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Azura Acardi

work in progress {Pandemonium}

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a character in “The Sandbox”, as played by AlexusRaevynn



"Hm... I see..."

Dialogue Color#B7907B
Thought Color#7BAFB7

Azura Acardi.

Charon, Firefly.

Male (he/him).

Thirty-two // 32.

Sexual Orientation
Panromantic, pansexual.

April 11th.

Slateport City, Hoenn.

An ashy blonde color that reaches his shoulders. It's rather thick but he's decided he likes it as it is. Azura typically pulls the longer sections that rest by his face back, braiding them before they end in a short ponytail and leaves the rest to hang free, with some of the shorter sections atop his head giving it more of a messy appearance. His bangs are shorter, reaching just below his ears and there's a small section that stubbornly falls between his eyes no matter what he tries.

A soft shade of blue, almost teal under certain lighting. Sometimes they look distant or unfocused and other times they seem alight with ideas, regardless they nearly always look more on the tired side.

Five feet and four inches // 5'4".

One-hundred and ten pounds // 110lbs.

Body Build/Shape
Slender, borderline underweight.

Azura tends to wear reasonably smart clothing, although with his own personal tastes as well. A primarily blue shirt with some black detailing forms the first part of the outfit, left untucked with the top button of the shirt left undone as well. A round, orange-brown citrine set into a pale gold brooch is fastened to his shirt just below that top button.

Grey leggings cover his legs, with looser fitting, black shorts that stop a couple of inches above his knees on top of those. His boots are primarily black and reach his knees, with those them and his shorts having some golden detailing on, along with some sections of blue material on the boots that match his shirt.

Black, elbow length gloves cover his hands and forearms, with the palms having brown material instead and gold detailing along the back of them. A couple of inches above the elbows are silvery colored armlets that peek out from beneath the sleeves of Azura's jacket.

The jacket is designed to resemble a lab coat, although clearly with Azura's own touch on it. The base is white although lined with yellow, easily reaching past his knees. There's a slit up the back of the jacket in the center which makes it a little easier for him to move in as well as being a style he likes. Black detailing is in place at certain sections on the jacket, with a chain going from a place on the left around the back to the right. The sleeves of the jacket are short, and there’s even a black hood attached to the back of the jacket, although Azura rarely seems to have it up. A section with a soft, golden decorative piece on the front hides the clasp that keeps the jacket on.

Tattoos and Piercings
There's an odd, yellow, four pointed star on his neck. Despite that he says that as much as he admires how they look on other people, they're not something he's ever been interested in getting personally.

Notable Scars
The clusters of marks left from needles at various points of his body is to be expected with his background. The unusual scars across Azura's body are odd, jagged shapes as if things frequently tore through his skin.

Face Claim
Albedo - Genshin Impact.

{Intelligent, Calm, Gentle, Deceptive}
Despite his rocky start with his schooling, Azura is an intelligent person. He's found that he enjoys learning, and his good memory means that he can answer a lot of questions easily. If he comes across something he doesn't know about, it's practically guaranteed that he'll rectify that in short order.

Something that's relatively obvious is that Azura is calm most of the time. It's something he picked up from early childhood and it tends to take a lot to faze him. While he does have his limits in this regard, he can stay calm and level-headed in almost any situation which has served him well so far.



Image(M) Eevee – Alcaeus
Ability – Adaptability
Nature – Brave
Quick Attack
History – ?

Mother - Aurelia Acardi - Alive (imprisoned);
Father - Emiliano Acardi - Alive (imprisoned).

Fiancée - Euphemia "Naamah" Argyris - Alive;
Fiancée - Gavril "Carna" Nighthawk - Alive.

History: ???

So begins...

Azura Acardi's Story