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Simon Lovelace

"let's play some call of duty"

0 · 234 views · located in New York

a character in “The Salient Decendants”, as played by Simon_Lewis


Simon Lovelace


Race: its complicated but we think shadowhunter/vampire/mundane
Age: make a guess

Description: none needed

So begins...

Simon Lovelace's Story

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"Ok so you pull the joystick forwards to move forwards" I say
"why do I need to move forwards?" She Asks.
"to kill the other people" I answer
"So like this?" she asks
"no no no don't run into them shoot shoot YOURE GOING TO DIE URGHHHH SHOOOOT"
"no Isabelle you're jumping"
"well how do you shoot?"
"with the X button honey that's the Blue one"
"Simon stop talking tome like I'm an idiot. no which one is shoot again?"
"THE BLUE ONE WITH AN X, maybe we should play something else"
"no I like this one" she answer while killing all the characters while eating a pepperoni pizza.
I congratulate her but she doesn't know that its a YouTube clip of pro gamers playing call of duty.
"this was fun but lets do something i like" she says
"ok what?" I ask
she bends over and whispers something in my ear
she puts on the game Just Dance 3

The setting changes from The New York Insitute to New York


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"Clary let him go I sure he has a reasonable explanation for being in the institute he's obviously a shadowhunter Just look at his runes."
"Ok what's your name then?" she asks him
"..........uh.... Scorpio"
"well it's nice to meet you Scorpio welcome to the new York institute" there was no reply
"See Clary you just have to ask now excuse me i have some business to attend to" well i do i have figured out a way to get rid of my feeling whenever i feel something i will go throw some knives or practice my fighting just something like that. i head up to the training room but when i get there I'm not alone
"hey Mum" i say
"hello darling I'm almost done i wont be here long"
i go over to the punching bag i was probably in there for hours because when dad came and got me it was after dinner
"hey sweetie.... are you almost done you've been in there for hours you’ve missed dinner"
i head out of the training room up to mine i feel exhausted but no better on the feelings side at all my heart still feels dead and i still want to cry i guess its harder than it Looks. i go open the door to my Room to see someone sitting on my bead
"Alice?... is that you?" there was no answer i walk closer and it is her
"Alice what are you doing in my room" she stands up and looks at me there is something different about her i can no longer see the happiness in her eyes just long dark pits of nothingness
"Alice" i ask, "are you ok"
"i bring a warning from my master.."
"Alice what the hell.."
"yes hell that is where Master was born..... master said that you should prepare for more demon attacks and that he will kill evry last one of your little Shadowhunter Friends"
"Alice you’re scaring me now" she doesn’t answer for a while
"be more careful Shadowhunter next time he's coming for you"
Then she passes out i scream for help
"MUMMMM, DADD CHRI..." but finish there what am i saying why Christopher
mum walks in the door along side with dad
"what! the hell savannah do you know what the time is"
and then she looks down
"oh my.... what happened to Alice" Tears start to run down my face
"I don’t know she must have" sniff" been possessed because she said and then i told them everything she said i was scared as hell and then she woke up.