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Shepherd Mosely Allerton

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First Mate


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Sea Distrcit, Sararnini, Escaia

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Lenora awoken by the vigorous shaking her maidservant, Felicia, was giving her. She cracked open an eyelid and sleepily looked up the offending party. “Felicia, what are doing? Its only...” She glanced at the ancient grandfather clock standing in a corner of the room. “Six o'clock in the morning.” The look on her maidservant's face caused her stomach to drop like a stone. The girl's face was scrunched in worry and her eyes were alight with panic.

“You have to leave right now, Your Highness! Its the Council, they've decided they want to be rid of ya. They say you don't have what it takes to be Empress, and you should be disposed of.”

Lenora's chest clenched. Her first instinct was to believe Felicia was lying, but she'd known her for years, and knew she didn't have a dishonest bone in her body. She felt her own panic start to set in. “What about High Councilor Julius? Surely he would be against it. He's the most loyal person I know.”

Felicia looked on the Empress with sympathy. “He's the one leading the decision, Your Highness. He's going to be the one they put in power.”

Lenora felt her entire world come crashing down. She remembered how sick her father got out of nowhere, and began to question to the popular theory of it being a heart sickness. Anger seeped into her as she realized who was probably to blame.

“I must go in front of my people,” she said with determination. “I will tell the public what is transpiring, and they will back me up.”

Felicia shook her head in desperation. “The common folk don't care who's head where's the crown as long as food is in their bellies. You have to escape.” She grabbed an outfit that was on a nearby chair and flung it at Lenora. “Put this on. Its my sister's traveling clothes.”

“I can't just abandon my duty,” Lenora said, eying the brown corset short and black pants.

“Live to fight another day, miss,” Felicia said.

Lenora saw the wisdom in that, so she quietly got dressed while Felicia braided her hair. After she was finished, she asked Felicia, “But where do I go?”

The maidservant put a comforting hand on her shoulder. “There is a Scavenger group in the Airship District that is looking for a cook. Betty in the kitchens was going to take it, but she's agreed to let you have it.”

Lenora didn't know who Betty in the kitchens was, so the gesture warmed her heart all the more. “Tell her how extremely grateful I am. But I don't know how to cook, I've never cooked anything in my life.”

Felicia smiled and started directing her out the door. “Just make sure you add salt instead of rat poison and you'll do fine. Now let's hurry up and go.”

She led the empress down the hall and through the Servant's Quarters. They got a few odd stares, but most people were too busy with their work to pay them any mind. Eventually they made it to the servant's exit that took them just outside the palace. Felicia pointed Lenora towards the main road. “Just follow it to the left and you'll come to the Airship District. Go to the Anima Caeli airship and request the job as the cook. And hope you don't get turned down.” She said that last part with a nervous smile.

Everything finally started to sink in for Lenora. She was no longer welcome in the only home she ever knew, and was about to leave everything she ever had behind. She latched onto Felicia and gave her tight, long hug, whispered a quiet 'thank you', then rushed off.

There was a lot of foot traffic on the road that day, so she blended right in with hardly any stares. She knew her way around the Sky District, so she was able to quickly make it to the Airship District. There is where she ran into problems, as she had never been there before. She got turned around several times, and had to ask a dockworker where the Anima Caeli was. She eventually found it, and saw a group of people standing in front of where it was docked. She straightened her back and walked over to them with her head held high, even though inside she was a bundle of nerves. When she spoke the speech she had been working on since the Sky District, she said it with a steady voice. “I hear your looking for a cook. My name Nora, I was a cook in royal kitchens and I would like to come work for you.”


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#, as written by CutUp

Captain Waylon in all his glory woke up in a sweaty, boozy mess(as per usual). He groaned like waking up was a trail in of itself. Hangovers are so annoying. Though at this point he's pretty much used to it, and it's more of a minor annoyance then anything. It's nothing he can't hand. As he sat up on his king sized bed he reached over to his nightstand, and grabbed a bottle of liquor sitting on it. He brought the bottle up to his lips for a much needed swig of his go-juice, but it was empty. The day's onto a bang up start already.

Waylon held the bottle up to peek inside, and held it upside down. "Ugh, must be Thursday." He groaned as he laid the empty bottle aside, and got up from his bed. He quickly threw on his shirt, and the ever important captain's jacket, and started his day of work. Waylon left his captain's quarters, and went to Weg's cabin, who was still sound asleep. While Waylon usually doesn't personally wake the crew up(he usually uses a ship wide announcement or something in the like), he always makes a special exception for Weg. He does enjoy annoying him.

Waylon entered the cabin all stealthy, and ninja like, making sure not to make a sound. Once Waylon was close enough he gave Weg a powerful kick to his side that knocked him out of his slumber, and off his bed. "What?! What's going on?!" Weg asked in confusion, despite the fact Waylon wakes him up like this everyday. "Dude, do you need to ask?" Waylon questioned. "I...I just woke up! Shut up you big....jerk." Weg said as he rubbed his eyes. "Shut up? Big jerk? It's quick thinking like that, that makes you the greatest mind of our generation." Waylon sarcastically replied. "Come on, we've got work to do."

Now, with everyone up and about, and outside the ship's dock the day was finally starting. Waylon was expecting the applicants for the cook position today. Finally, if he has to sit through another one of Weg's beef surprise, it's not going to be pretty. It wasn't too long until the first prospect arrived. Some girl who introduced herself as Nora. She looked somewhat familiar to Waylon, but his ever growing migraine kept him from thinking too much about it.

Then the crew started to give their two cents about the girl. "Yes, yes she's very cute. We're all adorable, I couldn't be anymore proud." Waylon sarcastically replied to Lyrik's observations as he took out his skull shaped tobacco pipe. He lite the pipe, and began smoking. "Ah shucks, you're gonna make me blush Cap'n." Weg chimed in. Waylon walked over to Nora, towering over her, making the single foot of height he has on her seem like fifty. He shifted the pipe in his mouth, and blew smoke out of the side towards her. It took everything in Weg's power not to start cracking up at Waylon's tough guy act. Sure, Waylon is a tough guy, a very tough guy, but really he's just a big softie at heart. It always makes him laugh when he acts like a monster of a man.

"Name's Waylon, Waylon Tyger." He introduced himself, his voice becoming very deep, and thunder-like. "A royal cook? Why would you leave such a cushy gig like that to slum with a bunch of scavs like us? No offense scavs." Waylon asked. "Did you get tired of all the snooty royal types?" Yeah, Waylon has no love for the supposed 'higher ups'. Selfish idiots if you ask him.