Sacha Alexandrescu

"A second chance is something I thought I would never receive."

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Sacha Alexandrescu



Sacha is a very pretty, feminine male. He stands at 6'2" in height, and weighs around 150 pounds, his weight always leaning towards the slightly underweight side of things. His pure white, waist length hair makes it quite obvious that he's albino. Sacha takes very good care of his hair, and it has an extremely soft and silky texture because of this. He has pale red eyes with very long, light eyelashes. His skin, obviously, is extremely pale, and practically burns if someone even mentions sunlight.

Sacha is very quiet and shy, much preferring to be in the background rather than the center of attention. He's not overly fond of people, and prefers to keep his distance unless it is required that he interact with them. Even then, he has very poor social skills, not understanding many of the subtle details about manners and body gestures.

He gets spooked very easily. Sacha likes to know who and where everyone around him is, so people sneaking up on him in attempts to surprise him are never taken very well. His military training has left him with a knowledge of martial arts and close combat skills, and he cannot help but attempting to defend himself when he is surprised. This has caused more than a couple of people to accidentally be injured, which Sacha always feels horrible about.

Despite seeming very cold and distant around people, Sacha truly does have a kind heart. He hates harming people who he knows and cares for, be it in a physical or mental manner. People who go out of their way to hurt others are a major dislike of his, and he will not hesitate to fight back and punish those who do.

Sacha is slightly incapable of caring for himself. He has a tendency to put others first and them forgetting about making sure that he himself is okay. Occasionally, he will neglect his own physical needs, forgetting to eat or drink for days before someone tells him that he has to. This has contributed to him being constantly underweight.

While he is homosexual, Sacha is in major denial and very closeted about it. Years in the military have taught him that he shouldn't go shout it out, and that he should just pretend he wasn't. He has tried to have relationships with females before, but all of them have failed horribly. Sacha is currently too scared to have a relationship with a male, so he would much rather just not have any relationships at all.


-Being alone
-Soft music


-Loud noises
-People sneaking up behind him
-Tight spaces

Sacha was born in northern Romania, but moved to live in Russia when he was very young. There he grew up with his mother, father, and grandmother, as well as an older brother. Their family was a military one. Sacha's father was already serving in the army at the time, and Sacha's older brother would too as soon as he turned eighteen.

He had a bit of a rough childhood. His albinism left him the target of school bullies, and his feminine appearance as he was growing up did little to help. Sacha often came home with bruises and wounds covering his body. At the encouragement of his mother, who was sick of seeing her son constantly injured, he began to take martial arts, quickly learning how to defend himself. Despite this, Sacha never willingly hurt any of the school bullies, only defending himself if he absolutely had to.

The army was a chance at a new beginning for him. He quickly rose up through the ranks, gaining respect for his skill and his kind personality. Everything went well for his squad, until the fateful day on which he died.

That day, his squad should not have been fighting. Their army was outnumbered, and they knew it. There had been orders to withdraw, and a good deal of the army was obeying. Only one man did not. His name was Dmitri Ivanovitch, and he was Sacha's second-in-command. He forced their squad out onto the battlefield, and Sacha only found out once it was too late. He dashed out onto the battlefield, trying to call a truce. Instead, he was shot and killed. His death was the diversion needed to allow his squad to escape.

How they died:
He was killed on the front lines of a battle during a war after he martyred himself to save the soldiers which he was fighting with.

He is talented at close-combat fighting, and is able to use most types of guns and sniper rifles. Other than that, he's quite good at painting.

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