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Christopher Herondale

"The world would be a better place if everyone just took a chill pill. And even better if some certain people chocked on it"

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a character in “The Salient Descendants”, as played by Annathevampire


Gender: male
Birthday: August 6
Star Sign: Leo
Age: 17
Race: Shadowhunter
Theme Song: Joan Jet, Bad Reputation

Christopher, to sum him up in three words: self obsessed asshole.
Christopher believes he is better than everyone around him, teenagers and adults alike. Most of the time he is. Christopher trains everyday with the other Shadowhunters at the institute but when they're done, he doesn't stop. Christopher strives to be the best he can be so when he comes across any enemy, he knows he can defeat it. Although he seems like a total ass, deep down (like really deep down) he does care about the people around him. He loves his parents and sister but doesn't show it. Christopher believes that showing you have love in your heart is showing that you have something that can be used against you.

Strong fighter
Never gives up
Can hide emotions
Basically silent
Light on his feet
Logical thinking under pressure

Does not know what it is to have friends
Will not accept help from others
Too much pride

Beating the literal shit out of demons
Being the center of attention
Has a thing for brunettes and raven-haired people

Being left behind
Being ignored
Being underestimated

Never being good enough
and Geese

Christopher has curly auburn hair that reaches the tips of his ears. If it was straightened it would touch his shoulders. His eyes are golden with flecks of brown through them and he has long, brown eyelashes. He always wears black clothes with the exception of the occasional very dark grey and has the Morgenstern ring on a chain around his neck constantly. He is fairly tall and strong so he can look intimidating-which is exactly what he wants. Christopher also has a large angelic power rune over his heart and both ears pierced with tiny gold hoops.

Christopher Herondale was born in the New York Institute, he was the first child of Clary Fairchild and Jace Herondale and was not planned. Although Christopher was an "accident", Clary and Jace were very glad to have him. Christopher has never known he was unplanned and his parents wish to keep it that way.
Christopher was not born with the sight and had to be trained to see the Shadow World, this fueled his need to be the best at everything. Christopher had to work hard to get where he is today and he's not about to let that position drop.

Clary Fairchild - mother
Jace Herondale - father
Celine Herondale -sister

So begins...

Christopher Herondale's Story


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Hazel awoke and stretched out her arms. She stood up, her head beginning to pound. Her dad would kill her if he knew what he was out doing last night. Magnus wouldn't care so much. She splashed her face, and headed to breakfast in her pajamas.

She sat down at the table, both her dads are at the table already. "Hey guys" she said sitting down. She really needed some headache medicine. "Morning sweetie" Alec said eating his cornflakes. "Moooorning" Magnus said reading a newspaper Hazel helped herself to some cornflakes. "Hey Magnus, why am I named after an evil vampire?" Hazel asked. "Camille Belcourt is not an evil woman Hazel!" Magnus defends. "Well...." Alec teased. Magnus just glared at him, but in a still loving way. One day Hazel wanted to love somebody as much as her fathers loved each other. The family sat and ate breakfast together.


Celine awoke suddenly from a strange dream. Her dreams usually had something to do with the real world or the future. But every now and then she'd dream about something totally random like her mum riding a pony. She tried to recall what the dream was about but her mind went blank.
Celine sat up slowly, her wavy blonde hair falling in front of her sleepy eyes. Her neck was stiff and sore and as she looked around, she realised why. Somewhere in her sleep she'd tumbled off her bed and onto the hard wooden floor of her bedroom.
"Ugh" she moaned as she sat up and rubbed her neck. That was going to be a pain in the ass to train with.
Celine stood up and rubbed her eyes. She brushed dust from the floor off her striped blue pyjama pants and headed to the door that lead into a maze of corridors.
She swung the door open and ran straight into someone.
Celine let out a tiny squeal of surprise and jumped back, "Dad! You startled me!"
Jace grinned mischievously, "Sorry kiddo," he chuckled, "I was just coming to wake you up. It's nine o' clock."
Celine's eyes widened, "What?! Nine already!? I haven't even had breakfast yet!"
Jace darted out of the way as Celine dashed out of the bedroom door, heading for the kitchen.
Wait! she thought suddenly.
Celine ran back to Jace as quickly as she could. She wrapped her arms around him, "Love you dad." She mumbled.
Jace ruffled Celine's golden hair, "Go eat something before you starve." he joked.
Celine jumped away and made a second attempt at running to the kitchen.


Hazel had finished her cornflakes. She slid her chair out with a screech and said bye to her dads who were bickering about the pulp in orange juice. She walked into the kitchen. "Oh hey Celine," she said rinsing her bowl "sleep well?". Hazel always found it hard to talk to Celine because she was so quiet. Even though they had grown up together, she had never been able to get close to her. "What are you up to today?" She said trying to make conversation.


Celine skidded into the kitchen and stopped in her tracks. Hazel had beat her to the kitchen which was hardly surprising considering the time.
"Oh hey Celine," she said, "Sleep well?"
Celine didn't answer. She just stood quietly with her hands tucked behind her back. Waiting for Hazel to leave.
"What are you up to today?" Hazel asked.
Celine spoke in no more than a whisper, "Oh... training, I guess?" She could tell Hazel was trying to make conversation but frankly, Celine didn't want to speak with her. She found Hazel the loudest and most terrifying of all the people in the entire institute. Her nose piercing freaked Celine out.
Celine loved her uncles Magnus and Alec but she was truly frightened that Hazel might attack her at a moments notice.
Celine shuffled away from Hazel, heading to the table, if only so she had something to shield herself with.


Hazel looks for some headache tablets in the cupboards. She looks at Celine's runes, how Hazel would kill to have some of those as she downed the tablets. Hazel could tell that Celine was dodging her. Celine always looked like a deer caught in the headlights when Hazel tried talking to her. Almost like she was scared that Hazel would slap her at any moment. Hazel had seen Celine fight, no way she had to worry about somebody attacking her. Hazel decided that she didn't want to put up with people to shy to even try to get to know. "Great. Good chat!" Hazel says sarcastically rolling her eyes as she grabs a handful of cashews and walks out into one of the sitting rooms. Maybe she would find some more interesting conversations there.


Celine watched as Hazel left the kitchen.
She knew she was being rude, not talking to Hazel but she was terrified of her. Celine had nothing against warlocks but Hazel was just... scary.
Celine knew that Hazel went out most nights doing Raziel knows what and came back at about two in the morning. Celine had watched her leave from one of the Institute storeroom windows. She'd been hiding from Finn who had jumped out from behind a door to scare her. Celine didn't mind Finn's company when he was being quiet but sometimes he could be just as obnoxious as Hazel.
Celine had squealed and ran to a storage cupboard on the top floor. She had watched Hazel from the stained glass window leave the Institute and head down the rainy street, black hoodie covering her from the rain. If she was braver, Celine might've followed Hazel but she wasn't. So she didn't.

Celine headed out of the kitchen and towards the Institute greenhouse. She was hoping to be alone but as she walked through the glass doors, she saw a flicker of movement. There was someone else in here. Celine looked around and caught another glimpse of movement. She crouched down and crept into a nearby shrub, not making so much as a rustle. The other person in the greenhouse make a tiny sound as they crept closer. Suddenly Celine leapt out of the bushes and jumped onto the other person, pinning them to the ground.
"ARRRRRRGH" they screamed.
Celine pinned them to the ground and looked them dead in the eye. She grinned, "Hello Finn."


Christopher was sitting on the Institute roof, hanging his legs over the eaves. He had climbed out a broken window he'd smashed years before, but hadn't told anyone. Christopher knew he could get to the roof from it so he'd kept it a secret. When he was younger he used to practised balancing up here, knowing that the pressure of falling to his death would push him to do better. Christopher had stumbled and almost fallen many times but he's always managed to scramble back up to his feet and keep going.
No fear he'd thought to himself, looking down at the overgrown grass and concrete far below.
Now that Christopher was the very best at balancing in the entire Institute, he had no need for this place except for throwing pebbles at the unsuspecting mundanes passing by. Which he quite enjoyed. They couldn't see him so he liked to watch them look around wildly for the scoundrel who was pelting things at them. Today, Christopher had brought a backpack full of stone fruit and stale bread roles from the kitchen up onto to roof. He was eating a peach and throwing bread rolls at the mundanes when there was a soft thud from the window behind him. Christopher turned his head to see Church, the fluffy fat cat that lived at the Institute, standing on the roof behind him. The cat approached Christopher's backpack with curiosity and sniffed at the open pocket.
"It's just fruit, kitty"
Church scowled at him.
Christopher raised his eyebrows, "Sorry, Your Lord Churchness"
Church looked unimpressed and went back to sniffing at the bag. He stuck his head into the pocket and pulled out a plum with his pointy little teeth.
"Don't eat that," Christopher said sternly, "You'll get sick. Cat's can't eat plums"
Church didn't seem to care and started biting at the purple fruit.
Christopher rolled his eyes and spat the peach stone at a mundane girl with died green hair. She spun around and stared at the Institute. To her it looked like an old, abandoned church. The girl shook her head and scurried off, green hair swaying in the wind.
Christopher turned to Church, "Ugly green haired monster," he mumbled, reaching for an apricot out of the backpack, "I've always preferred brunettes."

Christopher had been sitting on the roof with Church for about half an hour when he saw four people in red robes coming towards the Institute. He could tell by the way everyone around them ignored them that the mundanes couldn't see them.
Christopher quickly reached for his stele in his bag and drew a sight enhancement rune on his forearm. When he looked again, Christopher could see that the robes that the figures were wearing were wearing red council robes. He quickly stood up and leapt back through the window. What was the council doing here? And where were the downworlder members?
Christopher ran to the library and burst through the doors. His mother, Clary, and his father, Jace, were standing behind the huge desk in the center of the room, reading through some brown-tinged papers. They looked up at him as he entered the room.
Clary stepped out from behind the desk, "Kit, you look concerned."
Ugh, Christopher hated it when his parents called him Kit. And he never looked concerned.
Christopher let his features become blank and sincere, "There are four members of the council here." he explained.
Clary's green eyes widened and Jace stepped to her side, "Is the Inquisitor - Jia - here?" he asked.
Christopher shook his head, "I don't believe so."
His parents exchanged a concerned look.
There was a small knock on the door, "Come in," called Clary, breaking Jace's stare.
The doors cracked open a bit and Celine stepped in, "Mum, Dad," she said quietly, "There are some strange people here."
Jace looked to Christopher, "Kit, go get Alec."
Christopher nodded and made a move for the door.
Suddenly, Celine spoke again, "No." She said, shaking her head, "They want to see Magnus and Hazel."

Magnus Bane

Magnus had just been strolling through the corridor towards the library. The Pandemonium had an event and he was just about to head to his room to get dressed when he saw the Herondale boy bursting into the library. Oh how he reminded Magnus of all the other Herondale boys, so temperamental and egotistic. Magus kept walking, continuing towards the library doors when Celine walked past him into the library. Now this was interesting. He slowed towards the door, listening. All the Herondales were in there having a concerned conversation.
"There are strange people out there."
"Kit go get Alec." Now that was strange, why on earth would strange people want Alec?
"No. They want to see Magnus and Hazel."
That made more sense. It was probably just some of his Warlock friends. Shadowhunters and their stupid standards, how dare they call his friends weird. Maybe it was some unfortunate Warlock asking to be invited to the party tonight. Magnus was nearly at the front door at this point, he had been strutting down the corridor. Silly thing, if they were wanted they would of been invited, but Magnus wasn't about to tell them not to come but why on earth would they want Hazel to... Magnus had opened the door. They were not Warlocks but council representatives.
"Hello. Can I help you?"


Celine's parents and brother had rushed out of the library to the front door of the Institute and she let out a sigh of relief.
She crept out the giant oak door and tip-toed to the front door. There were the council members in their crimson robes with their hard, unyielding faces. There were two dark haired men and two women, one with brown and one with blonde hair. All of them were intimidatingly tall except for the blonde woman who was only about five and a half feet high. Celine recognised some of them as Tomas Rosales, from Mexico City, Senhor and Senhora, from Lisbon. The fourth, Celine didn't know. There had been no news of newly appointed council representatives.
Jace spoke, "Tomas, Senhor, Senhora..." he raised his eyebrows at the other representative.
She gave him a cold smile, "Ebony. Ebony Ashthorn. Consul."
"No," Clary stepped forward, "Jia Penhallow is the Consul."
Ebony's eyes narrowed, "Jia Penhallow has been... relieved of her position"
Magnus scowled, "What buisness do you have here, Ashthorn?"
"Funny you should ask, Magnus Bane, High Warlock Of Brooklyn. We are here on behalf of the Clave to command that you and your adoptive warlock child leave the New York Institute. Immediately."
At that moment, Alec and Isabelle burst into the room.
"What've we missed?" Isabelle asked, flustered.
Ebony looked amused, "Isabelle, Alexander. All warlocks residing in this residence must be evicted immediatley, along with any other downworlders you are housing here."
Alec marched forward, "As the owner of the New York Institute, I have allowed that-"
"We are well aware of what you have 'allowed' Alexander." Ebony Ashthorn snarled, "We are also well aware of your...realationship with Mr Bane."
Magnus scowled at the Consul, his slitted eyes narrowing.
"So," smiled Ebony, "You have twenty four hours until we evict you by force." The Consul spun around and the three other shadowhunters followed her out of the Institute, their red robes trailing in the ground behind them.
Everyone turned to Alec and he said uncertainly "What are we going to do?"


Hazel had been sitting in the sitting room. She had put her music on the speakers, today it was classical, and was reading her signed copy of Catcher in the Rye that Magnus had given Hazel. One thing endless life was good for, meeting to be historical figure. Though eternity wasn't all that exciting for Hazel. She was just finishing her chapter when a commotion outside the door disturbed her. For gods sake, it sounded like nearly everybody from the institute. She put down her book with a sigh and headed out. To her surprise, nearly everybody was. Hazel walked out to her dad saying "What are we going to do"? and everybody looking like they had just seen a ghost.
"Um... What is going on?"
Magnus turned around to her looking concerned "Well... The thing is"
Magnus lost for words this couldn't be good.


Christopher watched as the Council members left, their red cloaks trailing along the street. Everyone just stared at each other. Before they could say anything, Hazel strode into the room.
She looked around, puzzled, "Um...What is going on?"
Magnus looked at her, "Well...the thing is..." He trailed off. No one said a thing.
Oh for Raziel's sake... Christopher stepped forward, "The Clave has ordered that you and Magnus leave the Institute within the next twenty four hours or you will be evicted by force."
Everyone glared at him, "Christopher!" Clary hissed.
"Well no one else was going to say it!"
"You should have let her parents tell her!"
"Mother. What is the most absolute law of Shadowhunters?" Chrstopher didn't wait for her answer, "'Sed Lex, Dura Lex' The law is hard but it is the law."
Suddenly, everyone around Christopher started discussing the situation and what should happen. It was a storm of voices whipping around him. Alec and Magnus were in a corner talking with each other and Hazel was still standing in the doorway, mouth open, shocked.
A wave of guilt washed over Christopher. Deep down, he admired Hazel for her strength in situations like this but now she was speechless and confused.
Christopher went to leave the commotion when a voice rang out amongst the battling voices.
Everyone fell silent and looked to the source of the shout.
"I think Hazel and Magnus should stay." Mumbled Celine.


Hazel tapped her foot expectantly waiting for somebody to say something. She looked at everybody expectantly. "Um hello?" she said waiting for anybody to tell her. Finally Christopher stepped forward "Has ordered that you and Magnus leave the institute within the next 24 hours or you will be evicted by force" he said. Hazel had to admit that it was not what Hazel was expecting. Then Hazel watched everybody argue about her future. She made eye contact with Magnus and he just shrugged at her. "STOP!" a voice echoed through the madness. To Hazel's surprise the voice came from Celine. "What the-" Hazel begun to mutter under her breathe, smirking, until Celine continued "I think Hazel and Magnus should stay"
this whole discussion was ridiculous to Hazel. "Well of course I'm fucking staying" Hazel said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Spinning to walk out, but smiling at Celine before she left. It was nice to have somebody standing up for her, especially when it came from somebody who only spoke when they thought it was very important. Hazel was so used to standing up for herself.
"Well her highness has spoken" Magus says after Hazel left.
"But how?" Alec said clasping Magnus's hand addressing the group.


Celine saw the smile that Hazel threw at her before storming out. Maybe she wasn't so bad after all. But the questions on everyone's minds now were, How? How were Magnus and Hazel going to stay? And what had happened to the Consul? Where was Jia Penhallow?
Isabelle spoke first, "Something is very wrong here."
Jace looked to her and raised his eyebows, "Oh no everything is fine. Having the Consul replaced without any news from Idris is totally normal."
Isabelle scowled at him.
"We all have to remain calm." Clary said, stepping to Jace's side, "Magnus, we're not throwing you out."
"I think we've established that, Clarissa" Magnus replied
Clary ignored him, "We need to find out what has happened to Jia and why this...eviction has happened so suddenly."
Jace put his arm around Clary's waist, "I agree."
Isabelle took a step forward, "Someone needs to go to Idris and find out what's going on."


"Magnus, we are not throwing you out" Clary addressed Magnus.
"I think we have established that, Clarissa" Magnus said furrowing his brow
Magnus kept a cool face, even though his mind was racing. He would not let the clave tear apart his family. He knows that if he and Hazel were to be evicted and Alec would follow, leaving his job at the institute that he loved. Magnus, stood holding Alec's hand "Did you have any idea about Jia?" Magnus whispered into Alec's ear. "No. I have no idea, but I will not let whoever this Ebony person split our family out". Magnus looked into Alec's eyes, smiled, then planted a kiss on Alec's forehead. "They won't"

When Isabelle piped up asking suggesting that somebody should go to Idris, Magnus felt Alec step forward "I will". Magnus frowned, tugging on Alec's hand. "Won't that just make them more angry sweetie?" Magnus said. "To hell with them. I am going over there." Alec replied with determination. Magnus loved it when he got worked up.


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A second after Alec volunteered to go to Idris, Jace stepped forward, "If Alec's going then I'm going too." He said.
"I want to go as well." Clary piped up, taking a step so she was next to Jace.
"Clary, no." Jace said quietly, looked down at her, "You need to stay here. Look after Celine and Kit."
Clary opened her mouth to object but Christopher crossed his arms and spoke, "I am quite capable of looking after myself, thankyou."
"Jace, the kids are teenagers now - almost adults. They can take care of themselves." Clary said softly, putting a hand on his arm.
"But if the Consul returns, who is going to be here? I'm sure that Izzy and the leach can't take care of all five of them."
Izzy frowned and Simon threw his arms in the air with frustration, "I'm not even a vam-"
"And," Jace continued, cutting Simon off. He whispered in Clary's ear, "I'm not sure how much of Isabelle's cooking the kids can handle before they die in eternal stomach agony."
Clary chuckled, "Okay, fine. I'll stay. But if you need me - "
"I'll call. I promise." Jace replied, kissing Clary's forehead.
"Well if you two are quite done," Christopher interrupted, "What happens now?"