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Alannah Driscoll

"For the Driscoll family name!"

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a character in “The Seas of Docruth”, as played by Squeekey


"For the Driscoll family name!"


Her father a pirate, her mother a witch; Alannah was always destined to grow up as either of the two, Both her parents encouraged her to follow in their footsteps, so much so that it even became somewhat a competition, and with two of her sisters already following in the path of their mother's witchcraft Alannah's father was desperate for an heir to his pirate ways; he took her on many journeys across the vast ocean, he taught her how to fish, how to tie knots and more importantly, how to fight with a sword. Alannah enjoyed her father's lifestyle, she was happy to see him smile so proudly as she carries the family name to victory.

*Riches; Jewels, gems, gold - all of it. Having been brought up alongside her pirate father, Alannah is used to getting what she wants when she wants, and will not let screeching sirens nor even The Kraken stop her in her path to booty.

*Her father's legacy; Alannah knew just how much her father loved to sail, travelling the seas, learning new cultures, collecting a fair penny along the way. From the very first journey he took her upon, Alannah promised to keep her family name held high in glory and to never be forgotten.

Brown eyes and ginger hair are the last things her enemies will ever see. Her quick, linth body serves her well in a fight and her round, voluptuous
assets help her seduce and capture those with a less threatening motive. Her appearance is kept quite simple - she doesn't wear make-up, yet she does adorn her flowing locks with beads and charms, ones believed to grant luck, safety, and all manner of good things.

Her outfit however, is less simple than her face. Yards of blue fabric, fashioned into a pair of pantaloons and jacket - which covers over a white frilled undershirt. Her entire outfit is adorned with various accessories, some for pure looks and some for use; hidden weapons, vials of poison, ingredients for magic and the odd tassel here and there.

{Role on ship}
Typically a random member of crew, kept handy in case of need for witchcraft upon the ship or during a battle.

*One-handed sword fighting; taught by her father
*Hand-to-hand combat; taught by her father
*Witchcraft; Inherited from her mother

Classic Saber (inherited from her father) and two flintlock pistols, sheathed on each outer-thigh and a pouch tied around her waist filled with various acts of witchcraft.

{Tale of the seas}

Alannah's First Treasure Find
"Hoist anchor!" came the Captain's gruff voice as he limped across the deck, and following behind him came the voice of a young, scruffy Alannah, "What do you see, Papa?" the girl chimed, pushing up onto her tip-toes in attempt to peer over the edge of the boat. "Treasure" the Captain grinned, scooping up his daughter in one swift move and placing her upon his broad shoulders to give her a clear visual of the sandy island in the distance; "Ooo~ Can I come help move the treasure, Papa?" Alannah cooed, eyes sparkling with wonder - the Captain chuckled "Hahaha, of course you can lil' Ali, Just remember b-" the girl cut off her father's words of which she had heard many times before, "Be safe. I know papa!" a proud grin took up the girl's lips however it soon broke as she felt herself slipping, falling from her father's tall 6ft 5 frame, "Gotcha!" chortled the Captain as he caught the clumsy Alannah in his arms and set her down carefuly, "Safe, huh?" he smirked, shaking his head and giving a gentle huff, "Alright. You can come." smiles the Captain as he looked down to his daughter and gave her a wink, and with that the girl's eyes grew wide, about the size of coconuts as her colorful mind filled with joy "Oh thank you papa, thank you!"

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So begins...

Alannah Driscoll's Story


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#, as written by anvil
Whilst the winds were strong, and the waves were heavy, the true threat had yet to reveal itself. The storm had pushed the ship off course, and into more unforgiving waters. Beneath the surface of the volatile waters, shapes began to dance and twirl and whirl in the chaos. The wind continued to howl, but brought with it hints of the demonic laughter coming from the deep. A single, pale, elegant hand reached slowly out of the water, and slammed its fierce, red claws into the side of the ship, pulling itself out from the waves. Behind it trailed a smooth and humanlike figure, followed by a mess of thick black scales that crafted themselves into some resulting tail shape. Its face was young and innocent, but its eyes glowed a wicked green in the inky darkness of the night, and its teeth filled grin excreted some horrific and terrifying implication of laughter. A second, a third and too many to count plunged out of the blue, and clung desperately to the side of the vessel. One by one they pulled themselves out of the water, and climbed upwards towards the deck at the promise of bloodshed and flesh....