Wale Hasamos

Wale a man struggling with various issues in life from religion to his powers.

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a character in “The Runaways Original”, as played by Chulance


Name: Wale Hasamos

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Image

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Family: Abdul Hasamos(Father)
Mira Hasamos(Mother)
Elijah Hasamos(Brother)
Nora Hasamos

Likes: Wale has a love for music particularly hip hop and rap. He has always wanted to be a musical artist, but he also enjoys watching basket-ball his favorite sport. He also has a love hate relationship with religion particularly Christianity, trying to be devout. He has a love for cooking and food in general being a food-aholic. What he loves the most is women, and struggles to stay down with one relationship considering himself a romanticist. He also has a love of the beach and any place filled with water(pools, lakes.).

Dislikes: He dislikes liars and people who manipulate others for their own means. He also despises Terrorism and the state of the world(famine, war, poverty ect).

Fears: His greatest fear is betreyal, and can be somewhat paranoid when it comes to people.

Strengths: His faith in God, and ability to befriend nearly anyone.

Weakness: His ability to love and trust almost anyone, and his equivalent ability to not forgive those whom betray said trust.

Normal Talents: He is skilled musically able to play the piano, percussion instruments, and is a capable of writer and rapper. He has learned the basics of Tae Kwon Do, and is also is a somewhat skilled shooter. Above all he is an excellent swimmer.

Element: Hydrokinesis- Wale has the ability to manipulate water. He believes he is blessed by his ability, but ponders if he is a demon sometimes. His ability reacts to his emotions, and can result in stronger effects or him loosing control. He is able to manipulate water, and so far has learned the basics of manipulating it into all three forms(water, solid, gas) but is mostly skilled with manipulating it in his liquid form. When trying to use other forms it drains his energy reserves faster.

Personality: Wale is a very complex individual, being someone who is willing to befriend nearly anyone, and his goal in life is to make as numerous allies as possible. He is someone who is always willing to understand people and do his best to help them deal with their problems. He is not one who believes in complaining, believing in positivity, and believes laughing is the best cure. He can be sarcastic at times but always means well. That does not mean he is a pacifist, and will fight for people he cares about and what he believes in. He can be quick to anger when it comes to people whom have lost his trust, and this can sometimes lead to him making rash and unwise decisions. He enjoys his powers, but does not flaunt them without reason and use them to gain unfair advantages.

Background: Wale Hasamos was born in Pensacola, Florida. He was raised by his fathers who had both left Nigeria, but wanted their children born in America so they could have shots at various political careers. Two years later his brother Elijah was born and he became the prize child as he learned their native language (Yoruba) easier. In his home they were various debates as his father was an orthodox Muslim and his mother converted to Christianity upon the age of 3. At a young age he was exposed to both faiths, and his family's culture but was conflicted over what to believe as he got older. The differences developing between his parents caused him to develop a closer bond with his brother Elijah then them, and he would often take out his frustrations by going for a swim. He also developed a love for music often writing his own lyrics when he was younger, and his parents would often criticize him. When he got into high school he tried to pursue his musical interests trying to go to college in NYU wanting to go to the North. However after a violent altercation him and his brother Elijah were sent to love with their aunt Nora in Chicago, Illinois. Wale grew to despise Chicago due to the temperatures, and increased amount of gang activity he had to deal with. It was there his brother picked up alcoholism, and he himself delved into drug usage but stuck to marijuana. After his parents got back together him and his brother Elijah moved back to Florida, however his brother got involved with a gang in California. This is when Wale's ability manifested as he managed to command waves from the ocean to overpower the thugs and help his brother escape to the police. After having saved his brother Wale believed his power was a blessing and sought to gain more control. After getting a record deal he has decided to forget college and pursue his musical career in California after taking on the alias Poseidon and releasing a mix tape.

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