Alain Young

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”Mikaela! You may suck at this whole romance and dating thing, but luckily you have an amazing older brother, so watch and learn!”

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Alain Young
Sexual Orientation
Panromantic β˜… Pansexual
January 1st
Model, Actor

Alain's hair is blonde, just beginning to grow down his neck. It can sometimes seem messy.
Alain's eyes are a reddish brown/rusty color, and are about average, maybe slightly smaller in size.
148 lbs
Body Build/Shape
Athletic; Noticeably Toned
Casual Attire
One outfit for casual wear has Alain wearing a black button up shirt with long sleeves, and a green jacket of sorts sitting over it. Light brown pants is what he wears with it, while darker brown shoes sit on his feet. Wearing glasses changes occasionally, and sometimes he wears a hat with this. It's often used as the outfit for hiding.
His other outfit would be a darker maroon, long sleeved shirt that's rather fitted with a wide neckline, and a pair of either black or grey pants that seem comfortable but rather fitted as well. Dark colored shoes sit on his feet. He usually prefers contacts with this outfit, but it doesn't really matter. Occasionally a watch, simple bracelet, or ring will happen to be worn with it.
Formal Wear
Formal wear has Alain wearing something similar to his brother, with a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled his the elbows, a black colored vest, though he keeps his done up, and has a dark blue tie instead. He usually has black pants with this and black shoes. Occasionally he'll toss on a watch or something, mostly because if he has to wear something nice it means that he's going to be stuck at an event for a long time and...he'd like to see how much longer he's stuck there for, because he'd much rather be at home with Mikaela.
Tattoos and Piercings
A tattoo of a lizard, though it seems to be alive.
Notable Scars
He has some small scars around his left wrist...they look as if someone was gripping it too tight and digging their nails into his skin. Another scar goes through his palm.
Face Claim
Natori Shuuichi - Natsume Yuujinchou

β˜… Flirtatious, Dramatic, Eccentric, Overprotective β˜…
Alain has always been a sort of flirtatious person, even when he was younger. It just seems to have come out much more lately, or at least, in the past couple years. He does it with practically anyone who catches his interest, though he always means his compliments. Sometimes, he does it for a reaction, or just to get someone to maybe smile or blush, but other times it's because he's genuinely interested in a person or find them attractive. The latter reason...doesn't seem to happen very often anymore. If people have kept up on his life so far, it's probably obvious why.
Alain has always been rather dramatic and eccentric, and it's one of his most well known qualities. He seems to have endless amounts of energy, and it feeds excessively into his personality. His way of talking seems to be extremely dramatic at times, or the way he walks or moves in general. He often talks with his hands, swinging them around or just making different gestures with them. It becomes more obvious and "forceful" the more excited or aggressive he's feeling while speaking. Occasionally when he's being serious they'll stay still.
Should anyone try and do something to the people he loves, he would be quick to turn rather aggressive. It's happened before, and it's bound to happen again. Should it, the person he's angry with should expect screams and yells in their direction, and if it's bad enough, maybe even physical attacks. He's extremely protective, to the point that it goes over the top, and can leave people feeling suffocated, but he's constantly worried...that something wrong might happen to them. He does his best to give distance and space to those who don't want his protectiveness as much, but does struggle sometimes. He's paranoid.

  • Caring – Alain is extremely caring, and will often check up on people several times throughout the day, or make sure they're feeling alright. He hates to see people upset, so he'll usually try and build them up. Of course, he won't say much of anything unless he truly means it.
  • Persistant – Having to work hard for something, or needing to push is never something that drives Alain away. His persistence is usually pretty strong.
  • Energy – He appears to have endless amounts of energy, especially with his almost chaotic personality.
  • Appearance – He seems to really care for his own appearance, and often feels self conscious of himself when he's around others.
  • Overprotective – Especially over Mikaela, he tends to almost be overbearing, and can drive people insane. He does his best to keep himself calm and the like, but he just can't help it.
  • Aggression – Do anything to hurt his brother and he'll probably...be coming after you. Either that or you'll receive a harsh talking to and terrible glares in your direction.
  • Losing Mikaela – He's all the family that's left. The idea of losing him too leaves Alain sick to his stomach.
  • Relationships – The modeling and acting industry has never really produced healthy, safe relationships.
  • Big Crowds – He quite dislikes them, and will avoid them if possible...even if that means taking the long way to work or something of the sort.
  • Flirt – He tends to be rather flirtatious, complimenting things he notices without thinking much about how they might feel, looking for ways to flatter people, etc...sometimes it's for a reaction, other times it's because he genuinely has an interest in the person.
  • Dramatic/Eccentric – He has...a very memorable personality.
  • Hands – He seems to talk with his hands, and it becomes more obvious and dramatic the more aggressive or excited he's feeling.

Third Dimension Shadow
Ability Description
Alain's ability allows him to bring forward something like a three dimensional shadow capable of assisting him with almost anything, be it simple housework...or fighting. The source of the ability is the lizard, which lies just underneath his skin. It seems to be alive, as it crawls over his skin, constantly moving. It only rests when Alain rests. He's said whenever it moves he can feel it, but he's used to it enough now that it doesn't really bug him anymore. It's other people touching it that seems to bug him; it causes the area of skin to become irritated, and the tattoo to become agitated as well.
When using his ability, the lizard tattoo seems to disappear off his skin, and bring forth a more human like shadow being, which stands at about 6'5" when standing up straight. It has a more lizard like head, though there are no eyes. It can use its mouth during fights to latch onto people, crush bones, or tear at limbs...though he hasn't done so yet. The shadow is rather efficient at fighting despite not really ever doing it, and does well with speed and strength in combat. It's known for quickly rushing into fights before actually attacking by clawing, punching, breaking bones, or throwing others around with enough force to further break bones or knock them out.
The shadow being can be taken out by shooting or stabbing it through its head. Crushing it beneath something can also work, but that's nearly impossible to do. Blowing anything off but the head, and it'll still be alive. It has the ability to regenerate limbs and other bodily parts should it lose them, though it drains Alain's energy heavily to do so.
Ability Limitations/Weaknesses
  • Energy – To summon the shadowed being, it drains Alain of quite a bit of energy, and continues to do so as it is left to "roam."
  • Single Summon – Alain's ability is only able to be summoned once in the space of around three or four hours, and that cool down starts after he stops using it.
  • Sensitivity – Wherever the "lizard" is on himself at the time, that spot tends to be sensitive, even so much so that touch to the lizard could cause small pain.
  • Control – Often times he struggles to control the action of the being, usually with outside influences worsening that. Stress, anger, frustration, pain...anything of the sort.
  • Emotions – His emotions have quite the influence on the behavior of the being, which can get dangerous in different situations. Anger and stress, as well as hatred often cause things to turn to the worst, and often has caused the being to go on a rampage.
  • Pain Transfer - When summoned, any damage done to it that causes pain will seemingly be transferred to Alain.

Mother - Emily Young - Deceased
Father - Spencer Young - Deceased
Younger Sister - Evelyn Young - Deceased
Younger Brother - Mikaela Young - Living



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