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Nakano Shiori

work in progress {pandemonium}

0 · 114 views · located in Pokémon: Pandemonium

a character in “The Sandbox”, as played by AlexusRaevynn




Dialogue Color#256235
Thought Color#E06900

Nakano Shiori.

Demon, Dragon, Shi.

Male (he/him).

Twenty-nine // 29.

Sexual Orientation
Homoromantic, homosexual.

March 12th.


Shiori's hair is a dark green colour and reaches just past his shoulders with chin and jaw length sections framing his face and a shorter lock resting between his eyes. It's typically rather neat and on the straighter side with just the odd stray bit that's not quite long enough for the small ponytail he typically ties his hair back into.

A rich orange color that often look unsure or nervous.

Five feet and three inches // 5'3" (excluding horns);
Five feet and five inches // 5'5" (including horns).

One-hundred and two pounds // 102lbs.

Body Build/Shape
Slender, almost underweight.


Tattoos and Piercings
A single piercing in each ear.

Notable Scars

Notable Features
To say that Shiori's features are…exotic would be an understatement. That his ears are pointed is the most normal of his unique features. A pair of black, bat-like wings extend from his shoulder blades. He is incapable of flight with them, although they do appear to help him somewhat with his balance. The things that stand out most about his appearance are the four black horns sitting atop his head. Two of them are toward the front and the other two toward the back, each of them with a small orange marking at the base of them that's a similar shade to the color of his eyes.

Face Claim
Kosma - Honkai Impact.

{Trait, Trait, Trait, Trait}


Adoptive Father - ? - Alive;
Adoptive Mother - ? - Alive;
Adoptive Brother - Nakano Ryunosuke - Alive.

History: ???

So begins...

Nakano Shiori's Story