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"Please, give River a chance...he...just needs time..."

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Gale Rosario
Satan's Spawn; Slave
Sexual Orientation
Panromantic ★ Pansexual
June 16th
College Student, Studying ; Part Time ; Part Time Bartender; Summer Seasonal Jobs

Gale has literally grown his hair out almost all of his life. Because of that, it reaches down to his waist, and appears to have a rather fluffy, thick appearance. It's a silver/grey color, pieces often falling into his face. More often than not he lets River do his hair for him before he leaves to go to his shifts for work.
Gale's eyes are strange blue color, while his pupils are slitted, and look more purple than they do the normal black color. They're somewhat smaller than average.
150 lbs
Body Build/Shape
Athletic; Noticeably Toned
Casual Attire
Casual wear for Gale consists of a slightly fitted, black, quarter sleeved t-shirt, not particularly special, though he's perfectly fine with that. Grey pants usually sit on his legs, being comfortably loose. He has a pair of black and white shoes that he usually wears, though he really does prefer not wearing shoes at all when he can.
Formal Wear
It's not often that Gale has to dress up, but when he does, he'll usually throw on a black suit with a white button up shirt beneath, and a dark blue tie along with it. Occasionally he'll bring along a watch. Usually he pulls his hair back into a ponytail of sorts and does his best to keep any hair from falling into his face. River usually does a pretty good job about helping with his hair when he needs to do it.
School Uniform
When in classes, he usually wears a simple blue and white striped shirt, along with a cardigan of sorts that is dark blue in color. Both seem rather loose and comfortable. Brown pants is what he wears along with that, and black shoes on his feet. He doesn't really seem to care much for his outfit though.
Tattoos and Piercings
Gale has quite the tattoos placed on his body, with those being all scale like ones that seem to change colors in different lighting. Two of them wrap around his arms near his shoulders, and then the biggest covers his back and most of his stomach, while traveling down to his waist before fading out.
Notable Scars
Much too many to count.
Face Claim
Uroko - Nagi No Asukara

★ Protective, Humorous, Paranoid, Hardworking ★
The first quality Gale is known for is being extremely protective, mostly over his younger brother, River. He's found himself constantly worrying and fretting over the small teen, to point that it could easily be considered overprotective...though River doesn't seem to really mind, or more so really notice it. He's not one who's afraid of jumping in to protect those he cares for, taking hits, or really just being sure that they won't be hurt in some way. If someone is acting aggressive or rude towards that certain person or people, he's known for lashing out himself, acting aggressively...be it verbally or physically...which both can end with rather terrible consequences. His paranoia builds into this: after seeing the things his brother has gone through, especially at times when he isn't around to stop whoever it is, has brought him to constantly become worried or literally terrified that something could be happening to him while he isn't near him.
Gale is also rather humorous, not minding the occasional joke or comical situation, and often one of the best ways to get on his good side or begin a friendship with him is by having a light attitude or by not minding a laugh (the other is befriending, helping, or being nice to River oops he loves his brother). He enjoys watching or reading comedies when he isn't exhausted out of his mind and actually has time, and often finds it fun to try to make others laugh. Really the sound of laughter is just something he cherishes more than anything...after years of only hearing cries and screams and seeing depression and pain, it's...almost relieving, and helps him escape for some time.
Gale is known to be hardworking, though that can be changed to constantly overworking himself as well. He currently works two jobs, all while also going to college, which has quite the workload in and of itself. In the summer he tends to take on a third job, but only if necessary. His schedule usually goes as follows: wake up for classes, get through the classes and try not to fall asleep, going to his first shift of the day, and then moving onto the second, before he makes his way home and works on any projects or homework he has while also taking care of River. He usually doesn't make it to bed until past midnight, really. Because of his lack of sleep and the serious amount of work he has, he finds himself often dozing off the second he has time to sit down.

  • Hard Working – He's known to be rather hard working, not easily giving up to do things he needs to do, or thinks he needs to do.
  • Caring – Be it just his brother, or anyone he takes a liking to, expect Gale to be extremely protective and caring over them.
  • Physical Endurance – Persistance, work, and quite literally never getting a break has given Gale endurance...so it's not very often that he'll go down quickly in a fight or when working under strenuous conditions.
  • Overworking – Two jobs, college, and taking care of his brother. He's known to overwork himself, and because of it, he rarely gets enough rest and time to relax. He actually has a rather weakened immune system, due to the fact that he isn't entirely taking care of himself.
  • Exhaustion – Often leaves him dozing off, or performing worse than he'd like, or well, worse than his coworkers and managers would.
  • Paranoid – More so of what could potentially happen to River when he isn't around...Gale constantly finds his younger brother on his mind, hoping, for both their sakes, that what he imagines could be happening isn't.
  • Losing River – He's all the family he has left...they've been together all their lives, and Gale has taken care of him as long as he can remember. Losing him now would literally kill Gale at this point.
  • Money – More like not having enough...as it's going now, Gale is hardly getting the two of them buy, paying for some college things, rent, and other expenses.
  • Death – It would leave River alone, without a single person to help him or take care of him. If he dies, what would become of his little brother?
  • Dozes Off – Due to overworking himself and definitely not enough sleep, the second Gale finds himself in a relaxing situation, or even just sitting down, he'll begin dozing off.
  • Hair – With his length of hair, he's actually quite good at doing hair, be it his own or someone else's. He usually has his hair up anyways.
  • Grudges – He almost always refuses to forgive someone after they've wronged him in some way or another.

Hell's Vessel
Ability Description
Gale's ability is basically along the lines of possession, with him being the one whose body is being taken over. His body is basically a vessel to the demons that wander around the world, or have decided to explore around away from their home dimension and have ended up sticking with him for a while. The possession allows Gale to take on higher strengths, speeds, hearing, sight...the list could go on. It seems to change his appearance some as well, with him occasionally gaining features that would have been similar to the demon's appearance, should people actually be able to see it. Things like pointier ears, perhaps even animal-like ears, horns, gaining extra inches in height, perhaps a tail, wings have happened before, eyes, sharpened teeth, longer tongue...there's endless possibilities, really. Most of the time he only uses it when he feels like he needs to, in a fight, or defending someone. When his emotions are getting out of hand, he has the chance to lose control which...could end only terribly. A demon's wants shouldn't be taken lightly.
Ability Limitations/Weaknesses
  • Control – Often if he's feeling certain negative emotions, or when he's just tired, perhaps hasn't allowed the possession for some time, he'll lose control. This means a complete invasion of his mind, without him being able to control his actions, movements, basically anything. The...worst that's happened when he's lost control was...well, the fact that the demon possessing him at the time had an appetite for humans could give an idea for what happened.
  • Mental Invasion – Once possessed, the demons basically take hold of his mind and communicate through thoughts to him, though should he lose control, it would be the nervous system and the like that they take control of.
  • Emotions – Often if his negative emotions are rather strong, he'll lose control of his actions and the like to whatever demon is possessing him. So, if anything else, he needs to keep his emotions cool.
  • Death – Should Gale ever be killed while being possessed, it's likely that the demon possessing him would have complete control over his body and the like, without having to worry about him trying to take over, since...he wouldn't actually be there anymore.
  • Opposite Sex – For some reason, any of the demons that seem to identify as female have a harder time "fusing" with Gale, and it often takes a harder toll on his body and energy. The demons who don't seem to identify as either aren't as hard, but it's the male ones that are easiest.

Mother – Erin Rosiario – Deceased
Father – Samuel Rosiario – Deceased
Younger Brother – River Rosario – Living



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