Abel Monroe

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.

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Name: Abel Montgomery Monroe
Nickname: Abe
Age: 24
Race: Shapeshifter
Powers: Abe has the ability to shift into other low-level animals with size being of no consideration. He is not a skinwalker and is unable to shift into another human due to the immense difficulty and intricacies of humans. He, like many of his kind posses heightened senses especially if their go to shift has them. For example, Abe’s go to shift is his Australian Shepherd, Gobi and after so many years of shifting into a canine he has taken on a few of the characteristics such as enhanced smell, tracking and the occasional desire to start herding people.

He possesses above average strength, agility and dexterity though nowhere near on par to a vampire or faerie. Though shifters can transform as they please they always feel the call to shift on the night of the full moon.

Sexuality: Straight

+Being outside
+The woods more specifically
+Most sports, baseball is his favorite.
+Working on his car
+Being a smart-ass
+The freedom of becoming an animal and running, free from the burden and heaviness of humanity.
+Full moons
+Other Shifters
+People watching

+People who are too nosy
+Having to dress up
+Dinner at his mother’s house
+Food he can’t pronounce
+Being embarrassed
+The Overeducated
+Weak drinks
+Being turned down

Abe is quite afraid of losing his family, though they are a chaotic bunch they always have each other’s back and it scares him that if they were found out his family might be in danger.

Being confined is another one of his fears. This probably stems from when he was caught by a dogcatcher when he was in his teens…or from when he was in prison. Either or.

Revealing himself to others, the thought of telling someone who he is or what he is much too daunting for Abe and he’d rather construct a facade of a regular Joe. There wasn't as much to lose that way.

Secrets: Abe spent time in prison for grand larceny. Thieving was something that his family excelled at, be it from individuals or from where they happened to be working. Abe thought he was doing right by stealing from the garage he was employed as a mechanic at. He couldn't have been more wrong.

Abe as a person is usually pretty affable if a bit of a smart aleck, he tends to work hard and party harder, living in the here and now and not giving much thought to the future. He’s very much a man’s man and likes to get dirty, fix things and spend most of his time outside. Abe can be a bit rough and tumble but his time spent away pretty much cured him of his wild streak. If anything he has become a voice of reason.

Not to say he doesn’t like to enjoy himself, he shifts as often as he can and likes to while away his time in his human form drinking, watching sports, hanging out with his small set of friends or trying to get laid. To most he would seem to be your average, blue collar youth working a dead end job. Yet he what they think has never mattered to Abe, he knows what he is and how rich and satisfying it can be. Needless to say he doesn’t take anything for granted and has grateful nature.

This doesn’t mean he’s a pushover; as a matter of fact Abe has quite the temper as most of his kind does. He tends to take a lot and bottle up whatever he’s feeling and unleashes it at the most inopportune time but don’t worry he’ll come back and apologize if he’s in the wrong. Tail between his legs so to speak.

Place of Origin: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Abel comes from a large family of shifters, so to him there was nothing strange or bizarre about what he was and what he could do. As far as he knew everyone could do it, that was until he got older and his grandfather forced him to realize that if humans knew about shifters their whole could change in the blink of an eye. This is why his large and loud family usually kept to themselves out on their own property just outside Baton Rouge and during his youth that was the only world Abe knew, family, fighting, shifting and scraping by.

During his youth Abe would often gang up with his four siblings and many cousins and travel into town where they often became drunk, rowdy messes. It wasn’t like they had a lot of social interaction outside of each other as of yet and what little they did have was often violent and petty. The Monroe’s love each other; they just have a harsh way of showing it. When they did come into contact with someone from outside the clan they were often rude, and a bit on the thieving side. Good majorities of the younger Monroe’s have at the very least served a night in the drunk tank and for some there were years spent in a state prison. Like Abel.

By the time the shape shifter had turned eighteen he’d found a job in a garage as a mechanic, years spent fixing all of their ancient, rundown cars, trucks and whatever else they could find had turned the Monroe’s into to quite capable mechanics. Abel being no exception, Abe enjoyed his work, liked getting up and getting ready to leave, doing a hard day’s work and then coming home and having a beer and hopefully getting laid if he was lucky. He began to even have aspirations of perhaps getting out from under the thumb of his oppressive, smothering family and living a normal existence. That is until familial obligation reared its ugly head.

They were broke, taxes were due on the property and if they didn't get money quick his whole family would suddenly become homeless. Being one of the few with actual employment, Abel was expected to help the rest out whether he liked it or not and according to his uncle the best way to help would be ripping of the garage he worked at. Abe’s knee-jerk reaction was to say “No” but he held his tongue knowing how kindly they’d treat if he refused. This is to say not at all, he’d get violently coerced and still end up having to steal. It was a lose-lose situation.

Being a shifter should have made things easier but it was soon apparent that breaking into a place was sometimes easier than getting out. He and two of his cousins had headed out for the garage and with Abe’s spare set of keys they began to clean the place out. Which did not go unnoticed, apparently having the key was useful but so was having the silent alarm’s security code. By the time the trio of cousins heard the sirens it seemed as though they were already upon the Monroe’s. Quickly this descended into an every-man for himself type of situation and the young men immediately ran in opposite directions.

Abel’s cousins were able to flee to the wooded areas that on both sides of the garage and quickly shifted out of sight of the police. Abe wasn't so lucky; he’d been driven off straight ahead. Nothing but gravel road and if he shifted now there’d be eight witnesses who would lose their shit and would probably descend onto his homestead looking for others like him. Realizing that he had nowhere to go Abe stopped running.

He spent the next three years behind bars which was not so easy considering his call to shift every full moon. Resisting the urge felt like dying, excruciating agony or withdrawing from heroin. It wasn't natural for his kind to repress their nature, nearly impossible. His family couldn't understand why he didn't just shift into a fly and fly on out of there quick as he pleased. Of course the authorities knew his name and where his family lived. The law didn't make a habit of letting prisoners escape. So if Abe wanted to stay in Louisiana he had to do things by the book. All in all prison was a growing experience for Abel; he earned his G.E.D. and even started a few college courses before he was released when he was twenty-two.

Returning home was full of culture shock for the young, blond shifter. He hadn't shifted in nearly three years, and to his family he seemed like a shell of himself. Slowly Abel eased himself back into his previous life yet found himself unsatisfied. He was increasingly bored, depressed and resentful especially of his family who never visited him once while he’d been locked away. Even though it was because of them that he was there in the first place. Eventually he knew he had to strike out on his own and with the money he’d saved up from the work he’d gotten since his release; Abel moved away from home and settled in New Orleans.
It was here that he eventually met and fell in with a group of young shifters like himself and for now things seemed to be looking up. Besides that whole humanity destroying all supernatural beings thing that is.

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