The Screw Ups

The Screw Ups


Give a bunch of teens a bit of leeway they'll take a mile. Give them psychic abilities and they'll cause total chaos.

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"Weird taken to a whole new level."

Plot: You're an outcast you never really found a cliche at high school, whether you were bullied, socially awkward didn't really care for it you're about to be thrown together with others who have something abnormally in common with. You see you were out late during a storm, a storm that would change your life a rare kind of dust most of it destroyed by the Ozone layer smuggled through and was swept into the small town of Redton mutating six people, it changed their nervous system increasing the density of the skin, toughening up the bones making them a lot more hardy than normal people, another weird thing the unknown dust develops latent psychic abilities, but what it does to the host, they begin unwillingly producing a dormant version of the dust microscopic amounts causing all sorts of trouble around the town. And let's not forget the Government try not to attract their peering eyes.

Setting: Redton is your typical quiet town, farms on the outskirts littered with houses and a close knit community secrets
don't stay secrets in Redton for long. Nice old ladies, nice neighbors the idealistic little town. Redton's Highschool
is fairly straight forward like most except smaller, due to the towns size the funding however is fairly expensive
making it one of the most productive schools in the Area.

Active Element 45-b:
The dust that entered that atmosphere was mostly destroyed due to the Ozone a small but rather, large amount managed to squeeze through and was blown into Redton when the Storm was brewing, if a tiny particle, is inhaled it rapidly attaches it's self to the person's nervous system and essentially become part of them, the particles would then begin producing until it covered the entire Nervous system with these Particles these are impossible to remove, the particles begin increasing the hosts skin density and toughening up bones, if a limb is removed the particles will begin growing another limb from the particles themselves this process would take a couple of hours. The particles then dig into the brain activating or creating latent psychic talents. From what is known the element is extinct the last of it graphed onto you permanently.

Dormant Element 45-b: This is the version the carriers of the element unwillingly produce it's a dormant corrupted form of the previous element, which has a bizarre effect on others if the person has dormant DNA such as arachnid DNA it would activate them at the cost of their mind, the scale of their abilities is a portion of the ones who possess the active strain. So for instance if the arachnid DNA was activated they would essentially become a psychopathic spider/human hybrid. Most people however, possess a clean slate allowing the Dormant strain to have no effect.

Carrier: If you inhaled even a little big of that dust, it'll produce more and cover your entire nervous system, quantity doesn't matter. After the dust it graphed onto the host, it becomes part of them, unmovable. After connecting to your nervous system it begins making tweaks, making the host more durable. One strange thing though it activates a latent psychic ability as a defense mechanism, they become a battery holding energy to use. After they use energy it can be restored, food helps, blood contains traces of energy, but electricity would recharge more quickly over time they will be able to hold more energy, if you run out of energy you cannot use your ability and feel drained. At the start your abilities will be weak, but overtime they will increase becoming more powerful and potent. A side effect you will produce Dormant Dustbreathing small quantities out, activating dormant DNA at the cost of the person's mind.


Carriers Abilities:
Increased Healing
Tougher Skin Density
Stronger Bones
Psychic Ability

Carrier 1:
Carrier 2:
Carrier 3:
Carrier 4:
Carrier 5:
Carrier 6:

Character Skeleton:
Description: Pics are fine.




Be literate.
Post often.
No one liners.
Have fun!
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Character Portrait: Nathan Hontle


Character Portrait: Nathan Hontle
Nathan Hontle

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Character Portrait: Nathan Hontle
Nathan Hontle

"You make your place in the World."

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Character Portrait: Nathan Hontle
Nathan Hontle

"You make your place in the World."

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So.....where is everyone?

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Not really, but double posting is frowned upon.

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No, a posting order as in:
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Also: Thanks for the fast reply :D

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Yeah I got lazy T_T I'll have to edit it I guess. Posting Order? They'll be events which indicate what's happening, time of day, totally weird scenario to indicate what's happening in the world. Inspired by one thing? I'd say no think of it as a jumbled collaboration, I can't recall since I've had this idea in my head for a while I'll have to get back on that.

Re: [OOC] The Screw Ups

You've put a lot of work into the main page and I appreciate that, TheFlag, but you could really use a grammar checker suchas myself; you are missing a lot of punctuation in the "Active element" part, alone. Second: Will there be some manner of posting order? This certainly does look interesting. And third: Is this inspire by a book, movie, or other medium? Any means of simplifying my ability to get in-character, if I were to be excepted into an RP such as this one, would be highly appreciated. Have a nice day.

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