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The Secret Asylum

The Secret Asylum


Literate Only Please; The Thirty races of the Netherworld have had their heirs to the thrones poisoned; diseased to be classed as insane. They areall placed in a mental asylum in the South of England, disguised as humans, with minimal powers...

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ImageThere are thirty races of supernatural beings, living in the Netherworld - a realm shielded by a magical force, that humans are oblivious to. A war has been raged between these thirty races of beings for as long as anyone could remember, a few alliances have been formed throughout the years, but none have stood the tests of time. All the races are against one another, fighting for supreme dominance over the Netherworld; a cause which seems to be lost. However, something recently has happened, something to change the dynamics of the war.

An illness, plague or disease is sweeping it's way across the Netherworld, targeting the first heir to the throne of every race. Every prince and princess of the Netherworld has been affected by this illness, which has targeted their mind, causing them to have mental problems, ranging in severity. This caused the thirty monarchs of the Netherworld to come together, to hold a council and discuss what was to be done about these insane heirs to their thrones.

A decision was decided by the council that their heirs were to be placed in a mental asylum in the south of England, Cornwall to be exact, to be held there until this illness was taken care of. It was also decided that they would all be changed into "humanoids", where they would look like humans, and live in the human realm, but still maintain a small part of their heritage in a power. It also came to the table that this disease couldn't have come from nowhere, and it had to have been created by one of the races; but who?

To be able to join this RP, THIS site must be read, and acknowledged. It contains extra information on all of the characters, which is to be read before reserving.



Body Dysmorphic Disorder|Kitsune Princess|Face Claim: Kaya Scodelario|OPEN|

Pyromania|Phoenix Princess|Face Claim: Taylor Momsen|Reserved ~ Broken_Storm|

Cocaine Dependence|Giant Princess|Face Claim: Phoebe Tonkin|Reserved ~ BleedingLover

Suicidal Tendencies|Ghost Princess|Face Claim: Emma Stone|OPEN|

Antisocial Personality Disorder|Minotaur Princess|Face Claim: Cher Lloyd|Reserved ~ lightningpoint|

Intermittent Explosive Disorder|Werewolf Prince|Face Claim: Avan Jogia|OPEN|

Homicidal Idealation|Gnome Prince|Face Claim: Evan Peters|Reserved ~ missjmiles|

Autosarcophagy|Wendigo Prince|Face Claim: Drew Roy|Reserved ~LuckyNumber24|

Alcohol Dependence|Satyr Prince|Face Claim: Luke Pasqualino|OPEN|

Sadomasochism|Demon Prince|Face Claim: Aaron Johnson|Reserved ~ Mela |


Psychogenic Amnesia|Ent Princess|Face Claim: Karen Gillan|Reserved ~ missjmiles|

Borderline Intellectual Functioning|Mermaid Princess|Face Claim: Ariana Grande|OPEN|

Insomnia|Cyborg Princess|Face Claim: Sasha Pieterse|Reserved - Imagine That|

Self Harming|Vampire Princess|Face Claim: Kathryn Prescott|Reserved ~ iCat|

Trichotillomania|Gorgon Princess|Face Claim: Annie Clark|OPEN|

Pica| Centaur Prince|Face Claim:Chris Zylka|OPEN|

Cotard’s Delusion|Zombie Prince|Face Claim: Taylor Lautner|OPEN|

OCD|Elf Prince|Face Claim: Tom Felton|OPEN|

Bulimia Nervosa|Hobbit Prince|Face Claim: Matt Lanter|OPEN|

Panic Disorder|Reaper Prince|Face Claim: William Moseley|Reserved ~ BleedingLover|


Selective Mutism|Banshee Princess|Face Claim: Saoirse Ronan|OPEN|

Narcissistic Personality Disorder|Siren Princess|Face Claim: Michelle Trahtenberg|OPEN|

Stuttering|With Princess|Face Claim: Astrid Berges Frisbey|OPEN|

Exhibitionism|Succubi Princess|Face Claim: Evanna Lynch|Reserved ~ OverTheRainbow|

Pathological Gambling|Leprechaun Princess|Face Claim: Charlavaill Effron|OPEN|

Hypersexuality|Incubi Prince|Face Claim: Ian Somerhalder|OPEN|

Hypochondriasis|Dragon Prince|Face Claim: Bradley James|Reserved ~ iCat|

Kleptomania|Gargoyle Prince|Face Claim: Daniel Sharman|OPEN|

Somnambulism|Mummy Prince|Face Claim: Max Irons|Reserved ~ Imagine That!|

Pseudologica Fantastica|Djinn Prince|Face Claim: Zac Efron|Reserved ~ lightningpoint|


To be completed in first person, please!

Code: Select all
[font=times new roman][center][img]go to [url=] this [/url] site, and create your characters name here, placing it in the img brackets[/img][center]

[right][img]place a gif of your character here[/img]
[img]and another please.[/img]
[img] another[/img]
[img] and another[/img][/right]
[b]Full name:[/b] Including middle names here please. Names do not have to be special, or whatever.
[b]Nicknames:[/b] If any.
[b]Age:[/b] Human and Real form, please. In human years, they would probably look between 18-25?
[b]Race:[/b] Here, can you also link a picture of your "true form" please. Try and find a good picture of your creature, and if you can't - keep trying!

[b]Why were you placed into the Asylum?[/b] Obviously, look into your illness, and put some creation into your character's perception of it.
[b]What do you think about being in the Asylum?[/b] Kinda' obvious.
[b]What race do you think could have caused you to become ill?[/b] Is your character influenced by rivalry? Like mermaids hating phoenixes? (fire and water...) Or are they rational about things?
[b]What power do you have left?[/b] For this, please tell me how you use it, and what you use it for. Physical changes, weaknesses of your power, ect.
[b]What do you miss most about being in your true form?[/b] A little question to get into the mind of your character....

[b]Likes:[/b] At least five people!
[b]Dislikes:[/b] The same...
[b]Fears:[/b] Everyone's scared of something.

[b]Personality:[/b] I don't need much, seeing as a lot has been explained about your character in the previous sections. A paragraph, please.
[b]History:[/b] One-Two paragraphs please. Try and give us an insight into your character's childhood, their home, their growing illness.
[b]Other:[/b] Is there anything else that doesn't fit into the other categories?


1. Acknowledge all RPG rules, please.
2. You may need to do some research on your character's race, or illness. In fact, that's probably a good thing to do before joining.
3. I'm probably going to ask you to take on a male, and a female character. For now, you can only take one, but when we get a stupid amount of females, I'm going to ask you to make some males. Please don't join if you can't handle two characters of different genders.
4. Post on the OOC if you want to reserve, not via PM, please. It confuses everyone. Also, when you reserve, please post both parts of the password.
5. If you're not going to be online to post, please say. I'd be really irritated if you didn't.
6. You can change your face claim/illness/race if there's a severe issue, but PM me about it first. I've tried to make them all link up.
7. When we have the characters, I shall be creating a relationship thread to help us get an insight into how our characters feel about each other.
8. The first part of the password is "Garden". I am asking for literate roleplayers, meaning that to join, I'd like you to be able to post at least 400 words for a post, on average. If not, I don't think you'd work well here, so sorry.
9. There will be swearing, probable violence and everything else in this, so be warned.
10. Actually enjoy it please. And don't let it die? A lot of work has gone into this :)

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Re: The Secret Asylum

This isn't actually happening any more, I'm afraid.

Re: The Secret Asylum

Can i reserve the banshee princess? :) thanks GARDEN CENTER

Re: The Secret Asylum

I'm glad you're back, Miss!

I'll reserve Karen and Evan for you. I'm going to PM everyone who's reserved characters now and see if they're still interested in their positions, and then I'll get it up!

Re: The Secret Asylum

Guess who else is alive?! This girl! *thumbs pointed at self* Sorry I've been gone for so long my rp friends! My life was c-r-a-zy! But I am back, and happened to pop in on the Hunger Games RP and saw a handy little link Dee left behind, and so... her I am to say: Garden Center!! XD

I saw that you're planning on setting it up again in the next week so (if it's alright with you and you'd like to have me,) I'd love to reserve the FC's of Karen Gillan and either Evan Peters. Figured I'd get the guy out of the way now. ;)

Though... if some of the reserves drop away for the re-make may I change my mind?

Either way, I'm so happy to be back! Can't even contain my excitement!

Re: The Secret Asylum


You're alive!

Re: The Secret Asylum

Thank you very much :)

That sounds like a good idea; I'll try and get this up soon, I think. Maybe in the next week? :)

Re: The Secret Asylum

So im really interested in this rp, I see that you are going to remake it.... I will be willing to play a male and female but not sure who I want to play yet. I might just wait to pick till the remake to see if all the reserves that are down stays reserved.

Oh and i did read through it, garden center

Re: The Secret Asylum

It will be, yes :D

But I do need the magic words first!

Re: The Secret Asylum

The amnesiac might be really fun... this RP is active, right? Or, at least, will be soon?

Re: The Secret Asylum

You can but seeing as I haven't RPed with you before, ill have to see your character and look at previous posts :) also, there's going to be a restart of this soon so don't worry about speedily making your character!

Also, would you be willing to make a male character? We're very low on them as you can see.

Re: The Secret Asylum

Garden Center

Can I reserve the Minotaur Princess? If it isn't too much to ask, of course. I'll make sure to have her character sheet as soon as possible!

Re: The Secret Asylum

i just might. it sounds like fun to me.

Re: The Secret Asylum

You should join, Stitchy! I'm going to repost it soon enough <3

Re: The Secret Asylum

yeah...hi. this looks coooooool. i think my cookies are making my brain go all...something. i'm like that bird from the coco puffs commercial. too much chocolate.

Re: The Secret Asylum

Awesome! I'll be on while I'm writing a post for Arcana, so I'll keep checking up. :D

Re: The Secret Asylum

WOO! I'm definitely restarting!

Re: The Secret Asylum

I am definitely still interested in this rp if its going to get restarted :)

Re: The Secret Asylum

I'll reserve them for you now, but I'm definitely going to restart this at some point. I might get it up tonight again for try-outs? What do you think?

Re: The Secret Asylum

...Have I met you before? xD Garden Center. :D

Anyway, if this is still going, could I reserve The Vampire Princess and The Dragon Prince?