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Elliott Thomas

As they say, 'Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver'

0 · 115 views · located in Crest Mount Academy

a character in “The Scoop”, originally authored by RolePlayGateway, as played by Cayleen


Elliott Thomas

N i c k n a m e
Typically he goes by Elliott but occasionally someone might call him El, Lot, Lio, or anything else they can come up with

A g e

P e r s o n a l i t y
In a single word? Complicated. Elliott prefers solitude and quiet over his social life and has more than often been found by himself with his nose buried contently in a book and his earbuds plugged into his ears. He rarely speaks unless spoken to but when he does he speaks his mind truthfully and without hesitation. Though he will respond if you speak to him directly, the majority of Elliott's responses are brusque and monosyllabic. Elliott has always been, and most likely always will be, overly stubborn. If he makes up his mind about something it takes long, pertinacious hours of convincing to simply get him to consider the possibility of changing his mind. Though he is easily irked, it's uncommon for Elliott to resort to physical violence, but when he does his brilliant sapphire eyes are lit by a spark of fiery passion foreign to his usual bored, apathetic expression and his fists are driven by an unwavering willingness and determination.

L i k e s
~ Calm, solitude, and quiet
~ Anything and everything about rain; the cloudy skies during a storm, the smell of the silver droplets as they take their long decent from the clouded heavens to the earth below, the cooling sensation one feels as the droplets gently caress the skin, the calming, musical sounds it makes as it comes in contact with the earthy soil.
~ Cats; He admires their sleek coats and agile, surreptitious ways of slinking about without being noticed
~ Waking up early
~ Nearly all pieces of literature
~ Grapefruit
~ Libraries; This is the only place that almost always guarantees Elliott peace and solitude

D i s l i k e s
~ Rodents, Rabbits, Small dogs, basically anything small and furry (cats being the only exception)
~ Overly hot and sunny days
~ Artificially sweetened foods
~ Loud, obnoxious people who can't seem to understand he doesn't want to talk to them

T h e m e S o n g

I t e m s o f V a l u e
~ His ipod (the best way to drown out annoying people, which, according to Elliot, is just about every living, breathing human on the planet)
~ His library card

R o o m m a t e
Charlie Rivers

A n y t h i n g T h i n g E l s e
~Elliott wears his ears pierced in an avant-garde style, with two identical steel, stud earrings on his left earlobe and an additional cuff earring worn vertically on his left ear, above the others
~Elliott has a part time job at the local library

Favorite Potato chip flavor? Salt n' Vinegar baby! xP

So begins...

Elliott Thomas's Story

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Character Portrait: Elliott Thomas
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#, as written by Cayleen
Wooden bookshelves filled with rows upon rows of adroitly and strategically placed books rest aligned against three of the four ashen walls of the library. The fourth wall, unoccupied by one of the obscenely large book shelves, was completely constructed of a thick and sturdy glass that allowed one to gaze through and peer into the east. In front of the glass window lay two love-seats and a single, three-seated couch which, for the majority of the time, are left vacant. However, today one of the love-seats was occupied by a slender, blonde figure sprawled out across the chair so that his legs were hanging over the armrest closest to the window and his head was propped up by the other. His spidery fingers nonchalantly flipped through the thick novel resting on his abdominal and a light yawn escaped his jaws.

Elliott Thomas slowly lifted his head and his gaze shifted from the novel he had been reading to the large library window before him. A faint smirk graced the fair haired boy's pallid lips as his brilliant sapphire orbs came to rest on a grey and clouded sky. Dark clouds typically foreshadowed a storm, one of the few things that Elliott enjoyed. He wasn't sure what it was about storms, but every time he heard one approaching, one of his rare smiles would find there way to his face. Perhaps it was the unpredictability of the storm that brought the grin to his lips; how at one moment the soft pitter-patter of rain sounded from your roof and the next thundering cracks of lightning followed by a trees catching ablaze could be heard.

Thoughts of clouded days and thundering storms drifting through his mind, Elliott calmly shut the book and rose. He made his way to the library door and continued down the corridors with lengthy strides. Suddenly a behemothic boulder flung itself into the calm pool of thoughts swirling in Elliott's head. He was getting a roommate today. Why did he have to get a roommate? Out of the hundreds of students attending Crest Mount Academy why him? Elliott had never been a people person and the thought of having to share a room with a near stranger definitely did not come up as ideal.

With a heavy sigh, Elliott trudged on through the halls towards his room, dorm number 326. The fair haired boy's pace slowed as a crouched figure peering under the crack of the door leading into his room came into view. Several questions popped into his head and he nearly called out to the figure to ask what he was doing. Refraining from this urge, Elliott continued towards his room and only stopped when he was directly behind the boy crouched in front of room 326.

Elliott spoke in his usual monotone and nonchalant voice, a single brow questioningly arched, "What... Exactly are you trying to do?". A faint hint of annoyance was present in his tone and though his facial expressions wouldn't exactly been described as 'baleful' they definitely could never be described as 'kind'.