Arabella Roth Cunningham

"I'm a natural disaster honey, Queen Bee, Queen Bitch- deal with it,"

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a character in “The Scandalous Lives of Manhattan's Elite”, as played by LivyGrey




"You're the Queen of everything, as far as the eye can see, is under your command, "

|Name|Arabella Cunningham
|Nicknames: Queen Bee, Bella
|Gender: Female
|Age: 17
|Birthday: 17th July
|Ethnicity: Ukranian
|Year: Senior
|Sexuality: Bisexual
|Relationship Status: Single


|Height: 5,10
|Weight: 9 stone
|Eye Color: Blue
|Hair Color: Blonde
|Description: Arabella is famous for her modelling gigs and her notable natural beauty. She is much admired for her beauty, and is considered to be really gorgeous without even trying. She has long, voluminous blonde hair, flawless skin, blue eyes, and a tall, striking figure. She often wears sexy and tight clothes that flatter her body, sequins, and attention-grabbing accessories. It is said that Arabella's face is so pretty and her skin is so free of blemishes that she barely wears makeup, and still looks fine. Arabella however works hard for this ‘natural’ beauty and it takes a lot of moisturizer and creams to keep it that way but she is gifted with good skin and hair but she’s very obsessive over her weight and eats minimal amounts in order to try and preserve her figure. She's statuesque, tall and bares a slender physique whilst possessing that desirable hour glass figure but she is slightly conscious of a 'beauty mark' on her face just on the left to her nose but it isn't something that bothers her to the extreme, it's just kind of there all the time.
|Clothing Style: Glamorous, everything she wears come with a strong touch of fabulous and high end designer labels. Arabella despite her insecurities dresses with a lot of body confidence because she feels like she has to and hence dresses in short skirts, tight dresses but otherwise fetching and attractive outfits. She has a tendency for ‘indie’ style outfits and dark colours, she’s also obsessive it when it comes to scarves and shoes- they’re her guilty pleasures. However he general style is fairly bohemian and slightly quirky- festival wear all around the year may be the best way to put it.



※Arabella is very talented with English and Drama, she’s often described by peers as a ‘natural’.
※She’s a troubled nail biter.
※Arabella has a wasp and bee allergy
※She’s scared of cows
|Talents/Strengths/Skills: Arabella’s an intelligent girl of many talents but the ones she practices most are her acting abilities and writing, she loves to write and read texts- anything from poetry to reports.
|Flaws/Weaknesses: She's an extremist, she has a trust issues and has a magnetic attraction to drama.
※ Cows
※ Public humiliation
|Public Secrets: That she is no longer a virgin but nobody can prove who she was involved with.
|Secrets She Is Trying To Keep: She slept with her brother’s best friend and went through with it knowing he was taping the whole thing.
|Character Traits:
※Occasionally self-centred
※Fashion conscious
|Reputation: Arabella has a massive reputation, everyone knows who she is and what she is like and a lot of people envy her seemingly perfect life style. Arabella is probably the richest girl in school, her parents run a hugely famous designer clothing line and her father owns a large share of an oil company- Arabella will never need to work a day in her life and neither would her children. However, it’s not her money that makes her so high profile and noticeable, it’s her looks and her wild child personality. Her reckless behaviour and blonde bombshell attitude has got her on everyone’s radar- especially gossip girl since she has a strong taste for sabotage and revenge.
|Occupation: Part-time designer at 'Cunningham Designs'- her mother's company which Arabella will pursue.
|Personality: Arabella is complicated because there are very many sides to her. There’s the sweet, loving, dedicated and protective side her brothers and sisters see but then there’s the darker, rebellious, crueller side that other students see but However, despite her manipulative and often ruthless behavior, she is revealed to have a sensitive and loving nature as well. This side is revealed time and time again especially when Blair must come to the defense of someone she cares about.
So at the same time, she can be genuinely sweet, affectionate and kind to people, it depends so much on who you are.

Despite leading a privileged and prominent lifestyle, Bella is generally characterized as a comical overachiever. At times, Bella's ambition can lead her to embrace a haughty and scheming side. Generally speaking, Bella is ruled by her insecurities, despite a confident exterior, usually caused by her feeling inferior to other people which is often what leads to her behavior which makes people label her as a ‘girl of extremes’. While she's regarded as being extremely knowledgeable, Bella’s seldom leaves success to chance, or to her own talents, and usually works to sabotage her competition. This is why, she’s considered to be such a bitch by people who don’t really speak to her enough to see otherwise, she doesn’t like to be showed up so to prevent it happening, she shows over people up.

A result of this insecurity, Arabella really does not trust very easily at all (especially in other women), and when she does is always tremendously hurt when she feels betrayed. This is the other reason, she acts so much because she wants to pretend she doesn’t care by retaliating in the biggest most hurtful and damaging way she can. She’s difficult in that way to say the least but when you are genuinely good to her, she’s genuinely good to you, she’d give you the world and bring you along to enjoy the ride of all her reckless antics because Arabella is slightly mental, a party animal, a risk taker, a midnight wanderer- she’s a nightmare with the face of a day dream and she knows it too.
|Crush: FC Kellan Lutz
|Notable Relationships: Arabella has an older brother and a sort of ‘Friends with Benefits’ like relationship with his best friend, FC: Kellan Lutz. Her best friend is FC: Diana Argon


|Family Tree: Father - Jonathan Cunningham
Mother - Lillian Cunningham
Brother - Name TBC
|Health: Arabella has a history with bulimia but is described as being 'recovered' but otherwise she is totally healthy.
|Economic Problems: In what world would a member of the Cunningham family, ever have financial problems?
|Social Problems: Bella feels like she is under a lot of pressure from her parents and her friends but otherwise her only problems originate from her rivalries with other students or her peers.
|History: Arabella was born whilst her family were on holiday in Ukraine, due to her premature birth, her and her mother stayed there which makes Arabella legally Ukrainian, she does however speak with an accent which she likes because it makes her stand out a lot more in America. They relocated back to their estate in Manhattan when Arabella was 14 and they have been here ever since.
|Password: You know you love me, XOXO
|Face Claim: Blake Lively
|Speech Color: #461B7E
|Played By: LivyGrey (Olivia)

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