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"I quite dislike the way you're talking to miss Elise."

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Alexander Marquardt
Freak, Slave, Shield
Sexual Orientation
Panromantic β˜… Pansexual
November 30th
Subordinate; Elise's Bodyguard

Short, white hair sits on his head...there's not much he can do with it at that particular length.
Unsettling, off putting, intimidating, would be the words used to describe his eyes. They're smaller in size, with a cold, piercing gaze to go along with it. He usually holds the look of being on the verge to attack someone.
166 lbs
Body Build/Shape
Athletic; Toned in Muscle
Alexander has one thing in common with every outfit: the red mask that covers everything around his nose and mouth...though if he feels the need to blend in more he'll wear a simple white medical like mask.
Casual Attire
For Alexander, casual attire consists of a blue/purple jacket that has a rather high collar, covering most of his neck. The zipper is usually kept that high as well. Two white strings fall from there, while two pockets with zippers sit on the chest area at a slant. The jacket has black sleeves that Alexander usually has rolled up nearly to his elbows. His pants are either black or white depending on what he's feeling like that day. His shoes are usually black in color.
Formal Wear
Formal clothing isn't all that fancy looking for Alexander, as he wears a simple black shirt that's usually left with the first couple buttons undone, and the sleeves rolled up just before his elbows. White pants are usually worn with that, and nice black shoes. Tell him to wear something that looks more formal or nice and he'll deck you.
Work Uniform
Comfortable would be the first word Alexander used to explain this outfit. The next would be easy to move around in. Last would be easy to fight in. It's something like a long coat, covering basically all of him except for his feet, and some of his head. The neckline is wide, with buttons keeping it together. The sleeves are long, loose, and go past his hands, completely covering them. The sides of the coat are a pale blue color. The center of the coat is held together by a red string, while the rest of the outfit seems more like a skirt of a dress. Black shoes sit on his feet.
Tattoos and Piercings
He has a tattoo sitting on the back of his neck, holding the symbol of the organization he currently serves.
Notable Scars
There's too many to count. He doesn't feel like listing them all off for you.
(But Elise has invaded! She's come to share that he has scars on his cheeks around his mouth, which is why he wears the mask)
Face Claim
Tatara – Tokyo Ghoul

β˜… Intimidating, Emotionless, Quiet, Level Headed β˜…
Alexander...rarely shows emotion. Pain, depression, anger, frustration, happiness, excitement, fear, worry...those emotions don't exist, or at least, they don't physically, in his eyes, on his lips, with his body language. It's rare for him to show much emotion, even when he's alone. He's been like that since the days he can remember, though it only worsened at his friends' death. He closed himself off for a while, but it seems a certain child is helping him open back up. Of course, his loss of feeling has worked perfectly for Elise's father, as Alexander seems to not really care much about what he has to do, no matter how terrible or cruel...of course, it's a lifestyle anyone has to get used to when living in the US. You either defend yourself or die in the process, for most places.
If his height and doesn't intimidate you, then his face will. The guy has rather dark, cold eyes that seem to scan every person he passes by, like he can read their history and know exactly what they're thinking, what they're going to do, what they want to say, what they've done already in the past. It's left plenty of people feel off, nervous, and avoiding him like crazy. Especially with the mask that covers most of his face, and knowing what he hides beneath makes things rather dark too. He's quite fine with people leaving him alone, along with leaving Elise alone, who is always by his side. It means he's doing his job right.
Alexander rarely talks, usually he just follows Elise around and goes wherever she likes. If she talks to him, he'll respond, but usually it's a simple yes, no, maybe, or something else along those lines. When in meetings, Alex only steps in if he feels the need, if he thinks she's getting nervous, or if she's starting to grow upset. Otherwise, he stands by her side and keeps a careful eye on those that they're talking with; after living in the US, he's learned you can't trust anyone.
Alexander is very level headed, and doesn't seem to allow many things to throw him off. Aim a gun at his head, break his bones, curse him out, call him useless or a freak or monster...he could care less. So long as you don't threaten or say anything about Elise...yeah just don't do that.
  • Level Headed – It doesn't matter how horribly wrong a fight or conversation or meeting is going; It seems like nothing can stress him out.
  • Endurance – Don't expect to bring him down quickly in a fight, he's got the strength and persistence of a bull.
  • Intimidation – The way he talks, the way he looks, his height, the emotions and look in his eyes...people have often found themselves backing away or avoiding him.
  • Unexpressive – He hardly shows much emotion...maybe like a little bit of anger or annoyance? But usually he's pretty neutral. Elise has helped with starting to get him to show more emotion, be it directly or just because he feels so attached to her.
  • Self Destructive – Self sacrificing, destructive, anything of the sort. He'll give up his life if it means that the ones he loves can live or keep going on with their lives at the very least.
  • Illiterate – He's lived on the streets for all his life, he's never had any kind of education, he's hardly touched a book or anything with words on paper or a screen. Elise has started to help him learn to read, but only recently have they had enough time to actually really try with it. He's gotten to the point where he can read several small words and write extremely simple sentences.
  • Failure – To be honest, he's moved from fearing failure with Elise's father, to failing Elise. He's found himself growing extremely fond of the girl, and more and more each day. Her dying or being hurt because of him is a horrible nightmare that he never wants to experience.
  • Needles, Blades, Anything Sharp or Pointed – He's had enough of those in his life...he's got plenty of scars to show it, a mask to hide some...and he doesn't feel like dealing with them anymore. If they're used in a fight, it's often he'll seem a bit awkward with his movement, or his expression will have a hint of fear. He does his best to hide it.
  • Flying – Something about flying, usually in planes, makes him feel on edge and nervous. He didn't do too well on the flight to London, though luckily he had Elise there to help keep him calm.
  • Unresponsive – Hit him, kick him, curse him out and call him awful things...you won't be getting a reaction out of him.
  • Humorless – His sense of humor is lacking. He usually doesn't understand jokes and doesn't catch on to sarcasm or other things like that. Help him, please.
  • Clean – He's very organized, likes to keep things nice and tidy, and the like. Of course, he doesn't really have much things for himself so it's pretty easy. It's when he's with Elise that he starts going a bit crazy. She isn't very tidy, and he's always cleaning up after her.

Vampire's Lance
Ability Description
Alexander's ability allows him to create something similar to crimson colored spears out of apparently nothing. The spears themselves usually create a sound similar to hissing as he holds it, and while holding the weapon, it seems to try and wrap around his fingers and stay latched to him. That's one of the reasons he rarely keeps ahold of one for very long.
The spears themselves are meant to be literally stabbed into a person. They usually aren't fatal, though they cause immense pain, and as long as they're stuck inside of a person, their energy will be drained and transferred to Alexander. It's how he adds on to his already high amounts of strength, and if used enough, he could end up gaining strength similar to Elise's in power.
The spears themselves have to to stabbed into someone to operate correctly. Sure, a glancing blow or a small cut from one can drain some, but it would be a small amount, and it would only last several seconds for Alexander. It's when he manages to actually get a person and keep them down so the spear can operate efficiently that his power will work.
Ability Limitations/Weaknesses
  • Aim – Unless he can get the spear to actually stab into someone and pin them somewhere or at least keep them from moving, the spear will hardly have an effect. Missing his target and causing the spear to fall or stab into someone will just have it evaporating seconds later.
  • Breaks – If the spear is somehow broken by a person other than himself...or himself, the absorption of strength will come to a halt. The energy he's already taken in will stay, but will only last several seconds to several minutes depending on how much he managed to take before that point.
  • Reversed – If a spear is latched or stabbed into him, which has only happened once, the effects will be reversed. It's his strength that will be drained, and the energy taken will be transferred to someone else nearby. This can leave him exhausted and incredibly weakened, not to mention extremely vulnerable.
  • Limited Creation – Though it technically isn't "limited," Alexander has put down rules for himself, due to the fact that creating so many spears in a certain amount of time can actually physically and mentally exhaust him, painfully so, which often results in...a psychotic episode of sorts.
  • Ending – Himself actually taking back the spears after he's used them for some time causes the energy to immediately exit his body. The sudden loss of strength can leave him in shock, or an extremely weakened state...vulnerable. It could be several hours before he gains his regular strength once more.
  • Hunger – The spear itself will try and latch onto Alexander the moment he summons it. Should it be given enough time to succeed, the spear will force its way into his body and enter his nervous system, then allowing it to take complete control of his body. If this were to happen, Alexander would basically be slowly killed by the spear and its hunger, while it forces him to slaughter any living thing nearby to help it take in more energy to "survive." He's conscious the entire time, and has said it feels like he's trapped in his own body.
    The spear itself has a wispy, crimson colored appearance and is shaped like a very thin, long diamond. Upon being stabbed into something, it seems to literally pulse with life. Summoning the spear apparently changes the white's of his eyes to black with red veins.

Mother - Kylie Marquardt - Deceased
Father - Greyson Marquardt - Deceased

If there was one thing every new American learned at such a young age, it was that this country wasn't the safe, "free" place it used to be all those years ago. The land now was a disaster. After the sudden collapse and destruction of the government, the country turned itself against...itself, really, as different groups, religions, and organizations began to arise, believing themselves as the best to take control and bring the country back. But their fighting only drove the place into a worse state. With the chaos of no leaders, no good military, and no law enforcement that really worked without corruption having spun its strings around most of them, no one knew who to trust. At first it was quiet, people stayed in their homes, away from others, but then the fighting began.

The rise of two different organizations who had been seeking power and control for so long. The first was a French organization by the name of Lumière du Nouveau Monde, translating into "Light of the New World." Frankly, their name was rather contradicting as they took control of small towns and large cities alike, forcing people to join them or be killed, or worse, thrown out into the chaos of the war to be caught in the crossfire. The other was an American organization, going by the name of "The Resurrection." But with those two fighting, the other organizations realized that through fighting, they could also come to power in this world. Of course, this meant they would have to win, and did it seem likely that anyone was going to?

Not now, it didn't.

Not with the hundreds of organizations fighting, and more rising each day.

The only thing anyone was succeeding in anymore was forcing their allies away, and tearing apart the mess that was left of the US.

Neighborhoods banded together, small farming towns worked to keep their crops growing in the harsh environments to help friends and others, people took their knowledge and their work to try and bring piece at least where they were living back together, to try and bring everyone some kind of peace as they slept at night. But things didn't work out like everyone wanted.

Alexander was five when he hid underneath the floorboards of his home, and watched as his mother was raped, and then both her and his father were shot to death.

If he hadn't already been hardened by the world he lived in, he would have screamed, he would have cried, and they would have found him. But he knew well enough now that if there was a person killing others, that it meant they would kill him too. So as he tried to keep his tears and sobs back, the man, with the four others searched and ransacked his home, taking anything they liked or thought they would need before making a run for it out of the house before others might arrive.

It wasn't until two days later that Alexander finally came back up from his spot, avoiding the sight of his parents' bodies as he wandered around the painfully silent house. It didn't take him long to find a backpack of sorts, and as he packed things into it, he could hear the sounds of another group nearing the home. So without even saying something like a goodbye, he ran out of the place through the back door, and out of the house that would soon be burned down.

So, at the age of five, and within the space of two days, Alexander watched his family being killed, and lost his home.

It wasn't uncommon in the US for that to happen anymore. He was just lucky he had survived the whole thing without much injuries at all.

He tried to survive out on the streets using the knowledge he'd been taught by his parents for the entire time he could understand. But it was limited, and he wasn't sure how long he was going to make it.

A year rolled past with him trying to survive. He'd managed to avoid any bad run ins with people so far, and thank goodness for that. In fact, he was able to survive and avoid anyone all the way to the age of twelve. How he did it, he wasn't sure. He learned as he went, figuring out the good and the bad, finding places that seemed safe to stay, figuring out how to steal from camps and other things that people were in so he could at least find food that wouldn't make him sick to his stomach...and so much more.

But the day came where his mental and emotional state were worse than usual, exhausted and worn out after years of trying to survive on his own. He'd begun making up people that he could talk with to deal with the agonizing loneliness of the life he now lived.

As he stumbled through the streets, he came to a building, entering to find it empty. The first thing that should have made him realize it wasn't safe was the fact that several bodies had been pushed up against a wall. The next would be the fact that the coals of the fire pit in the center were still warm. Last would be the fact that there was still food, water, and other objects laying around the floor.

But as he walked in, his mind was in a fog, and he made his way over to the fire, digging through his backpack as he tried to find the fire starter he'd stolen just several days prior.

As he stared at the fire that was beginning to start now, he could feel his eyes burning, and then the tears that fell down his face.

Confused at why he was even crying, the young teen brushed away at his eyes and finally laid down on the rocky, uncomfortable ground to rest. He must've just really been going crazy...

The sleep he received was short, mainly because he was awoken by the sound of people talking together.

"How old do you think he is?"

"He can't be much older than eleven. Look at him."

"You guys are going to freak him out when he wakes up."

"I hope we do. He shouldn't have been here, is he an idiot? We could have killed him by now."

"Did he get into our food?"

"No you dumbass. We've already checked like four times, you saw it yourself too."

"Oh, we woke him."

Cracking his tired eyes open, he found himself turning his head to come face to face with three people, all about his same age, maybe one of them older. But the sight of all three of them around him made his heart nearly jump from his chest as he rolled onto his back, using his elbows to prop himself up, but a foot forced him down a moment later.

"Stay down, stranger." A blue-purple haired teen looking more around his age snapped as Alexander slowly moved himself down, his hands laying back behind his head as a way of surrender.

"Cyril, you don't have to be so rough!" The girl who stood on the other side was quick to speak. She had short, pale green hair that stuck out from the lightly colored maroon hood, connected to a dress. Frustrated green eyes glared at Cyril.

"Be quiet Emilia! You're always too gentle on these people. That's how our last camp got torn up." Cyril spoke again.

"You're going to gather everyone traveling through here if you keep up the fighting." A deeper voice came from the older one, and at that moment Cyril and Emilia froze up and then looked down at the ground.

"S-sorry Leon..." Emilia muttered, lightly kicking her foot at the ground.

A gentle laugh came from the older teen as she spoke, and it was then that Alexander got a better look at him. The sight of his appearance threw him into silence.

Burns covered the left side of his face, with cuts having scarred on the right. To say the least, it looked like he's been blown up. Later he realized he wasn't too far off the mark.

After Leon moved Cyril off of him, a hand was offered to help Alexander up, and soon he was standing, though still surrounded by the new strangers.

"What's your name? Where did you come from? How come you're alone?"

"Those questions suck Emilia."

"They do not! They're serious questions!" The green haired girl turned back to him then, an expectant look on her face. "So? You gonna answer them? Or do you agree with stupid Cyril over here?"

"I'm not stupid! Don't say I am or I'll-"

"Alexander. That's my name."

"Ohhh Alexander! I like that name it's pretty!"

"Emilia you think everything is pretty!"

"You two sound like you're five year olds." A warm laugh came from Leon as he shook his head. "Let's not overwhelm Alexander already, okay? Calm down."

"Yes Leon!" The pair answered in unison, which caused them to shoot glares at each other right away, and for the first time in years, Alexander laughed.

It didn't take long for him to find a place with the group that had found him sleeping in their makeshift home, as he was easily welcomed by them...or at least, he was by Emilia and Leon. Cyril didn't seem like he really accepted him, at least not yet. He hoped things would change in the future; at this point Alexander considered all of them a family...but he wasn't going to try and force himself on him.

He was more than happy to at least be with people he could trust, people who were real and not just made up in his head, people he loved. He would let Cyril accept him when he was ready...and Alexander was a patient person.

The days carried on similarly, with the constant bickering of Emilia and Cyril, and Leon gently talking them down or reminding them that they could attract attention of a passerby or a group of them, and it usually kept them quiet...for several minutes. Every day he laughed more, he smiled more, he felt safer. But things came to an end faster than expected...faster than he ever would have wanted.

At the age of 19, Alexander found himself resting with the others before the sound of gunshots in the distance startled him awake. The white haired teen wasn't the only one who woke up at that though. Leon was already wide awake, the atmosphere around him tense. He was clearly on edge.


Leon's head turned to look at him suddenly, and he shook his head, putting a finger over his mouth to tell him to keep quiet. It wasn't much longer before Alexander had spotted the reason why.

Just down on the roads below the building they were staying at was a group of at least five people, all armed with guns. Immediately Alexander went silent, though he felt like with the speed his heart was beating, they would definitely hear it.

Holding a hand over his mouth for a moment, Alexander found himself completely stuck on the sight of them, before another gunshot echoed in the area they were in, and as Alexander turned to look, he spotted Leon on the ground, a trail of blood falling down the side of his face.

Immediately Emilia and Cyril woke up. If Alexander had any kind of power, it would be to put them right back to sleep.

Shouts and something that sounded like a command could be heard as several people began to make their way over. In a sort of shock, Emilia found herself crawling over to Leon's body, and Alexander watched in horror as another shot could be heard and she had crumpled to the floor.

Beside him, Cyril seemed to be on the verge of screaming, and Alexander wasn't too far off either.

But Alexander couldn't watch this. He couldn't let anyone else die...he couldn't. He'd already watched it too many times, he couldn't do it again.

He would rather die.

So as the group made it over and spotted Cyril and him against the wall, he grabbed the teen's arm and forced him to the side before a sharp pain hit him twice in his side.


Heavy breaths came from the white haired teen as he brought his hand up to his new wounds, only to have his hands soaked in blood as it spilled from the gunshots.

The sight had the ones watching stunned. Someone sacrificing themself for another? That didn't happen nowadays.

Cyril's whimpers could be heard as he tried to make his way over to Alexander, who quickly turned around and threw himself over the teen as he watched a gun being raised again, but there were no shots to follow. Just the sound of feet against the messy ground before Alexander's body was torn away and thrown onto the ground. The force had him gasping for air, but he still tried to get up, tried to find his way back to Cyril.

The group immediately advanced on him before one of them pinned him down, shoving a gun against his head. He was dead, it was over. His happiness had ended just seconds ago.

"Stop!" A broken scream came from Cyril, his eyes burning as he too, was pinned down. "Please, don't...he hasn't done anything..."

A sadistic smile came to the man facing Cyril, who shook his head. "You want him to live?" A nod from Cyril had the man basically shrieking with laughter. "Alright, should we show you what it means to live in this world?"

Alexander's eyes followed the man as he approached him, before watching him tear a knife from his belt and placing himself over the white haired teen. The grips that held him down tightened, and then he watched as the knife was lowered into his mouth, and then slowly cut at the corners.

It hurt.

It hurt like hell.

The man hardly tried to make a straight line as the blade sliced through his skin, and blood fell into his mouth, leaving the terrible taste of iron there. His screams of pain echoed through the building as the blade continued to cut, before moving to the other side to do the same. He was writhing in his spot as Cyril was forced to watch, the purple haired teen's eyes flooded with tears as he cried out apology after apology.

Despite the pain and how awful it felt, how terrible his appearance would be, how much he would probably scare people away, he was just relieved it wasn't Cyril.

But Cyril's scream she only worsened at the man's laughter, and soon they turned angry, full of rage, and then the sound of things cracking and shattering around them could be heard

If much of anything happened after that, Alexander was hardly conscious enough to register them. The pain had nearly put him out, and he was practically choking on his own blood now too. So as he felt the ground beneath him falling loose, he finally passed out.

When he next awoke, he was sitting in a bed much too comfortable to be real. Had he died? Maybe he had, but at this point he just really didn't care. It was better then trying to continue in this world.

But as he tried to open his mouth, pain shot through his cheeks. As he flinched, pain stabbed through his side, through his leg, through his head. And immediately he knew he hadn't died.

At the sounds of his groans of pain, the door to his side was opened, and he quickly turned to see a woman walk in. She had a gentle face, something he had only seen in Leon. He must've been dreaming, then.

"Good morning, sweetheart. Did you sleep alright?" When he didn't give a response, her smile turned pained. "You've been through a lot, I know that. I'm so sorry, I can't even imagine. Does it hurt?"

A small nod came from Alexander before the woman gently brought her hands to his face, looking closely at where he would have been cut. "They were cruel men. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry you had to run into them."

"Cyril...?" He could hardly speak.

"The blue haired teen that was with you?" At his nod, the woman placed a hand over her chest. "Oh, I...he's alive, I know that. But...they're saying he won't wake up. I'm sorry."

The stabbing pain in his heart returned full force and he moved his head to stare up at the ceiling. He felt like he'd woken up to something worse than his life before.

A gentle knock on the door had the woman looking up from the teen, and then walking over to the door and opening it. A nervous voice began speaking.

"I-I'm sorry to disturb you Miss Perkins...your daughter has been crying for you for hours, we can't get her to calm down."

The sound of a child's sniffs and sobs could be heard, and a quiet laugh came from the woman. "You don't have to apologize. Don't be so nervous around me my dear. I should be the one apologizing, I've been neglecting her the past few days..."

Alexander turned his head back to the side to watch the woman for a moment as she took a young pink haired child out of the arms of a young teen. "I'm sorry Elise, I haven't been a very good mom this week."

The first thing he noticed about the one he guessed was Elise was the fact that her legs were both in casts.

"You can go take a rest for the day. Thank you for helping with my daughter this week."

The young girl gave a quick bow before turning away. Soon the only sounds were the child's sniffing and the woman's soothing words.

She sat back down moments later with Elise sleeping quietly in her arms. Alexander stared at the girl for a moment before the mother spoke again.

"I feel so terrible for her..." Her voice was quiet, filled with regret. "She's always been so sickly, and so weak...she broke her legs from falling down the stairs several weeks ago. Luckily I was there, my husband..."

Alexander hesitated before he tried sitting up, and the woman's eyes widened. "Oh dear, you don't have to move! You're so hurt!"

He ignored her protests until he died propped himself up against the backboard, ignoring the shooting pains as he reached up and carefully brush his fingers across the stitches on his cheeks. Finally he let his arms drop back down, and he looked over at Elise once more. A depressed look came to his face, and the woman hesitated before she moved closer to him, "would you like to hold her?"

A slow nod came from him, while a gentle smile radiated from her, and she carefully held the child out. Being as careful as he could, he took the young girl in his arms and cradled her there. She looked so frail, so small...vulnerable. Something inside of him seemed to...collapse, but perhaps it wasn't in a bad way.

"Isn't she beautiful? Oh, if she was awake and you could see her eyes, and when she smiles and laughs it just gives me the happiest feeling...being a mother really is just an amazing thing."

Alexander nodded as he listened to her speak, using his thumb to brush the pink hair that had fallen over her face.

He kept her in his arms for several hours it seemed, before she awoke. But instead of crying, a quiet laugh came from her as she reached up and latched her hand onto his shirt.

"Oh my, she really likes you." She smiled. "Elise, what do you think of him? Isn't he a nice new friend?"

As she nodded, Alexander felt a sudden attachment to her.

He was given crutches to walk with, when he realized he'd actually broken a leg, and as he was given the option of visiting Cyril, he quickly took it. The trip to where he was being held was a long one, but he didn't mind.

As he arrived at the room, he felt his heart drop.

Cyril wasn't laying on a bed, with more wires hooked up to him than Alexander could count. His arms were both broken, and cuts and bruises scattered his body. The sound of medical equipment at work and his breathing into a mask made it clear he was alive, but he definitely looked like he shouldn't have been.

"It's a shame. He seemed like a really great fighter."

Alexander's head snapped to the side at the sound of the unfamiliar voice, only to find it belonged to a man who matched the description what Kristen, Elise's mother, had given of her husband. He even had the cold look in his eyes.

"No need to be so shocked. I care about him too."

That was the first lie that man told. Alexander knew it, he could easily see past it.

"Why did you even save us?" Alexander's words came out on their own. "I've lived here long enough to know people don't just do that."

The man's eyebrows raised a bit, before he sighed. "I can't do something out of the good of my heart? I saw two teenagers suffering, and I couldn't leave them there to die."

That was the second lie.

"What do you want with me?"

"Well, I just want you to feel safe and to keep your friend alive if I can. Is that alright?"

The third lie.

Alexander didn't respond to his words, only moved over to Cyril's side to take a light hold of his hand. It was then that the man spoke again.

"Under the stress of the situation, your friend unlocked his ability. Without a good mental state to control it, he ended up just collapsing the entire building with you two in it. We're not really sure how either of you lived, when the others were crushed to death. We found you both under some sort of pile of rubble that seemed to miss all vital points. There was some weird red most around the two of you, do you know what that would have been?" Alexander shaking his head made the man lean back against the wall. "That's alright then, I guess."

"Can I be alone with him please." Alexander's words weren't much of a request and more of a command as the man sighed and then made his way out of the room.

Alexander didn't think he was going to be very fond of him.

It was Kristen he seemed to connect with, and her young daughter Elise. He often found himself with them. Kristen managed to keep him still enough to cut his hair, she was there with him when they took out the stitches and didn't even flinch at the scars. Elise hardly noticed them too, continuing to sit with him and play anytime she could. Often he'd find himself taking walks with Elise on his back and Kristen walking beside him. Despite the awful feeling he had every time he saw Cyril, or whenever he thought of Leon and Emilia, he could feel some of his happiness coming back.

Perhaps the world just really hated him though.

Only about three years later the buildings and neighborhood of sorts they had set up was attacked. Explosions, gunfire, and screams took over the sounds of the place as fighting began, and it wasn't pretty. The streets were littered with bodies, houses were aflame, and to say the least, things weren't looking too good for them.

Even though his "savior" screamed for help from him, Alexander couldn't find himself leaving Kristen's and Elise's sides. He wanted to keep them safe. But not all things go his way.

The fighting made it to the house, and it was too late for Alexander to hide them, as gunfire rained over the area. Alexander watched Kristen fall to the ground as Elise sobbed beneath her mother. The scene felt familiar.

Rushing forward in a blind rage, Alexander found himself summoning forward a spear like object in his hands, and he stabbed it into the first person he saw. A sudden surge of energy came over him, and perhaps it was just adrenaline, but as he watched the man beneath him writhe in pain and the red colored spear almost pulse as it slowly began to latch onto him, Alexander couldn't help but feel like it had something to do with it.

And so before the other two that had been with him could react, he'd snapped their necks.

Taking the a gun one had held in her hands, Alexander made his way back over to where six year old Elise was hidden beneath her mother's body, and as painful as it was for him, he put his hands around her and pulled her away from her mom. The woman's eyes cracked open then, even with the terrible paleness in her face. Alexander felt sick.

A single, weak hand reached out to grab onto his arm, her eyes filling with regret, but trust.

"Please, take care of Elise."

A painful lump filled his throat as he watched her then turn to Elise, placing a hand on the girl's cheek, "Im sorry Mommy can't be here for you anymore. Alexander will take care of you now, okay? I love you, so much."

Watching her hand fall to the ground and her breathing slow to a stop was one of the most painful things he'd had to see, and parting ways with her killed his heart.

As she screamed for her over and over, watching her body disappear in the distance, Alexander apologized the same way.

It hurt him, too. She had been like a mother to him.

He ran down the hallways and avoided all people until finally he found the stairs to a safe room, where he locked the door and then sat down in a corner while holding the sobbing girl close to him.

It was only moments later that he was suddenly thrown into shock, as the energy and strength from before was suddenly drained from him. His eyes glazed over, and his body turned rigid as he struggled for air, and struggled to keep himself conscious. His ears were ringing; he couldn't even hear Elise's cries as she shook him with a casted arm.

He was our cold moments later.

When he next awoke, he was sitting in the same room, same spot, with Elise sleeping on him. He wasn't dead?

He felt terribly sore, but he ignored the pain as he sat up, and gently took the girl into a trembling hug. It woke her up soon after, and soon the two of them were hugging and crying together.

When they were let out from the saferoom, Alexander found that Elise's father was no where to be seen. He wasn't there for his daughter, he wasn't there to comfort her, not at her mother's, his wife's, funeral, not while they buried her with the forty others who had died, not when they moved the bodies of those that had attacked out of the area, not for anything.

Alexander was told he "had more important things to attend to."

So two years later when he was looking for his daughter, Alexander knew something wasn't right.

He'd been sitting in Elise's room while she read him a book she'd found in a storage. A knock on the door had her pausing, and as it opened, Alexander immediately stood up.


"Lucien." His voice was cold as he spoke, but really he was that way to everyone but Elise now. What did he want? Come to bug him about Cyril? Or come to do something with Elise.

"Is Elise...ah, there she is." He stepped in and crouched down next to her as she kept her eyes down on her book. "How are you doing?"

Elise hesitated for a moment before speaking, "good."

He paused as he looked over her, at how thin she was, how small, weak...something wasn't right in his eyes, and Alexander could see it, feel it from where he was standing.

"Dad has found a way to make you stronger, Elise. We could get rid of your disease with it." He smiled, but it wasn't kind or gentle like Kristen's. "Would you like to try and see if the therapy and sessions could help you? Your mother would want it."

With the way Elise's eyes seemed to widen and almost glimmer with something like hope, Alexander knew the man had a hook on her. He couldn't help the suspicion or sudden anger he felt as he watched the smile widen, and the way he lightly patted her on the shoulder before standing back up and walking out the door. The girl's eyes were already planted on her frail, sickly body.

Alexander knew she didn't want to be stuck like that for the rest of her life, but he also knew her father wasn't a person that would just do that for her. He wasn't that kind of considerate of others.

So quickly he stood up, following the man out of the room and stopping him in the hall.

"What are you trying to do with her?"

"Alexander, she's my daughter. Why do you think I'm trying to do something bad to her?"

"You weren't even there to comfort her during her mother's death, sir. I find it strange that sudddnly you want to help her."

"Can't you just let a father try to reach his daughter without ruining it?"

Alexander frowned at this, before shaking his head and turning back to the door of the room, and it was then that Elise ran out of the room, looking up with hopeful eyes to her father.


"You promise you can make this go away?"

Alexander was taken aback at her words, but he didn't give a reaction on the outside. Was she really that...desperate to gain the "strength" her father promised?

The man's smile took on a strange appearance, and he nodded, "of course, my dear. Anything for my only daughter."

The days that followed had Alexander...completely alone. He wandered the halls, his usual cold and intimidating appearance, especially with the scars he held on his face that he had yet to care enough about to cover. He hadn't seen Elise in a while, and when he asked about it, the only response he received was confusion or anger and snapping at him to stay out of it. His persistence caught the eyes of Lucien, though, and soon the man had started speaking with him.

"Why are you so desperate to see her? She's perfectly fine without you."

"I promised I would keep her safe."

"Oh, did you now?" A cruel smile came to the man's face as he stepped forward, placing a hand on Alexander's unflinching face and rubbing a thumb over his scars. "Well, how about we cover these up?"

"I'm sorry?"

"I'll have a mask made for you...and then, perhaps we'll let you protect her like you want to. But you need to be patient before you see her again, hm?"

"How long?"

"Two or three years. Reasonable enough I believe."

Lucien seemed to notice the change of expression in the young adult's eyes, because he shook his head with his twisted smile. "Ah, but if you're like that, how will I ever trust you enough to let you near her? You either agree to this or I'll be sure to never let you see her again."

Alexander thought his heart was being crushed. Elise was really all he had left at this point.


"Ah lovely, I'll have the mask made for you, and then we'll begin on your training as a bodyguard, and see how you do against the others. Sounds reasonable, hm?"

"Huh? What do you mean the others?"

"You don't think I was just going to leave her without someone to protect her, right? And, it wasn't like you were my first choice."


So begins...

Alexander Marqaurdt's Story