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John Kenston

Silver Tounged Tradesman

0 · 336 views · located in Docruth

a character in “The Seas of Docruth”, as played by devin


Name: John Kenston
Age: 28
Backstory: Spent most of his childhood in the woods with natives, until he was about 12. He hid in the lower deck of a pirate ship, attempting to go somewhere adventurous. He got his wish when the crew stubled upon him just hours after leaving port. Ever since he's been hopping from port to port, stopping to hunt, fish, kill, steal, and then move on.
Motives: (John wnats nothing more than a fair share of gold, and some bloodshed.
Appearance: Image
Role on ship: First Mate

Skills: Swordfighting
Knowledge of the land and the sea, as well as commodities.

Equipment: Two cutlasses,
Oakwood recurve bow, 15 broad tipped arrows
Boarding hook
flintlock pistol (useless from over 15 yards)
Tale of the seas: It was a blistery afternoon, the wind cutting sporadically through the sales each time it changed direction. The sea seemed to be slightly rougher than usual, as capitan Trusk slowly reconsidered his decision to leave port early. Perhaps one more night would've been the proper choice. Johnston made his way up from the lower deck, mubling something about the low quantity of rum which remained after trading with a small gang of pirates from the north. Though, it was worth it, silk would fetch a good bit of gold in the west. Nova Scotia, just a mere 12 day journey, and such a mainland for the british, great place to ramsack a small convoy, perhaps dock in Cape Breton.
Other: Hi

So begins...

John Kenston's Story


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#, as written by devin
"Now ya's didn't think ya'd get away with startin a brawl while I was below deck did 'ja." John said smoothly as he emerged half drunk from the cargo hold, brandishing his twin cutlasses. Three approached. He pointed both swords towards the deck until the monsters were within striking distance. the one on the left received a sword directly through what John had assumed to be an eye,
the one on the right, the same. And the one right in front of john, well, he took a stiff right hand in the jaw, which, didn't really seem to do much of anything. "Aye, fuckin eh." John muttered as he parry'd the third's first strike, quickly dodging to the left and cutting the creatures throat. " Murphy's Wharf there things are god damn ugly." he said as he turned his head towards the ship's wheel. "Jesus H! Mathilda!" He quickly made his way to her, cut the creature clean in two. Guts, blood, and whatever the hell else is in there coated her. He laid a sword next to her. "I suggest you learn how to use er there ms'."

It seemed their numbers were thinning. "One last push." he said quietly to himself, as he jumped back onto the deck, and ran into a fairly adept creature, thing must've been around 6'8", weighing almost 400 lbs. Damn sea, what else would it come up with. It swung, catching John in the side of his face, and opening it fairly severely. "You bastard." John swung for thr creatures head, but it was deflected to the right. John followed his blade, ducked the creatures second swing, and removed three of the claws of the things right hand, followed by a swift kick to the head. Whatever it was, it was a good fight. The creature swung again, this time John dodged, and went for the right leg of the bloody monster. A fair cut was made, and now, time to finish. Before John could even raise his sword, he caught another blow, to his chest. He managed to jump back enough that his heart wasn't going to get ripped out, but he still caught a good gash none the less. He laughed, feigned a swing towards the monsters abdomen, and put his sword right between the eyes. The thing stumbled back, and began to pull the sword out of its head. "Oh, fuck." John looked around, found a broken spindle, and hammered the blade right back into the creatures head, and just began pounding on it. The thing fell to the floor, as John continued his savage assault on the creatures head. He continued long after the thing was dead, beating it into nothing more than a pulp. He was seeing red. He and the rest of the crew were down to just a handful of monsters. He broke the spindle over one of the things face, and followed that up with a drop kick, ripped out its eyeballs, got up and kicked it off the bow of the ship. "THIS IS MY FUCKING DOMAIN!"


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#, as written by anvil
Ryland watched as the man burst up onto the deck and began slashing at the creatures left, right and centre. To be perfectly honest, he didn't remember ever recruiting this guy, but right now he was sure glad he did. As the sword clattered to the ground beside him, he nodded in agreement.
"E's right. I say start fighting, or there might not be an awful lot of ship lef' for you tah fix!"
Though even as he spoke, he became aware of the fact that the battle was beginning to turn in their favour. It wouldn't be long now till they'd finished cleaning up all the stragglers, and restored a sense of order to the vessel.


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Ignored like always! What could the young man do about it? With a hearty chuckle he squished his feet back out on to the deck. Finding a young man shivering for his life in the corner, he tapped him by the shoulder shoving the extra weapons into his hand. β€œCome.Come. Now don’t be so scared we’ve been through worst!” he smiled at the sailor twirling his two guns in his hands.

They came like the endless waves that stroked their ship. With a crack from the gun one of the sea lubbers fell over not knowing what had hit him. After that another one fell, then another. Sure the crew was caught by surprise but they were the ones in control now. He whistled as the savage first mate cut through the monsters as if they were paper. He looked very enthusiastic about his job.

β€œAt least you know we won’t be starving for days,” he chuckled kicking over a sea monster. They did look a little bit like a fish. β€œDo you think they’re edible?” Jesper asked his partner who made a disgusted face. The monkey probably was not the right person to ask.

β€œCaptain are these thing edible?” he called as he placed a bullet through one of their heads while walking over to the captain who was speaking with their cute blonde mechanic.