had the night before, an idea for a story she might have thought up, or how the food on her plate seems to resemble a monstrous alien trying to eat a group of tiny people.
Kira is most definitely very imaginative. Some will even testify that she lives off in a fantasy world, as if she never awoke from a dream but accepted it as her new reality.
And she certainly does love her sleep.
Dreams have become such a great influence in her art and life that Kira goes out of her way to make sure she gets as many naps in one day as she can, not to mention a good nights rest.
Kira can almost always be found dosing off or daydreaming, mumbling quietly to herself about worlds, places and people that her mind creates on the spot.

How they may change:
With her new found ability, Kira has become much more interested in 'fantasy' than reality.
Picking up a new hobby of sketching, Kira is always off on her own writing down or drawing out new places, people, beings, or things; She simply cannot imagine enough things to create.
Trying to learn how to hone and master her new ability, Kira has become slightly more secluded and detached from others in her efforts to become a master 'illusionist'.
But even so, she hasn't completely lost her hold on reality.
If anything, Kira is fearful that she'll be lost in her thoughts and imagination forever, unless someone comes along to bring her back down to earth.


Kira grew up in a rather average home.
Three bedroom, two bathroom house. Decently sized front yard, large backyard with enough room for three dogs to run around comfortably. Your typical American home.
And along with that house was a rather typical family.
Kira was the second out of three kids. An older sister, Penelope, who was too busy with volunteer work, church and school to spend time with her and a younger sister, Rosalya, who made it her goal to be the son their father always wanted by focusing on school, physical finesse and learning trades that most boys would.

Kira's parents were another story.
Her father was a cop, paramedic and a sergeant in the army. He worked hard to provide a comfortable lifestyle for his family while trying to enforce hars and strict militant-like rules in the house.
Her mother, on the other hand, was quite the free spirit. Jumping from job to job, going out of her way to meet new people and see new places; her mother was quite the social vagabond with no real goals or understandings of responsibilities or the consequences of certain actions.
Which led to her cheating. And the imminent end of her and her husband's marriage.

Kira's parents split as she hit the age of fourteen.
Penelope, who was then eighteen, moved out to travel with a christian church that was set out to help those in need. Rosalya left with their father. Kira stayed with her mother.

Spending the next three years with her mother, Kira moved all around the U.S. and was embedded with the new feeling of freedom and the aspiration to live a life of doing whatever made her happy.
And as wonderful as that may have been for a while, it surely got her into a bit of trouble.
Stealing whatever she felt she needed or wanted, trespassing into places she wanted to go, lying about almost all of her information to do things she'd always wanted to do; she lived as if laws did not exist. And they certainly did catch up.
Being caught shoplifting for the bajillionth time at a local shopping mall, Kira was sentenced to nine months in the local juvenile detention center to serve out her punishment.
Leaving her in one of the worst places she could imagine.

So begins...

Kira Albernacki's Story