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"I quite dislike the way you're talking to miss Elise."

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Alexander Marquardt
Freak, Slave, Shield
Sexual Orientation
Panromantic ★ Pansexual
November 30th
Subordinate; Elise's Bodyguard

Short, white hair sits on his head...there's not much he can do with it at that particular length.
Unsettling, off putting, intimidating, would be the words used to describe his eyes. They're smaller in size, with a cold, piercing gaze to go along with it. He usually holds the look of being on the verge to attack someone.
166 lbs
Body Build/Shape
Athletic; Toned in Muscle
Alexander has one thing in common with every outfit: the red mask that covers everything around his nose and mouth...though if he feels the need to blend in more he'll wear a simple white medical like mask.
Casual Attire
For Alexander, casual attire consists of a blue/purple jacket that has a rather high collar, covering most of his neck. The zipper is usually kept that high as well. Two white strings fall from there, while two pockets with zippers sit on the chest area at a slant. The jacket has black sleeves that Alexander usually has rolled up nearly to his elbows. His pants are either black or white depending on what he's feeling like that day. His shoes are usually black in color.
Formal Wear
Formal clothing isn't all that fancy looking for Alexander, as he wears a simple black shirt that's usually left with the first couple buttons undone, and the sleeves rolled up just before his elbows. White pants are usually worn with that, and nice black shoes. Tell him to wear something that looks more formal or nice and he'll deck you.
Work Uniform
Comfortable would be the first word Alexander used to explain this outfit. The next would be easy to move around in. Last would be easy to fight in. It's something like a long coat, covering basically all of him except for his feet, and some of his head. The neckline is wide, with buttons keeping it together. The sleeves are long, loose, and go past his hands, completely covering them. The sides of the coat are a pale blue color. The center of the coat is held together by a red string, while the rest of the outfit seems more like a skirt of a dress. Black shoes sit on his feet.
Tattoos and Piercings
He has a tattoo sitting on the back of his neck, holding the symbol of the organization he currently serves.
Notable Scars
There's too many to count. He doesn't feel like listing them all off for you.
(But Elise has invaded! She's come to share that he has scars on his cheeks around his mouth, which is why he wears the mask)
Face Claim
Tatara – Tokyo Ghoul

★ Intimidating, Emotionless, Quiet, Level Headed ★
Alexander...rarely shows emotion. Pain, depression, anger, frustration, happiness, excitement, fear, worry...those emotions don't exist, or at least, they don't physically, in his eyes, on his lips, with his body language. It's rare for him to show much emotion, even when he's alone. He's been like that since the days he can remember, though it only worsened at his friends' death. He closed himself off for a while, but it seems a certain child is helping him open back up. Of course, his loss of feeling has worked perfectly for Elise's father, as Alexander seems to not really care much about what he has to do, no matter how terrible or cruel...of course, it's a lifestyle anyone has to get used to when living in the US. You either defend yourself or die in the process, for most places.
If his height and doesn't intimidate you, then his face will. The guy has rather dark, cold eyes that seem to scan every person he passes by, like he can read their history and know exactly what they're thinking, what they're going to do, what they want to say, what they've done already in the past. It's left plenty of people feel off, nervous, and avoiding him like crazy. Especially with the mask that covers most of his face, and knowing what he hides beneath makes things rather dark too. He's quite fine with people leaving him alone, along with leaving Elise alone, who is always by his side. It means he's doing his job right.
Alexander rarely talks, usually he just follows Elise around and goes wherever she likes. If she talks to him, he'll respond, but usually it's a simple yes, no, maybe, or something else along those lines. When in meetings, Alex only steps in if he feels the need, if he thinks she's getting nervous, or if she's starting to grow upset. Otherwise, he stands by her side and keeps a careful eye on those that they're talking with; after living in the US, he's learned you can't trust anyone.
Alexander is very level headed, and doesn't seem to allow many things to throw him off. Aim a gun at his head, break his bones, curse him out, call him useless or a freak or monster...he could care less. So long as you don't threaten or say anything about Elise...yeah just don't do that.
  • Level Headed – It doesn't matter how horribly wrong a fight or conversation or meeting is going; It seems like nothing can stress him out.
  • Endurance – Don't expect to bring him down quickly in a fight, he's got the strength and persistence of a bull.
  • Intimidation – The way he talks, the way he looks, his height, the emotions and look in his eyes...people have often found themselves backing away or avoiding him.
  • Unexpressive – He hardly shows much emotion...maybe like a little bit of anger or annoyance? But usually he's pretty neutral. Elise has helped with starting to get him to show more emotion, be it directly or just because he feels so attached to her.
  • Self Destructive – Self sacrificing, destructive, anything of the sort. He'll give up his life if it means that the ones he loves can live or keep going on with their lives at the very least.
  • Illiterate – He's lived on the streets for all his life, he's never had any kind of education, he's hardly touched a book or anything with words on paper or a screen. Elise has started to help him learn to read, but only recently have they had enough time to actually really try with it. He's gotten to the point where he can read several small words and write extremely simple sentences.
  • Failure – To be honest, he's moved from fearing failure with Elise's father, to failing Elise. He's found himself growing extremely fond of the girl, and more and more each day. Her dying or being hurt because of him is a horrible nightmare that he never wants to experience.
  • Needles, Blades, Anything Sharp or Pointed – He's had enough of those in his life...he's got plenty of scars to show it, a mask to hide some...and he doesn't feel like dealing with them anymore. If they're used in a fight, it's often he'll seem a bit awkward with his movement, or his expression will have a hint of fear. He does his best to hide it.
  • Flying – Something about flying, usually in planes, makes him feel on edge and nervous. He didn't do too well on the flight to London, though luckily he had Elise there to help keep him calm.
  • Unresponsive – Hit him, kick him, curse him out and call him awful things...you won't be getting a reaction out of him.
  • Humorless – His sense of humor is lacking. He usually doesn't understand jokes and doesn't catch on to sarcasm or other things like that. Help him, please.
  • Clean – He's very organized, likes to keep things nice and tidy, and the like. Of course, he doesn't really have much things for himself so it's pretty easy. It's when he's with Elise that he starts going a bit crazy. She isn't very tidy, and he's always cleaning up after her.

Vampire's Lance
Ability Description
Alexander's ability allows him to create something similar to crimson colored spears out of apparently nothing. The spears themselves usually create a sound similar to hissing as he holds it, and while holding the weapon, it seems to try and wrap around his fingers and stay latched to him. That's one of the reasons he rarely keeps ahold of one for very long.
The spears themselves are meant to be literally stabbed into a person. They usually aren't fatal, though they cause immense pain, and as long as they're stuck inside of a person, their energy will be drained and transferred to Alexander. It's how he adds on to his already high amounts of strength, and if used enough, he could end up gaining strength similar to Elise's in power.
The spears themselves have to to stabbed into someone to operate correctly. Sure, a glancing blow or a small cut from one can drain some, but it would be a small amount, and it would only last several seconds for Alexander. It's when he manages to actually get a person and keep them down so the spear can operate efficiently that his power will work.
Ability Limitations/Weaknesses
  • Aim – Unless he can get the spear to actually stab into someone and pin them somewhere or at least keep them from moving, the spear will hardly have an effect. Missing his target and causing the spear to fall or stab into someone will just have it evaporating seconds later.
  • Breaks – If the spear is somehow broken by a person other than himself...or himself, the absorption of strength will come to a halt. The energy he's already taken in will stay, but will only last several seconds to several minutes depending on how much he managed to take before that point.
  • Reversed – If a spear is latched or stabbed into him, which has only happened once, the effects will be reversed. It's his strength that will be drained, and the energy taken will be transferred to someone else nearby. This can leave him exhausted and incredibly weakened, not to mention extremely vulnerable.
  • Limited Creation – Though it technically isn't "limited," Alexander has put down rules for himself, due to the fact that creating so many spears in a certain amount of time can actually physically and mentally exhaust him, painfully so, which often results in...a psychotic episode of sorts.
  • Ending – Himself actually taking back the spears after he's used them for some time causes the energy to immediately exit his body. The sudden loss of strength can leave him in shock, or an extremely weakened state...vulnerable. It could be several hours before he gains his regular strength once more.
  • Hunger – The spear itself will try and latch onto Alexander the moment he summons it. Should it be given enough time to succeed, the spear will force its way into his body and enter his nervous system, then allowing it to take complete control of his body. If this were to happen, Alexander would basically be slowly killed by the spear and its hunger, while it forces him to slaughter any living thing nearby to help it take in more energy to "survive." He's conscious the entire time, and has said it feels like he's trapped in his own body.
    The spear itself has a wispy, crimson colored appearance and is shaped like a very thin, long diamond. Upon being stabbed into something, it seems to literally pulse with life. Summoning the spear apparently changes the white's of his eyes to black with red veins.

Mother - Kylie Marquardt - Deceased
Father - Greyson Marquardt - Deceased



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