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Aeliana Sophia Holt

"We stopped checking for monsters under the bed when we realized they were inside us".

0 · 860 views · located in New Orleans, Louisiana

a character in “The Secret of New Orleans”, as played by paokikipao


Don't worry, we don't bite... Much.




Name: Aeliana Sophia Holt, "I know. Even I couldn't have picked a better name..."
Nickname: Liana, "Some people just can't pronouce my first name... idiots"
Age: 19 (1091)
Race: Vampire.

"When you live as long as I have, you have time for everything"

Regular Vampire Powers - She can 'glamour' people into doing as she wishes, she can also can manipulate one's memories and mind completely. She has super strength, speed, endurance, enhances senses, accelerated regeneration, etc.

Telekinesis - She can move and/or control objects with her mind. Although at first it required for her to have out-most focus and she could only move one object, she can now do so without difficulty.

Protective Shield - As she discovered that she was not the only one who was 'special' she trained herself to become immune to others powers. She did so somewhat successfully, of course it has taken her hundred and hundred's of years. It may be ineffective or less powerful with powerful witches.

Power Manipulation - The power she has the least control of, she can create, manipulate and or remove powers, including her own. Of course, she cannot stop being a vampire but she can manipulate her own powers to her desire. This power take a great deal of energy on her and is extremely dangerous.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

~Her Sketchpad
~Having Fun
~Good Sense of Humor
~Good Sense of Humor
~Night time
~Teasing People
~Good Comebacks
~Horror Movies
~Roller Coasters
~Theme Parks

~Boring Personalities
~Boredom (in any way)
~Stuck-Up People
~Overemotional People
~Seeing People Cry
~Getting Orders
~Nosy People
~Cats, before she became vampire, she was highly allergic
~Being Questioned

Dying, not knowing what will happen after vampires die.
She will never admit to it, but she is afraid to fall in love again
The Unknown

She once fell deeply in love with a human , but he disappeared and she never heard again from him.
She likes to study humans from time to time.
She tried committing suicide more than once when she was still human.
Her life before becoming a vampire.
She has a male human friend


{Stubborn, Strong, Blunt, Competitive, Loyal, Untrusting, Thrill-Seeker, Passionate, Determinate, Serious, Cunning, Deceiving, Independent}

Aeliana is not what one could call a delicate flower. She's a very stubborn girl with a strong personality. She's very blunt, and may come off as harsh and/or cold. The truth is, time has made her skeptic of things, and untrusting of others. It is very rare, if ever, that she trusts someone. She would rather keep a safe ground and keep an eye before she takes a leap of faith on someone.

"Better safe than sorry"

On the other hand, she is very secretive when it comes to talking about herself, more specifically to her past, she immediately stiffens. Other than that, she's a bit of a thrill-seeker, she likes doing things that may get her heart pumping (if she even has one now). She's also very passionate and determinate when it comes to something/someone she loves or that she cares for.

"I suppose I could tell you about my past... but then I would have to kill you."

She likes having fun, and is always searching something to occupy her time with. Of course, she has been living for over a thousand years, she might as well enjoy living if that's what you can call it. It can be said that Aeliana can be serious when the occasion calls for it, but she would rather not. She is very cunning and may be deceiving, after all she's a vampire that has been hiding successfully, what else could be expected.

"If I am to live forever, I might as well have fun while I'm a it"

She can be pretty sarcastic from time to time, and she likes making witty remarks. People who don't know her, have a hard time finding out when she is just messing around with them or being serious, it all depends on Aeliana's mood whether she will show them her true intentions.

Place of Origin: England, London


When she was young, and still human, Aeliana was born into a royal family. Her parents were royals and had held great power throughout the land. Her father was a strict, and harsh king that cared little for her own daughter as he was often searching suitors for her daughter as he wanted to create a new union with other kingdoms and therefore become more powerful. Her mother on the other hand, was a very submissive woman who allowed her father to do as he pleased. Even though deep inside she wanted for her own daughter to find her own happiness, in fear of her husband and his wrath she would scold her daughter telling her she needed to support her father and follow traditions as they dictated.

Aeliana cared little for politics and even less about being a princess, she wanted to find her own happiness and choose her own fate rather than have it written as her blood demanded of her. She longed for adventure, romance, and even learning from her mistakes, but above everything else, she craved for freedom.

Her father, on an attempt to finally marry his only daughter, made a contest in which her suitors, all 10, could compete for her hand. The match was not a child's play and it would only call for death as each suitor had to fight to death in order to marry Aeliana. It was a cruel and ridiculous event no doubt. Before the battles began , Aeliana would have two months to get to know her suitors before they were sent to meet their true deaths. Days passed and as she expected, each and everyone was just as fake as the other, they all tried to win her over in an attempt for her to chose them and perhaps even save themselves a bloodbath.

Before a month passed however, she meet a boy who stole her heart, a boy who went by the name Alexander. He was unlike everyone, fierce, brave and even a little arrogant. One could say it was love at first sight, but it would be a lie. At first they would do nothing but to argue, but as the days passed they longed for each other. Soon enough,their love became passionate and strong.The two months passed and she would spend as much time with her lover as she could. Even so, when she had told her father she had already chosen who to marry he told her he could no longer cancel the battle as it would cause him immense embarrassment seeing that it was an expected event throughout the land. Aeliana hated her father for it, and deep inside her anger and resentment to him grew stronger.

The battle began and Aeliana could do nothing but to pray for her beloved's life. One by one, the males that she had been spending time with for the past month lied cold in the ground as they killed each other. She would let out a sigh of relief every time that the skin that the sword pierced through was not her lover's. At the end, it was only one male and her loved one. They both moved cautiously studying each others movements carefully, both of them equally aguile and equally adept in the battlefield. A sword was staked through one of the male's body but Aeliana couldn't quite identify who the body belong to.

The body fell to the ground, lifeless, it was then when she discovered it belonged to none other than her beloved. After that day, her life was never the same, she became severely depressed and when she finally felt like she could no longer continue, she attempted to commit suicide multiple times. At first, she was afraid of the idea of dying and life after death, but somehow the idea that maybe she could meet her Alexander in the afterlife made her finally try to commit suicide. It was just before she was about to take her life when she meet her maker, who turned her into what she is now.

Anything else:

~Aeliana fell in love with another human, but when he learned that she was a vampire he felt frightened and betrayed her. He ran away and Aeliana never saw him again.
~She's an extremely adept hunter and tracker.
~Sometimes she gets out of control

So begins...

Aeliana Sophia Holt's Story