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Dominique Lenoir

Freeman from the West Indies out to fulfill a dead man's dream

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a character in “The Seas of Docruth”, as played by Knitehawk


Name: Dominique Lenoir
Age: 25
Backstory and Motives (combined for flow):
Your name is Dominique Lenoir, and there is nothing more you hate than talking about your past. Yeah, you were born a slave. You spent the past twenty years of your life being treated like scum on the bottom of a horseshoe, and people seem to think that just because you used to cater to the whims of a master, you wouldn't give two whits about being ordered around now.

You're sick of it all. You've been wanting to leave the town and your history as a slave behind for ages. Then, one day, you heard about an old seafarer by the name of Redcap, looking for crew to join him on an expedition to Docruth.

Docruth. You remember that name, from a story your pirate father used to tell you before he disappeared. About how he buried treasure there, and how he was going to go back and find it one day, so he could free you, your two younger sisters, and your mother from slavery. One day, he escaped during the night. You haven't heard from him since.

Docruth. The name feels like lead on your tongue. But if the treasure's there, then you have to find it.

You're on the lankier side when it comes to physique, but you have some muscle on you. You keep your head bald, out of practicality. You have a gold earring in your right ear, a gift from your former master, who recognized that you weren't built to be running around in a field cutting sugarcane all day. He was the one who taught you how to write and read.

Role on ship:
Your more intellectual skill set would probably make you a BOATSWAIN.

You have a FAIRLY HIGH LEVEL OF LITERACY, and can do BASIC MATH. Yes, not fairly attractive skills to have on a ship. If it's any consolation, you've been told that you can THROW A GOOD PUNCH.

You've got nothing but the CLOTHES on your own back, THREE NOTEBOOKS, an INKPOT, and one QUILL. You own an old pair of BRASS KNUCKLES, but that's the only weaponry you have on you.

Tale of the seas:
Your name is Dominique Lenoir and you had no idea seasickness could get this. Goddamned. Bad.

It's your first day on the ship and you've already gone up to deck to throw up so many times that you've set aside a bucket so that you won't have to keep running up and down again. Groaning, you grip the edge of your hammock and squeeze your eyes shut, desperately trying to force your body into the emptiness of sleep...

You don't believe in magic. Of course, you've heard stories of people being able to cast spells, but that's all just talk. You're sure that there's a rational explanation behind every little trick up a so-called sorcerer's sleeve.

So begins...

Dominique Lenoir's Story


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#, as written by anvil
Whilst the winds were strong, and the waves were heavy, the true threat had yet to reveal itself. The storm had pushed the ship off course, and into more unforgiving waters. Beneath the surface of the volatile waters, shapes began to dance and twirl and whirl in the chaos. The wind continued to howl, but brought with it hints of the demonic laughter coming from the deep. A single, pale, elegant hand reached slowly out of the water, and slammed its fierce, red claws into the side of the ship, pulling itself out from the waves. Behind it trailed a smooth and humanlike figure, followed by a mess of thick black scales that crafted themselves into some resulting tail shape. Its face was young and innocent, but its eyes glowed a wicked green in the inky darkness of the night, and its teeth filled grin excreted some horrific and terrifying implication of laughter. A second, a third and too many to count plunged out of the blue, and clung desperately to the side of the vessel. One by one they pulled themselves out of the water, and climbed upwards towards the deck at the promise of bloodshed and flesh....