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Izual Morzän

Ooh, we got a badass over here.

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a character in “The Scarlet Manor”, as played by R.T.M.X.


Izual Morzän

Nickname: "Mr. Black"
Gender: Male
Age: Appears late-twenties, exact age unknown
Race: Vampire
Love Interest: None, though he has taken a liking to the two maids.
Ranking: Head Butler

Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6'6 (true height is 8'10)
Weight: 150lbs

Appearance: At first, the head butler only known as "Mr. Black" by staff and outsiders alike, may seem like the typical man in charge of serving to the Scarlet family and guests alike. His lanky and tall posture, along with his polished appearance and his silent demeanor, makes him stand out among the rest of the staff. He is always well groomed and well dressed, and is usually seen roaming around the halls or in the library.

However, do not let his orange eyes, his fair skin, his silk-smooth hair, and his overall "harmless" appearance fool you. It is nothing more than a mask, hiding a shadowy, looming aura of pure terror if you want to call it that. He is a vampire, however he holds no relation to what the Scarlets are, except through occupation. When he is truly starved, his true self emerges, a monstrosity standing barely under nine feet, porcelain white skin, a mouth full of hundreds of needle-like teeth. In this form, the "lack" of eyes, the outstretched limbs and fingers, and the numerous tentacle-like appendages on his back makes him horrifying.

Personality: He is the head butler, meaning that everybody listens to whatever orders he gives. He oversees all services and operations, from house cleaning, to serving to the guests of Scarlet Manor. He demands obedience, and he isn't above using psychological tactics to get it out of his subordinates. The reason behind this, is that if one screws up, he gets his ass chewed out by the Scarlets, and everybody has to pick up the loss of work.

Behind the scenes, however, he is a corrupted "fellow", truly hidden deeply under the public disguise that everybody else sees. The Scarlet family knows this, and they use this to their advantage, employing "Mr. Black" as their attack dog not only to keep people in line, but to defend their estate from any would-be thieves. Talk about the perfect anti-theft security.

He is a busy man, split between security, managing resources, budgeting the paychecks of the maids and other butlers, and among other things. He is also sent out on business, even during the day, despite the fact that he's a vampire.

    ₪ Serving under the Scarlet family
    ₪ Psychological torment
    ₪ Obedience
    ₪ The two maids
    ₪ Secrets and mysteries
    ₪ Getting shit done

    » Disobedience
    » Laziness
    » Cats
    » People in general (there are exceptions)
    » His anger
    » Having to eat those who slack in their duties

    ◊ Others finding out about his "secret"
    ◊ Termination

Skills/Talents: He is the head butler for a reason. He gets shit done. It doesn't matter how it gets done, but whatever it is, the Scarlet family knows that it's going to be finished in a reasonable amount of time.

He is surprisingly nimble and swift despite his "old" age, whatever that might be. He holds a degree of mastery over his form, almost able to control the shift between forms at will, even able to retract or extend the appendages on his back. However this mastery is no longer apparent when he becomes starved of blood.

Source(s): Google,
Other: His true name is known to the Scarlets, everybody else refers to him as "Mr. Black"

Despite his temper, he is extremely docile, his anger only apparent when in his true form. This is also what makes the other maids and butlers somewhat afraid of them, which contributes some of their obedience towards his orders and those of the Scarlet family.

He is also known (atleast to the Scarlets) to eat former butlers and maids if they severely slack in their duties, eating in the literal sense. However, he is then required to hire a new replacement for whomever he previously devoured.

He doesn't need to feed on blood per se, but more on the lifeforce of the victim, where their lifeforce is located within the blood. This allows him to absorb the lifeforce of others through direct touch, however... the process is extremely painful to whom he's feeding on, as well as leaving needlelike marks into their flesh, where his fingers had been.

What most people don't realize is that, despite appearing to have no eyes in his true form, he does. What makes this illusion is the fact that a translucent layer of skin forms over them, giving him the impression of having no eyes.

Theme Song: Monster - Skillet

So begins...

Izual Morzän's Story


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Like a shadow watching them, Mr. Black walked down the staircase from the second floor, no noise made from any of his movements. As silent as a dead night, he crept down each step, the only giveaway of the head butler being present was his tall frame being seen, if anybody had actually looked up the stairs.

He was halfway down, maintaining the dreadful silence produced from each footstep. Noticing that the new girl has arrived and is in well being, he had stopped his staircase descent, and placed both hands behind his back, maintaining a strong, demanding posture.

"Well, it seems that the new replacement has made it here in one piece. Now, you don't need an introduction from me, as we have already spoken, Miss Yokoda. But, it wouldn't be a bad idea to give you a reminder of who I am. I am Mr. Black, Head Butler at your service. Welcome to the wonderful manor of the Scarlet Family," he called out towards the crowd, waving his hands from behind his back to an almost-Y position, both arms spread out wide enough to seem as if he was attached to an imaginary cross.

He was well groomed, wearing an expensive black suit, a blend of elements from both a business suit and a tuxedo, white gloves covering his hands. The only portion of his skin was his face, soft, porcelain skin complemented with a pair of orange eyes that seem to be able to pierce one's very soul just by looking into them. A silver chain flowed in the front, a pocketwatch connected to a button on the lowest row on his coat.

Returning his hands back to their proper location behind his back, he continued speaking in a soft voice, "Oh, before I forget, Master Lucifer, dinner will be ready at 19:00. Also Miss Yokoda, as well as you Miss Larkin, I ask to speak with you after dinner, so if you have anything that needs to be accomplished, any time before dinner would be best," looking towards Lucifer's general direction. "I hope to see you soon, and don't worry about your bags and luggage. Miss Larkin will help you with them, won't you little one? Pardon me, but I have to return to my office as soon as possible." Mr. Black concluded, ending with a slight smile upon his face and climbed back up the stairs.

Now, it wasn't much of a long walk to his main office. Opening the solid oak door, he ventured into his domain, the one room where the law of his word is above everything else, even those of the young Scarlet siblings. This was a promise that their father had given him, and the same with their father's father, and so on. He didn't have to worry about subordinates from wandering into the room, as it was locked most of the time, and the only time one would be invited in was if Mr. Black, or Izual Morzän by what his real name requires, wanted to speak with them in private.

The room could have doubled as a small private study for the family of vampires, but the mahogany desk laying almost in the middle of the room says otherwise. Perched on top of the desk is a computer of a fairly large size, multiple screens taking under half the desk space, whereas several small folders and stacks of paperwork covered the other other half. He had a luxurious chair sitting behind the desk, as it was his for personal use. He had guided himself to the chair, crashing into it before sneaking a look on the the monitors.


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Lucifer was in a word, embarrassed but he didn't let it show. He cared deeply for his little brother, he was truly concerned about Ryder but the two of them always had some kind of wall between them and he blamed himself for it. But Ryder had, being himself gone right and put the situation right on the table in a more negative tone than necessary. As for Izual, well Lucifer already knew that the guy could scare people without really meaning to and try as he might to get the man to light up all he'd get was a lecture on how the head of family ought to act.

He looked to the nearest camera on the wall, they covered the entire property and knowing Izual for every camera you could see there were nine more you couldn't even find if you tried. He addressed Izual through the camera, "Hey Jii-san, could you check where Koti is and get her down here if she's not overly busy? Besides, you know i don't like being called Master Lucifer, lighten up a little."

With that he turned to address Ryder," Come on bro, she just got here no need to try to scare her, at least try to act nice to her- as a favor for me?" He didn't even bother trying to disguise the open appeal to his brother at the end.

Finally he turned to Asami and Annie, "Sorry to waste a bit more of your time, but would you mind sticking around for a little bit more so we can introduce our baby sister? Then you'll have met all of us, I'm sure the rest of the staff will gladly greet you at their own pace." He continued, "As for the big guy, he may big strict but deep down he's a nice guy and all around incredible, you wouldn't believe the stuff the guy can do."

Lastly he addressed Skarny,"Since you'll be helping Asami with her uniform before dinner, is it all right if we reign check until after dinner?" He didn't even wait for her to reply, if Skarny showed up good and if not she was grown enough to make her own decisions, though he really would like her expertise for what he had planned.

Realizing he forgot something he turned back to Annie and Asami,"Oh yes i forgot...Annie, after Skarny and i finish our discussion could you and Asami report to my study? I'd like a word with the two of you, and I'm sure that Asami has questions for you and myself as well."


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Koti was in her room putting on a new costume when she heard Scarny's voice. It was something about greeting a new maid. Of course Koti wanted to be one of the first people to say hello to the new maid, but she was tangled up in the outfit. Debating over changing in her regular clothes or keeping on the outfit she decided to just finish putting on the costume. It was a black frilly dress with an apron and a cute little head dress thing. A maid outfit- which would seem to be ironic at the moment.

Koti finally finished putting on the outfit when she could sense that the rest of her family already made it to the front door. I better hurry up, she thought. Picking up the bottom of her dress so she wouldn't step on the hem Koti slowly made it to the stairs. When she was about to go downstairs she remembered that she forgot to put on shoes. Rushing back to her room she opened her closet. Inside were a bunch of different outfits and some other doors. Picking the door labeled shoes she quickly looked around trying to find a pair that matched. Eventually Koti settled on some black flats. Remembering that she had to get downstairs she ran towards the staircase and hoped she wasn't too late.

When Koti made it to the staircase she could see the rest of her siblings and Annabel were just waiting around. She didn't really know where Izual was, but she decided that he already came and left. She sighed. It seemed to be that she was really late. She carefully went down the stairs, so she wouldn't trip. However, she forgot to pick up the dress so she wouldn't step on the hem. She was fine going down most of the stairs, but on the last few steps Koti got excited and started to pick up the pace. This caused her to trip and she landed face first on the floor.

"Oww that hurt," Koti said. Then she quickly picked herself up and dusted herself off. Then she saw the new maid and walked over to her being more careful this time. She said," Hi! My name is Koti Scarlet and I am the youngest sister of the Scarlet family. I hope we can be great friends!" She smiled. Koti knew she probably looked odd with her outfit and gave a bad first impression by tripping, but she hoped that wouldn't matter.


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Scarny growled at Mr. Black. "Lucifer you know I hate him treating Anna that way." She was half tempted to follow him but decided not to and instead turned to her brother. "Ryder that is very inappropriate. I wish to hear no more of that and as your elder it is that you follow that." Then she turned to her sister. "Oh Koti isn't she just wonderful. She is about your size. Now we have that doll we were always denied."She thought back to her childhood. Then she snapped out of it and looked at her again. "Anyway, If I am wrong correct me Lucifer but from what I understand I am wanted to throw another of my parties. This would be your first you are aloud at and I wish that you and Asami to help me with this one." She told the girls. "Of course I still need your help Anna you give me the themes." She told the woman. "So are you guys going to help me?" She asked them. She couldn't believe she was going to be having another ball. She hadn't had one for quite a while. She smiled at them. "Oh and we still need to go shopping who is going with me and Asami out shopping?" She asked them all.


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From his seat, he could see almost every inch of the manor on his desktop computer. There were over fifty cameras active, which along with himself, had kept the manor safe from break-ins. On one camera, he could see Lucifer speak out to him, yet he could hear none of the words.

I'll have to have somebody to fix that. Having a non-responsive microphone is not good at all.

Looking at the neat stack of papers on the desk, Izual decided that it would be best to set up the maid's first set of duties. Normally, he would have new staff be monitored for the first three weeks, just to see if they can keep up to the high amounts of work that's needed, however, he had decided to waive this requirement for her.

Suddenly, something had caught his eye on one of the monitors. It was one of the younger maids, cleaning the second story hallway near where everybody was, and it seemed that she had accidentally knocked over an antique vase and shattered it. Getting up from his desk, he decided to personally attend this incident.


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{OOC: as much as I'd love my character to respond to everyone's it would be such a struggle so I'll sum it up and keep the story going.}

Asami was very glad to meet everyone. She felt comfortable here in the Scarlt Manor, but at the same time she felt that something was off. It was probably just the old house creeping up one her, it did send her chills up her sine, but for now this wasn't something to worry about. The Scarlet and it's residents we're very friendly and kind to her.

"Will there be anything for me to do today? And will my attire be appropriate for that?" she asked, looking at Lucifer and then Scarny wondering if it's appropriate for her to do anything in it. She wore a very loose long-sleeves shirt with a skirt and some torn shoes. It wasnt much, but enough. It was for certain that this wasn't good for cleaning up and doing chores in.


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Lucifer turned to address Asami, he'd just realized that she and Annie were still there, until now only Annie and Izual could ever truly sneak up on him. Seems that this one is going to be interesting to have around, he thought to himself.

"In terms of actual work don't worry yet, Black will point anything he wants done out and for today you seem clear until dinner. So in the mean time Annie and if you wish,myself as well can show you around the house." He turned to his sisters, pretty sure they were on the same train of thought he was.

"As for the clothes I'm pretty sure my sisters would love to help you with that, visit them whenever and the two of them will work their magic." He couldn't help but give a light chuckle," In fact knowing them, you could wind up with more outfits than you'd ever need within the week." Deciding to make himself useful he moved to help her with her luggage, no use to have the girls do the heavy lifting when he offered to stick around.

"So do you wish to handle clothes before or after the tour?"