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The SCT's

The SCT's


You thought you were going to juvy? Think again. Welcome to SCT, where you fight for what's right and may even die trying.

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(Sorry it's so short, I started this RP on a different site and they wouldn't join any with long plots so it's kinda dumbed down, if you would like the full out plot look below the rankings)

What do you think happens to those kids, the kids that get in trouble for the right reasons? Do they go to Juvi, no. They help the FBI. Welcome to the SCT. If you have commited a crime, but you did it to help a person in need or to save the world or some other non-selfish reason, you are sent here. Here you are trained to do the things the FBI cannot. Things that people do not know are even happening. But there are spies here. Spies trying to topple the government. They will act like one of you, but they are not. The base is underground in the basement of an abandoned Shoe factory.

Alpha: The ultimate fighters, they are sent on the most difficult missions. They sometimes do things to prevent wars. They can steal, assasinate, kill, sneak around, blend in, and create weapons out of ordinary items. They have there own rooms with whatever they want in them.

Bravo: The high class fighters, they are sent on missions of great importance. They steal, kill, sneak around, assasinate, and blend in. They have there own rooms with A bathroom, a bed, a closet full of clothes already chosen, and a buzzer to call other rooms.

Charlie: Average fighters. Sent on normal missions. They, Sneak around, blend in, kill, and steal. Share a room with one ather person, same stuff as Bravo

Delta: Sent on possible threats. Can sneak around, blend in, and steal. Share a room. Get hand-me-down clothes and only get a buzzer if requested from bravo or alpha. Get the basic needs.

So, you're one of those trouble makers are you? Say you didn't do it, well that's a lie but I personally don't blame you. This place that you're in, it isn't the Juvinile Detention Center. You think that that place uses an underground elevator and is hidden under an abandoned warehouse? Please. Anyway where was I, oh yes, where you are. This place is called SCT, which stands for Special Circumstance Teens because, well, because you're special circumstances. We know that you aren't some selfless teen and had a good reason to do what you did. The thing is that we need you. Because you commited a crime that was extreme enough to be in as much trouble as you got in I'm sure you're the right material to be in here. But the fact that you did it for unselfish reasons was why we recruited you. Now you can accept this invite and join a life of action and adventure to eventually join the FBI or we can ship you off too an isolated prison where you are sure to never speak a word to another being, especially not about this organization.

That was more or less the first words you ever heard when you entered SCT. You were probably confused, but you accepted since the director, which was the guy talking to you, was obviously being serious about the isolation. He never lies after all. Anyways, the SCT isa place for kids who are special circumstances, and there is really no other way to put it. We are to good to be shipped to a prison of any sort, and we certainly are to skilled to let it just go to waste. Most people don't get what he means when he talks about the FBI for a while but eventually they figure out, we are the people who do what they can't. Whether it's the fact that it is to secretive to let an organization known by citizens or just the fact that they aren't skilled enough to do it, we come in. Even though we get no credit in the real world, it doesn't really matter.

This whole place is underground, so all the air comes through the vents, but that doesn't mean that it's small. This place is bigger than five football fields put together. There's the cafeteria, which is about three times the size of any tat you have ever seen; the combat arena, which in itself is about a football field or two long; and the halls, which are filled with the rooms of the ranks. Each rank has its own hall and each hall has its own security cameras. The combat arena is where most of the kids train. It probably costed as much as the rest of the base and is where we improve. Their is a voice activated system that you say the skill you wish to improve and then you either say co-op or survival. Depending on what you want to improve, the arena will simulate different jobs. The weapons and equipment used in pratice are all real and vary depending on what level you are in the arena.

There's only one problem. SCT? Yeah, we have these arch nemesis's. Well that's a pretty big word...but anyways, they are the exact same as us just with one SLIGHT difference. They want to destroy our organization and brin the world to war. Oh yeah and the leader is a teenager just like us. But anyways, they aren't the most honorful ppeople and somehow we have some spies of theirs IN our base. Not a big deal really, but you might want to watch who you make friends with, because now more than ever it is hard to trust anybody. We don't know what they're planning, they could be trying to turn us against one another, they could try to just get the information, but although most aren't worried, I think that it is much worse than the Director is letting on. Who am I to think this? Oh, I'm really nobody improtant. My name is Alex Ride, I'm the top Alpha and the #1 ranked in SCT. It scares me that they have gotten in, and although I am confident that we could beat them there is something much worse that I think they could do. Oh, I best not say more, everybody else is coming.

(Any questions just ask in the OOC)


If you want to be one of the spies, PM me since it would be better the fewer who knew. Oh, and most spies don't know who else is a spy.

Two Specific Parts (Only specific ones)

Alex (person talking most of the plot)- Already taken

Leader of Resistance- He is seventeen just like Alex and has a rather...shady history with her. He despises her and although he does not wish to kill her he does wish to see her suffer. Alex is preftty much only scared of him because he taught her all she knows and after refusing to help him and almost ruining his plans wih the SCT before she even joined them. They were a couple until she did so and before he could seek his revenge they recruited her and has been plotting some way to hurt her more than justpain and punches. He wishes to see her break, or to go against what she loves most.

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