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Wren Ladislas

"My duty to my people out ways the need for silk petticoats."

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a character in “The Saga of Orashin: Blade of Serin”, as played by Princess Silkiesoft




Wren Sidonie Ladislas

Half Elf




Wren is a princess and there is a certain way that a princess should appear to the people around her and especially to the subjects of the kingdom. A thin elegant frame, creamy unblemished skin, and she does not lack these traits, but it's things that are unseen. Things hidden by gloves, and elegant dresses. Like the various nicks and cuts on her fingers and hands from gathering healing herbs and roots. Dirty nails, and calloused hands that would typically be seen of a farmer or someone who tends to plants all day. Hair, wind swept and messily pulled out of the way with twigs and leaves caught in its tresses, Wren is constantly scolded by her nurse maid for her 'humble' appearance. This however is something that she doesn't really worry about unless it is needed for her to keep appearances in the court of her brother the king. If she isn't she feels her duty as a healer is more important than looking regal.

Much shorter than her brother's Wren, petite frame can often give her the appearance of someone much younger than a twenty year old woman. This also is something inherited from the elven blood in her veins, a youthful glow, much like her mother's who was surprisingly in her later years when she married the former king and soon gave birth to Wren. However just because she is half elf doesn't make her immortal, everyone dies eventually.


Things that are commonly used by Wren are not what you'd typically expect from a princess. Granted, musical instruments, needlework, all common things held in esteem and expected of a princess are not lacking in Wren's case. She has been trained to do many of those things, (She hates needlework and is terrible at it) as is expected of her but she was also trained how to be a healer by her mother from an early age and it's those types of things that she prefers. This being said, Wren is typically seen with things like a mortar and pestle, a belt with pouches for various herbs and medicines, bandages, and many things associated with being a healer. You'll find her taking woven baskets out to her garden or even as far as seeing her head towards the Dragon Saber Woods, but that's her little secret for now.


Wren is a very compassionate person and often shows affection to even lowest in the kingdom. It does not bother her to be at a peasant hut one moment and a grand feast in the royal hall the next. In fact she prefers the simpler things and often finds balls, and banquets frivolous, feeling that the excess that is put into such things are better spent on the subjects of the kingdom. She is loving and cares deeply for her family, her older brother's are of the handful of people in her life that can actually get her to sit down and 'act like a princess' when it is expected of her. Wren is very free spirited and often seems out of touch with royal life, having more of a connection with the natural world than that of a princess. However she has a sense of duty to the kingdom and her family so she realizes that one day she might no longer be able to be as free to do what she likes as she does now.

As of late she has been a bit withdrawn especially since the murder of her parents and then the coronation of her brother Basil, it has all been quite emotionally overwhelming to her. She has a need to find out who sought to take her parents lives, but she also doesn't want to see her peaceful kingdom forced into war. She feels things must be done delicately and be well thought out and calculated before any action is taken. But with the depression she is experiencing she really is at a loss as to what should be done. She spends allot of her time now in her room reading books that were her mothers about herbal remedies and healing practices, her nurse maid has even come to the point of going to her brother the king concerned about the princess's reclusive behavior. What the nurse maid doesn't know is that the princess has been out of her room just away from prying eyes.


Wren is the daughter of King Barris Daermod Kellan Nydale Ladislas and the elven princess Amaltheah Orlaith. It was an arranged marriage to keep peace between the world of man and the world the elves, after the untimely death of King Barris's first wife. Many in the kingdom were skeptical of the union, even went as far as accusing the elves of using magic to kill the first queen. Despite this the king went forward with the arrangement, feeling that his kingdom needed and queen and his young son's needed a mother.

Soon after the marriage, it was announced that the new queen was with child adding even more suspicion to the union. Queen Amalthea knew that many in the kingdom thought of her as a witch, and she strove to show the people of Serin that she was not what they thought. Reaching out to the people she began to use her abilities and training as a healer to help people through out the kingdom. As time went by the people grew fond of the caring queen and her compassion for those in need, she never thought of herself as above another, worked along side even the lowest of peasant. She loved the people as much as she loved her family, after the birth of her daughter Wren she began to instill these qualities into her daughter and also her sons. Amalthea's love for the people made many a cold heart who thought wrongly of her before turn to that of affection and love. Many grew to love the queen and thought of her dearly.

But as some might say a good thing never lasts forever, and those that sought to destroy everything the queen held dear struck a heavy blow to the kingdom and people of Serin. The assassination of King Barris and his lovely wife was not only hard for the people but also for the royal family, Wren had grown up in the shadow of her brothers, and under the loving hand of her mother and father. Amalthea had trained Wren in the ways of healing as her mother had before her, and that gave them a strong connection that many would never understand. She was devastated, and decided to bury herself in the work her mother had set before, trying to pick up the pieces by showing the love and compassion her mother had, had for the people. She fears what is to come, and hopes that all of this does not send the kingdom to war, but she also wants to see justice for her mother and father. It's all very confusing and emotionally straining, there is also the uncertainty of her own future. All princess's are expected to marry a prince... right?

-Theme Song-
Zelda's Lullaby

So begins...

Wren Ladislas's Story

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It was noon upon the Kingdom of Serin, when a platoon of soldiers were on their way through the capital city towards the castle, with two horses dragging a metal carriage with barred windows. Only to them, it isn't a prisoner locked inside. It was a Wild Man entrapped within the confines of this carriage. This Wild Man's name was Locien, and he was a Dark Elf.

Locien was looking out through the barred window almost with animal like frantic worry. The soldiers confiscated a sword from him and he was trying to look for the one who has a hold of said sword. He was confused, why did these humans come and take him from his home? What did they want? He would ask if only he had the confidence to use his voice. All he could do was groan and growl. It was all he could do all throughout the ride.

The soldiers and the carriages rode into the castle courtyard, where awaiting them was a man wearing silver armor with his hand leaning on his sword. "Gentleman." The Man greeted them. "Back again after a hard weeks expedition? Find anything?" The man walked towards the carriage to check it out.

"Your Highness, sir." One of the soldiers said. "Don't get too close. We found him. And he's mad."

Ichabod Ladislas turned to look at the soldier who said that and looked at the sword in his hands. "And that belongs to our forest dweller I take it? If so, is then good." As he said this he turned to the door of the carriage and opened the door. Locien sprung out of the carriage like a wild animal, chained by his hands and feet, his mobility severely limited.

Pale violet eyes look around frantically for his sword. Locien then glowered at the soldier who held said sword and almost tried to walk but ended up on the ground instead. All the meanwhile, men went to tell Ichabod's brother, King Basil, and his Half sister that they found the Forest dweller. Said Forest Dweller then sat up and just growled and almost lunged at the man but several soldiers grabbed the chain holding his hands together and pulled him upwards.

"Your Highness sir, Permission to drag this...this...beast to the dungeons?" Was the question given Ichabod by the man in charge of the expedition. Ichabod only looked uncertain at the Dark Elf, either in pity or contempt in his teal eyes was unknown.

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Wren sat in the window seat of her bedroom, it had been one of those days when she hadn't stepped out her door. She had managed to dress and eat breakfast all from the insistence of Magee her nurse maid. The now graying middle aged woman had been caring for the princess since she was a baby lying in the cradle. Like a second mother, but not the coddling type, more the nagging over protective type. The sun was high in the sky signaling it was some where around midday, Wren gave a sigh as she sat the book she was reading down in her lap. Her hands making a slight rustling sound on the soft, silken fabric, it wasn't an elaborate gown, but it's beauty and elegance was fit for a princess. Wren had been lost in thought for a moment when she noticed a band of horses coming towards the gates of the castle.

"Whats this?", she said in the quiet silence of the empty bedroom.

After watching the scene a bit longer Wren began to realize that it was soldiers from the castle brigade. They all filed into the courtyard, and stopped. There was a light wrapping at her bedroom door, that made her turn abruptly from the scene below her. The knock was undeniable to Wren and she knew exactly who it was.

"Come in Magee" standing up from the window seat she headed towards the door.

"M'lady, your presence is requested by the King and the Cap'n of the guard Ma'm" the round woman standing in the doorway said in her thick country accent.

Magee had been made a servant in the castle after being orphaned as a child. Her father's mother had taken her in and set her to work in the kitchen, and by the time Wren had come around she had become a servant to the queen. Wren nodded at Magee, setting her book down on the dressing table.

"I'm guessing the expedition to the forest has returned? So either they gave up... or they've brought back some poor defenseless creature that they think is the Dweller.", Wren stepped through the door and began to follow along side her nurse maid.

"I don't know rightly M'lady, all I know is that yer brother's and Ye are supposed to be there". Magee said while trying to straighten out the skirt of Wren's gown.

Honestly she didn't know why her brothers insisted on her presence, she hadn't liked the idea of hunting down the Dweller in the first place. She had felt that the Dweller was better off in his own home, that dragging him from his home in the woods would do more harm to the kingdom than good. But in the end her words fell on deaf ears, after all she was just a princess what did she know of war, and ways of fortifying a castle. Perhaps it was a chance to show her that they were right and she was wrong, either way she had a bad feeling about it. Like a ball of dread in the pit of her stomach, that she just couldn't manage to quell. She had always respected the forest for what it was, an almost magical place where man's presence was void and unneeded.

As Wren made her way down he main staircase, through the doors of the castle and into the courtyard here eyes were met with an almost unbelievable sight. His look was almost feral, like that of a wild animal chained, but there was a certain elegance to him as well. The tall slender frame, the dark skin, the stark white hair, everything that she had heard of from the stories her mother would tell.

"What is the meaning of this? Why is he chained?" she posed the question to her brother Ichabod, however she watched as the dark elf lashed out at him.

It made her jump back slightly for a moment but then she began to continue across the courtyard to the carriage and the captive.

"M'lady wait!", Magee cried out as one of the castle guards grabbed a hold of Wren's wrist.

Wren's petite frame came to an abrupt stop in the armor clad mans grasp, "Princess you shouldn't get any closer to the creature". His voice was a deep, baritone, and authoritative, but that didn't stop Wren from snapping a look of detest at him for grabbing her.

"That is no creature... that is a living being... now I order you to unhand me." Wren said her tongue making a slight hiss as the words escaped her mouth.

The guard gave a sigh, knowing that unless the King or the Captain of the guard ordered him, he had no choice but to release her. He glanced over seeing that most of the archer's arrows were focused on the creature, this Dweller of the Dragon Saber Woods. Any wrong move and the thing would be dead so he needn't worry too much for the princess. finally admitting defeat he released the princesses hand and she continued forward to where her brother stood.

"Ichabod, if you expect him to help you can't treat him like a common criminal." Standing next to her brother she looked around for Basil's entrance, surely they would listen to her reason.

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Ichabod was silently clutching his captain's key behind him looking at Locien silently who was still struggling with his bonds. Locien tried desperately to try and reach out to his sword with his own two feet. Ichabod looked between Locien and the sword in a slightly intrigued manner. "If I gave that back to you will you-?"

Locien turned to Look at Ichabod silently but the Captain's question was interrupted by the entrance of his Half Sister Wren. Locien curiously looked at the woman still struggling to be loose only a small bit. He sniffed the air around her and a questioning look crossed his features. He thought he was seeing a human, but his other senses are saying something totally different. Ichabod sighed when his sister reprimanded him of the forest dweller's current state.

"A situation I was trying to avert, but it seems that now that you yourself are here dear sister, maybe you can give this a try." At saying this Ichabod took Wren's hand and placed the key in it. "Make a friend. Now then, boy, if I gave your weapon back on the promise you won't attack us will you behave?"

Locien looked at the man for a long long time before he slowly swallowed with great difficulty. "Y-y-yes." He finally said. To the expedition leader's surprise and awe, he spoke.

"Good, you speak. That separates Elf from beast. Wren, if you will."

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((Sorry, guys. I only just realized we started. >.<))

Basil paces the study quietly, lost in thought. The palace had been wild in the days past, full of uncontrollable mayhem and emotions. Of course, he understood the reasoning to the whole thing, but it was source of much stress for he himself. Keeping everyone quiet and sane was a task in itself, that much is for certain.

A knock sounds on the door.

Basil pauses, facing a bookshelf. "Come in," he calls, eyeing the book spines before him.

The door creaks open and a few hurried footsteps sound. "Your Majesty, your brother requests your prescence immeadiately. From what I understand, it is a matter of utmost importance and vitality." Basil says not a word, just runs his fingers across the book spines, still deep in thought. "Y-your Majesty?" the man stutters out as though he's not sure the king heard.

Basil holds up a hand and turns. "I heard you, my good man. Please pardon my hesitation. I was merely thinking, although I'm sure none of it has any relevance in association to what Ichabod desires my prescence for." He secretly thinks otherwise.

Noting but not processing the man's response (he couldn't relay the message if he tried with his fullest), Basil walks behind the man steadily, thinking back to the books in the study; the accounts of palace history.

The journals had been formulated by the earliest of his ancestors and had been a tradition carried out by the following kings and queens throughout the ages. Basil has been attempting to read up on them, to learn from them, but a free moment is scarcely existant to he. He's lucky to get a few entries in before going to bed.

Basil steps through the door to see an odd - yet at the same time, not odd at all - sight. Not only are Ichabod and Wren present, but thereis a man between them that he doesn't recognize. Sighing in exasperation, Basil crosses the room and folds his arms in front of him out of sheer habit.

"Sorry for the delay. Now, what's going on here? Explain, please."

He got straight to the point.

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Directly behind Basil came Soron, his hand on his blades and his boots clanking of their metallic attacks on the stone ninetieth him. Then, as if by standard tradition, Soron gave a loud huff as he came to a stop. Something then caught his interest. No, it was not the siblings that always seemed to end up in the same room arguing. No, it was not the guardsmen standing about around Ichabod.

It was the elf, his black skin and white scars spoke to Soron. A warrior, no... hunter. His movements and trouble with speaking spoke volumes about how long he had been alone in the wild. The Soron noticed the blade at the feet of the man.

Walking over, not caring how much noise his armor made, Soron picked up the blade with intrigue. The symbol of the wolf was well made, with a precision the likes Soron had rarely seen. And the elven runes... they reminded the draekon of his clan, causing him to stare deeply into the runes, his face hidden by his cage-like helmet. He began to let loose almost a cooing sound as he held the blade, the runes seeming to speak to him as he read them to himself.

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Wren smiled seeing the exchange between her brother and the Dweller, at least he was thinking clearly enough to listen to reason. She gladly accepted the key he had pressed in her hand, and then turned towards the Dweller, giving a gentle smile.

"Everything will be alright, if you keep calm, I have the key and will unlock your chains, then you may have your sword back just as my brother said". She stepped closer to the dark elf taking the lock in her hands.

She put the key into the hole and with a slight turn, the sounds of the tumblers moving was heard. "My name is Wren...." she muttered quietly, in an almost motherly tone.

It wasn't long before the chains released from around his wrists, and hit the ground, just as she was about to ask the guard to hand the Dweller his sword her brother Basil entered the courtyard, followed by his faithful bodyguard Soron.

"Sorry for the delay. Now, what's going on here? Explain, please." Basil said his words clear and concise as usual.

A lump built up in the pit of Wren's throat when Soron walked over, to where the Dweller's sword had been laid and began to examine it. She dint not turn to Basil as she knelt down to release the chains on the Dwellers, ankles.

"Well I believe the expedition you had sent out for the Dweller of the Dragon Saber Woods was a success, and I am releasing our guest from the bonds that were put onto him after his capture.", the key turned in the lock around the dark elf's ankles and came loose there as well.

Wren stood once again, and then turned to Soron, "Soron would you kindly hand the Dweller his sword he was promised it if he wouldn't lash out?". Her voice was not of demanding, but of a kind nature.

She was doing her best not to stir up the Dweller and trying to reassure Soron that the Dweller would not pose a threat to her brother the king. She had allot of respect for the Drakeon, and his devotion to Basil's well being and she didn't want to see the pair fight with one another over a simple misunderstanding.

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Ichabod felt chills going down his spine as his elder brother Basil finally made his appearance. He must've had a late night updating journals. Wren went right to explaining what was going on, and that the search party had been successful in tracking down the forest dweller. However, Soron, Basil's Bodyguard, looked at the dweller and then his sword with an intrigued curiosity and picked it up for a better look.

"Oh no, Soron might give the others cause to put the chains back if the dweller reacts violently.." Ichabod thought in his head, but he dared not speak these words out loud for fear of Soron's Own reaction of he did.

In the meanwhile, when Wren approached Locien, he growled at first but he stopped when she started speaking to him. She then, whilst undoing the chains that bound him, tried to converse with him, at least, so he thought in his head. "She told me her name..I have to say mine now, right?" He thought in his head. What could he do? He slowly clenched his mouth closed and then relaxed it, trying to calm down a bit.

"L-Lo-ci-en. Locien." Locien said finally, and softly to the Girl. "My name." As soon as he said this as his hands were free he reached to grab where his sword was but he looked at a man in metal, looking at the blade in an almost reverent look. He was close to getting angered but Wren unfastened his legs and addressed the man in metal to give back the sword.

"M-my Father's." He said as he reached and grasped the hilt of his sword.

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Soron was ignoring everyone, well except two people: Basil and Locien. The sister was one of few that Soron had a level of respect for, as he had seen her act for those who are weak many a time, but this was not her time with his ear. Neither would Ichabod have had if he had bothered to speak. While he kept his thoughts on the man to himself, he often thought that Ichabod took too much of a military approach to every problem. Whether it was kill it, or capture it, Soron always believed that a better way could have been used. However, now the Dweller spoke, revealing his name to Soron.

When the word father was mentioned, it relayed a slight nostalgic huff from the metal clad bodyguard. Moving the handle of the sword to his right hand, holding it so the blade pointed to Soron's back, he moved to Locien. This was followed by the draekon looking at the Dweller, eye to eye, and speaking in perfect ancient elven. "From one lost warrior to another goes the blade that portrays to pasts. To the elf so rarely seen, he who is honorbound gives the sword in trust. I am Soron Dal Turin, hexblade of the Dal clan of draekon." Was the words that came out it the lost elven language as Soron thrust forth the blade held in his red scaled right hand, enough of the handle left open for Locien to grab.

This was one of the things that Soron did, mainly out of spite for the arrow in his side a few years ago. He made it a point to only speak in the language that humans spoke only when he had to. Other than that, he grunted, and, on rare occasion, spoke the lost elven language almost as if to taunt those who couldn't speak it.

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Wren breathed a sigh of relief when the sword was back in the dwellers hands, and the fact that he was communicating with them now was a plus. It gave her brothers proof that the Dweller just wasn't some ignorant savage to be dominated, but that he was a living being with a mind of his own. A creature that despite his appearance was much older than the rest of them, and had been on this Earth before they were even thought of.

"Perhaps we should get a room for Locien... he is our guest after all." she mumbled quietly to Ichabod.

She didn't know how her brother Basil would react to that statement, so she hoped that Ichabod would state the same. She didn't want Basil to feel like Locien might be a threat, despite the fact that he had agreed to seek out the Dweller. She honestly didn't know what her brother's had in store for Locien. They had not discussed that with her, but whatever they had in mind she would keep an eye on Locien to make sure he was not mistreated. Wren stepped back from her brother and the guards slightly so they could make their ultimate decision, she didn't want them to get upset thinking she was trying to control the situation. Even though she did have some sort of control in it. Magee sheepishly walked up beside Wren.

"M'Lady... is that elf really going to stay here at the castle. I don't know if I can handle, heathen rituals and behaviors."

Wren shook her head, Magee couldn't help her ignorance, "You, put up with my heathen rituals and behaviors, now don't you. I think he'll do fine as long as my brothers don't muck it up." she muttered under her breath. "I'm going to have to find out what their plan is for him in the first place... honestly what is elf that has been living alone in the forest for years going to do to help protect the kingdom."

Magee just shook her head, she was even more clueless than the princess, all she hoped is that the dark skinned man didn't go mad and kill them all in their sleep.

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Ichabod walked to Basil's side to observe the small exchange between Soron and The dweller. He heard that the dweller was called Locien through Wren, however names mean no difference to him unless they matter for addressing someone. He looked in Wren's direction. "I'm sure you can figure out the best sort of comfort sister. Right now I have to organize the defense plans I feel need to be necessary. Especially on our northern border."

He didn't know for certain but he was sure his brother would back him up on that regard.

Locien looked at Soron with a now stern look as he took his sword from his hands. "The Last of his Clan thanks you. I accept this gesture." he replied softly but in a tone almost passive.

"Evidently this man is educated in The Language of Elvahn. Now I'm unsure what these people want with me." he thought silently as he walked towards Wren, even though Soron spoke the ancient language, Locien almost felt as if this young woman was more Elven in quality due to the odd scent she gave out to him. She was talking to a middle aged human about his presence in the castle and something called Heathen Practices.

"What is meaning? Heathen?" He asked in the human tongue scratching his head in curiosity. He stood next to Wren trying to read her face. He actually looked almost calm after the initial shock of being captured. "Locien and Wren, friends?"

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"What is meaning? Heathen?"

Magee's eyes went wide as Locien approached, then when he spoke as if he had understood what she had said. The older woman beamed bright red in embarrassment. This only made Wren laugh a little.

"M'lady... I think I should go prepare one of the guest rooms..." and with that she hastily trotted her way back towards the castle as Ichabod went about his duties as captain of the guard.

Wren turned a gentle smile to Locien, "Heathen is what some humans like to catalog someone who they believe is uncivilized. I think it's just something they like to say whey they don't understand the practices of a culture unfamiliar to them. It's something my mother dealt with a long time." she gave a sad sigh when her thoughts turned to her mother.

"Locien and Wren, friends?"

She smiled at him again, linking her arm in his and beginning to lead him towards the castle.

"Locien... I would like to think that I am your friend yes... However, I can't speak of my brothers in the same way. I don't know why they have brought you here, and it pains me that they stole you away from your home. I will do whatever is necessary to make sure that you are treated, kindly... My mother may, be dead but she was once queen and I will keep her memory alive by doing what she had done in this situation. If you stay near me... I promise that you will not be harmed as long as I draw breath in this world."she walked along side Locien.

She didn't know how he would react to being inside of the castle after being out in the wilds of the Dragon Saber Woods for so long. She stopped just before leading him into the castle, she turned to look at him with sincerity in her eyes.

"Even if that means I must cross my brother's to do so, I fear my brother the king is not thinking clearly since the murder of my father and mother. I can't say that the reason they took you is of good merit, and I was not happy with their decision to hunt you down like they did. I wish I knew more to tell you, but they have left me in the dark as to their reasons for much of anything as of late. Other than they fear the Zanerian horde armies that threaten the kingdom of Serin. The only thing I can think of is that they want to use your home in the woods as a tactical advantage against the Zanerians" she looked back to the door and then back at Locien.

"I'll take you to a room, lets hope for the best alright. I'll try to make your stay as comfortable as possible."