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A self-proclaimed "freedom fighter" although he hates the label "Terrorist". In reality, many view him as such.

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a character in “The Samurai”, as played by ZeroTolerance



Name: Hawk, his true name has long since been abandoned in favor of the moniker "hawk", leader of a resistance group who carry out acts of terrorism against the government they see as in the pocket of oppressive corporate interests and obstructive to democracy.

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Role: The Rogue

Height & Weight: 5'11 , 162 lbs

Appearance: Hawk has very light almost snow colored hair, in contrast he has a very dark complexion which makes him distinct in appearance, although initially born with black hair. His hair turned white due to a stressful experience which accelerated the enzymes inhibiting hair color, making his hair grey much sooner.

Personality: Hawk has a bit of an assertive yet poised and analytic personality, making him a natural fit for leader. Hawk is a typical Libra, so his personality is in tune with much of the characteristics of that sign. He can be a bit of a skirt chaser and a layabout. To others, he may come across as arrogant, even narcissistic, but this is only because he has full faith in the power of thinking. Hawk has an eye for detail and has a bit of a compulsion for perfectly executed plans. Despite the stigma that comes with being associated with terrorism, hawk is very charismatic and even affable. He subscribes only to the use of violence as a means to a righteous end. He even disapproves of most victim crimes on the basis that they're predatory and without moral compass.

Weapons: Hawk is trained to formally use fire arms, he has a preference for rifles. his choice for close range combat are military issued utilitarian knives.



Skills: Outside of impressive reflexes, a peak athletic body and an astute mind, Hawk doesn't appear to have any special abilities as in abnormal abilities. He has survival training so that means he can fend on his own on limited resources.

Born into the bottom rung of society, all Hawk has ever known from an early age was to fight and struggle, the son of working class parents, never having met his father, his father dying before he was born in a civil uprising event which would become known as "The Labor Day Catastrophe" , his mother assuming the role of both parents in his absence, although she too would leave his life due to an illness, an illness that could have been treated if only she had money, an illness that was mostly isolated by class, a means of warfare. It was these two events that spurred his resentment towards the "system" he saw as unjust. From then on he went from orphanage to orphanage, it was during this time that he formed a strong familial bond with a particular group of Orphans who's circumstances were similar to his own. This group of orphans would start a group called The Zodiac Gang , Hawk would serve as the leader. At the time, this gang was mostly involved in petty types of crimes and money making ventures, from thieft to fixed gambling. It was by an act of happenstance that the gang would cross paths with a man named Wolfram or "Wolf" for short. This man had once been known as the most prolific rebel fighter in the history of Bay City. Earning a bounty of 10,000,000 and claim as the "World's Most Dangerous Man". While trying to con the man, Hawk and his gang would be rectified gravely for their mistake. Wolf gave the children an ultimatum, either they die nameless in the streets or they could serve him as adoptive apprentices.

Hawk and the other children would become captivated by the mystique of the man named "Wolf". They came to learn about his past under his tutelage. He became a mentor figure to the children, taking them in and educating them to be more than just petty thieves, they learned to fight as well as write. Soon after, Wolf would become captured by a raid. He is currently detained awaiting a public death sentence.

Hawk and the others saw this as an opportunity to branch out and complete the work that Wolf envisioned, since then they've been carrying out terrorist acts in an attempt to leverage the government to commute Wolf's sentence, earning the reputation as Wolf's successors. Their goal currently is to free their mentor from imprisonment.

Other: All of the members of Hawk's resistance group are named after respective animals. There 5 in all including; Hawk, Fox, Snake, Wolf and Oxe. Hawk's bounty at the moment stands at 1,000,000, he believes it should be higher.

+The Zodiac Gang+

Fox ... -02pz2.jpg
Hawk's Right hand (wo)man and second in command of the Zodiac Gang, she employs a battle staff in combat and seems to be a well versed at improvization, making her the best spy of the bunch. She has a bounty of 800,000, she also has a one sided thing for Hawk although he doesn't return her feelings, much less acknowledge them.

Zodiac's residential "Smart Guy", Snake is a genius of sorts. He uses a rapier and he is a bit of an aloof character. He has a bounty of 800,000.

Wolf ... _45967.jpg
Wolf is the father-like mentor to the gang, he uses claws in battle although he is currently detained awaiting execution. He has a bounty of 10,000,000.

Oxe is the backbone of the Zodiac Gang, carrying more than his fair share of the weight when Hawk gets lazy. Although not particularly bright, he has good instincts and an innate ability to read peoples intent. He and Snake appear to be on bad terms. he uses an Axe. His bounty is 800,000.

So begins...

Hawk's Story