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Zaith Monroe


0 · 281 views · located in Dark woods.

a character in “The school Of Light & Dark”, as played by yeastyy



Full name:
Zaith Monroe


Very light blonde, shaved on the sides and swept upwards


One would think Zaith would be for the dark side by the way he behaves. He is very stern and strict, and acts only after thinking thoroughly through possible actions. He is very short with others and does not have time for fooling around. However, he firmly believes in justice and doing things for the benefit of others. He has very few friends due to his behavior.

-Zaith is very intelligent even though he is somewhat lacking in physical strength.
-When he gets close to somebody, he cares for them deeply
-He has no sexual preference

Dark or light?:

So begins...

Zaith Monroe's Story


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#, as written by yeastyy
Zaith sad idly in class, tracing his pencil along the grooves in the desk. He creased his brow as he thought hard about nothing in particular- mostly just stressing over nothing. He sighed, leaning back in his chair and running a hand through his hair. His pencil suddenly slipped from his finger, rolling along the ground and underneath another desk.

He looked over, "Arron, is it? Would you mind getting my pencil for me? It rolled under your desk."