Violet Grace

"Nothing can stop me from getting our sun back."

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a character in “The Scorched Power: Arrow's of Light”, as played by Bella Enchated



Face claim - Jennifer Lawrence

Gender/Age - Can't you tell? Obviously female. 17 years old, born November 2nd.

Personality - Violet is a very strong, trustworthy person. She is alwas there for people when they need her the most. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and give advice no matter the time, mood, or how stupid it may be. To anyone that she can not stand at all she is totally different towards. She can be rude, mean, annoyed, and sometimes physical.

Apperance - Violet has beautiful, long blonde hair down to her waist and bright, ocean blue eyes surrounded by stunning eyelashes. She has a hourglass figure and will most likely wear something to show them off along with her perfect legs. During any known fights she wears black yoga pants, white low cut tank top, and toms. Everyone knows to wear white for a battle so you can easily see the deadly wounds from blood on the white.

Likes - She enjoys reading, writing, singing, playing guitar, running, and more.

Dislikes - Violet can not stand anything to do with stupid people who believe they can save the sun all by themself, not even giving anyone els a shot at it. She also dislikes baggy clothes, skorts, overly sparkled things, strong smells, and more.

History - Growing up Violet lived with her four older brothers who now all are moved out of the house leaving her and her parents, alone. Violet doesn't like her parents because they want her to be so perfect since shes their only daughter. She has had her heart broken in two more than once. She will date a guy then get cheated on and dumped. She is so close to just giving up on love but goes by the saying; you have two eyes to see, two legs to walk, two arms to hold, but one heart because the other was given to someone for you to find.

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