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In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.

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"We may look all cute and innocent but do not underestimate us!"




Name:Eris Io Zosime
Nickname: No
Age: 2,460, I know. I’m rather sprightly for my age.
Race: Witch
Considering how ancient I am my powers have grown and changed along with my own personal growth. Over two thousand years of practice will do that. Witches are capable of tapping into nature’s reserve of magic and wielding it for good or for bad. I suppose it just depends on who you are.
+Elemental Control - Ability to summon and control the forces of air, earth, water, fire and weather. Be it summoning a tornado, a lightning bolt or flash floods Eris is quite proficient though hesitates to use this ability due to the chance of major destruction.
+Channeling/Conjuring – Capable of channeling spiritual energy and summoning forth objects, people or spirits. This is one of Eris’s strong suits and she does not hesitate to use these talents, especially for those too stubborn to heed her summons.
+Medium – A subset of channeling, Eris is able to communicate and sometimes draw in the spirits of the departed.
+Levitation – Uses excess spiritual energy to float herself or other objects. Doesn't often use this as she finds it kind of silly unless in an absolute emergency.
Telekinesis – Eris has the power to move objects or creatures through the sheer will and force of her mind.
+Spells/Curses – Ability to change or control events with supernatural energy. Eris is amazingly adept at this practice and often casts minor spells for this and that. Curses on the other hand, she has only cursed one before.
There are various other little tricks I can do. Cast illusions, project energy, or form spiritual barriers.

Sexuality: Sapiosexual

+Dressing up
+Being in control
+Traveling, especially in the Mediterranean
+Her authority being questioned
+Feeling powerless
+Loud noises
+People who disregard her craft.
+Muted colors
+Modern Music
+Idiots and fools.
+Those who don’t abide by the rules.
+Losing control of the court. She’s been in charge for so long that the thought of being usurped has made her bit on the paranoid side. + Dying. She’s been alive for so long that the thought of death is a horrifying prospect, Eris does whatever is in her power to stave off death. + The world at large finding out about supernatural beings. She’s been doing her best to keep a lid on their activities but every day it seems humanity grows closer to learning of them all. Then no supernatural creature; witch, vampire, two-natured or fae would be safe. - Having anymore children. Those years are long gone and she doesn't want to experience the loss of another child.
Secrets: Eris is the witch that cast the curse upon Lucius Domitianus so many years ago. For reasons unknown and she has yet to divulge them to anyone else.

Eris is probably exactly what you’d expect when you think head of a court. She can be rather imperious, proper and demanding when things don’t go according to plan. Her patience has the tendency to run thin and she will not make it a secret if you have displeased her, though she is not an inherently unkind person. She welcomes young witches to learn from her, weeding out the weak and unfit as she formed her court. Even now she is always willing to lend a hand or an ear if someone needs advice or help. She can be quite motherly, always encouraging and occasionally disapproving but never in a judgmental, bitchy way. She does

When not on the job so to speak, Eris is usually found wandering around her rather large home, tending to massive gardens or her many pets. Her home is her refuge and the one place that she is free to be herself completely. A woman who loves to laugh, entertain and take care of people when they need it. She has a great affinity for nature and respects it above else, that is where her power stems from of course. Eris is easily angered by people who take nature for granted or are ignorant to its importance and will do whatever she can to educate them.

Eris has learned restraint through the years, where she would once cast a litany of spells and channel whatever energy she could find to prove herself she has now come to realize that the most powerful beings never boasted of their powers. There was no need to. If there was ever a threat why not have them believe her a weak and scared little girl and not the powerful, cunning witch that she was.

Place of Origin: Ancient Corinth, Greece

Eris Io Zosime was born nearly two and half millennia ago in the outskirts of the ancient city of Corinth to a mother who practiced witchcraft. This was something that she did behind her very strict husband’s back but it was a craft that spanned all the way back to the beginning of time. Her innate magical talent has been inherited from her mother, as her mother had inherited from hers and so on and it was this talent that she passed onto Eris.

Eris was a lively little girl, but very dutiful and took her mother’s teachings very seriously, by the time she was ten years old she was able to call upon the elements and perform low-level spells with incantations. Ever fearful of discovery, for even back then witchcraft was disdained, the two witches were always very careful to keep their talents hidden away, never letting on to anyone the wiser what they were.

By the time Eris was sixteen she had become quite proficient at using magic much to her mother’s satisfaction, though even she was surprised at Eris’s large amount of power and the talent to wield it. Knowing that Eris would need more guidance than she could offer she sent the girl to live with her grandmother in the heart of the city. She persuaded her husband into sending their daughter away by telling him that she’d be able to better find a husband. Maybe one, who was rich, educated or perhaps came from a good family. If she was lucky all three.

It was with her grandmother that Eris learned how to use most of her abilities, though in her over two-thousand years of existence she has picked up a few other tricks along the way. It was during this time that her grandmother explained to her the concept of immortality, what it was to never grow old or to die. It fascinated young Eris and after spending five years with her grandmother the old woman died in her sleep which left Eris wondering why her grandmother had never even tried for immortality.

The way it had been explained to her it seemed like a curse but how could that be? Living forever might have its draw backs but so did dying so it was with that thought she set out to find what she was looking for. Ripping her grandmother’s home apart she came upon hundreds of parchments, some barely legible, some in languages she had never seen but eventually she found what she was looking for. Eventually she gained enough power and knowledge to put it to use when she was twenty-eight, the age at which her body is still frozen. Before she could share with her mother what she had learned the woman had died of fever, an illness that had been running rampant in the poorer parts of the city. Her mother, who had a gift with herbs, would often act as a healer, though with no mention of magic. This was how she contracted the illness that killed her, it struck so quick she never even had a chance to fight it.

Eris was left adrift; her father would never understand what she was and had given up hope of his daughter marrying. He would be glad to be rid of any obligation to care for her. So with this she left Greece and began to travel, picking up new rituals, meeting others like her and learning from them not to mention falling in and out of love numerous amounts of times. Of these usually short-lived affairs she bore six children, which may sound like a lot but stretch it out over a couple thousand years and not so much.

She had high hopes for her sons and daughter, passing on her knowledge of magic to them was her greatest source of pride and hoped that one day at least one of them would join her in immortality. Her greatest faith was in her only daughter, Cosima, a young witch who showed much promise as her mother did at her age. Cosima was the youngest of Eris’s children, her sons now dead or at the very least elderly, and was considered a great beauty, smart, witty and sweet. Eris loved her more than anything in the world and would have gladly died for her. Sadly it worked out differently.

After the murder of her daughter, Eris went mad with rage and unleashed a powerful curse upon the perpetrator and immediately packed up her belongings and began to travel once again. This time alone, there were no more love affairs, no more children. The thought was something that Eris couldn't even consider after the devastating loss of Cosima. She’d lost children before yes; all of them, but her sons had died peacefully. Old men surrounded by loving families. Her daughter had died in agony and she would never forget it.

Eventually Eris grew tired of being nomadic and headed for the Americas. She settled in the east coast where she watched innocent humans strung up and murdered as witches. It was then she realized the greatest danger to her kind. Humans outnumbered supernatural beings a great deal; if they were truly found out they could very well be slaughtered. It was then she decided to form her court and it has been in existence for nearly four hundred years. Over two centuries ago she moved to Louisiana where she had maintained a residence ever since overseeing her business ventures and the court like a kindly Queen Mother.

Anything else: Has a few tattoos, they are incantation spells meant for protection - Is fluent in over a dozen languages, some of them lost to time now.

So begins...

Eris Zosime's Story

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“Oh, dear. This simply won't do. I will ask you once more. Do you or do you not owe Alexander fifty thousand dollars?”

The voice came from a scantily clad woman with a young appearance who was holding a red-haired male up by his ankle, watching his head dangle inches from the ground. Her lucullan lips curled lightly into an almost feline smirk, her free hand on her hip with a brow cocked every so mildly in slight amusement. The man was crying and thrashing around, begging for the Viking Vampire Vixen to release him. “No! No, I don't!”, he screech, the scent of fresh urine beginning to float into the air, the aroma wafting ever so gently under her nose. She gave a shiver and dropped him to the ground, moving so fast that she was merely a blur. He tried to get away but he was soon looking up mile long ivory legs, pinned to the ground by stilettos pressed against his chest. “Dear. There's no use lying to me. I already know that you do owe him money. I just really would prefer it that you admit to your wrong before we go any further. Ah – But don't think that you can stall me until sunrise by continuing to lie. You have exactly three seconds to concede before I simply say fuck it and eat you. It won't be quick and painless – I'm going to literally eat you. Flesh and all.” Her grin had shifted to that of a cruel nature, her tongue gliding over her lips.

“I do! I do! Alright – I'm sorry! I tried to get the money on time but I couldn't! I didn't even mean to borrow any money, but its New Orleans...and. Y'know! Live it up! When in Rome.” He sobbed uncontrollably, his squeaky and too-thick Jersey accent assaulting her ears as much as the scent of his urine was assaulting her nose. She wrinkled her nose delicately and sighed. “Well – If you can't pay it off...You'll have to work it off.” She gave a coy smile and pulled him up by the back of his shirt, yanking him close to her, though making sure he didn't press his lower body against her. “I have a friend. Her name is Giuvannina. She's Italian, a bit young, but she has this feminist Coven. It's quite lovely – I'm sure she'd pay quite a bit for another bitch to slap around. Its sad that you have such great size but no spine to back it up. No worries – You won't be needing it there.” She snickered and drove her knee into his groin, watching him roll in the grass and wallow in pain, begging her no. “I have children and a wife! You can't take me from th-umph!” Astrid delivered a kick to his stomach, watching him sail ten feet away and slam into the trunk of a tree, cutting him off before he finished his sentence. “Maybe you should have thought about your precious family before you borrowed fifty thousand dollars to pay for Cupid's itch and herpes. Tell me – Were the hookers worth it, 'Mikey J'?”

She taunted him with a melodious purr, a light giggle escaping past her lips. She walked over to him slowly, pushing a few platinum blonde locks from her face. “Don't answer that. Either you're going to lie and its going to piss me off or you're going to be honest and that's going to piss me off...I don't like you.” She sighed and heaved the human over her shoulder before leaping up and over the fence, taking off at high speeds through the forestry that soon lead to a back road. She wasn't running for too long before she came upon a beautiful plantation home, approaching it from the side before moving towards the front and knocking on the door. The person who answered the door was a little girl who looked no more than nine years old. She gave a sweet smile, rocking back and forth on her heels as she played with the ruffles of her frilly violet southern belle dress. “Oooh! Hiya, Astrid! What'cha got there?” The little girl shuffled some, peeking to see the man heaved over the Viking's shoulder. “Its a gift, really. Or – Not much of a gift. More of an offer.” She returned the smile as the “child” lit up, clapping her tiny hands. “He reeks of fear and piss! Ha! He's a wetter.” The little one squealed more as she jumped up and down. “I simply adore the ones that wet themselves! Its so hilarious! I'll give you seventy-five large for 'im.” The little one's fangs finally slid out as she practically shivered with excitement.

“Oh, Isis. That's just so sweet. Instead of paying me all at once, why don't you just pay me over the course of a few months? Mikey's been a really naughty boy.” Astrid smirked, throwing him onto the porch, watching as he tried to scramble away, only to be caught by Isis. “Ohh! Nina's just going to love him! He's O positively pathetic!” Her giggle was hauntingly adorable as she grabbed him by the hair. “Do we have an accord?” Astrid tilted her head, her icy blue eyes watching as Isis played with her future meal. The little one was gone in a flash and soon returned with a stack of cash. “Here's five large up front! Thanks Astrid!” Astrid gave a light curtsy, tucking the money between her breasts after folding it in half. Isis was soon dragging Mikey into the house by the ankle, doing it painstakingly slow just to freak him out more. It was working because he was screaming like a little girl. It made Astrid smile as she whipped out her phone and sent out a text to Alexander before taking off, feeling a shiver go down her spine. She had damp urine on her shoulder...Disgusting.

Just as quick as she had arrived, she was gone.

[quote=Thorina]Mikey didn't have the money; he was going to skip town without paying. I gave him to Giuvannina. Isis totally adores how pathetic he is. I've got five grand up front – She'll pay us over the next few months. I'll meet you at the cemetery in two hours.[/quote]

Alexander's light brown eyes scanned over the text sent to him from his associate before closing out the window and slipping his phone into the inside pocket on his jacket. Adjusting his cuffs, he sighed and began a brisk pace through the halls of his home, his mind running a bit rampant with thoughts on how he could gather up his missing money to make up for the unexpected nonpayment from that Jersey slime ball. Most businessmen would get worked up over such an ordeal, but Alex never did. Ever since he teamed up with Astrid, business was booming and he now owned many properties and businesses. She had Vampire contacts that he could never achieve on his own and they were always willing to “rent to own” the people that didn't pay up on time or tried to skip out on payment. She also (surprisingly) had contacts within the Pack and Group of New Orleans that were always looking for help in obtaining properties. He currently was leasing a large valley to the Pack Alpha so that they had a place to meet privately and keep humans out for their Pack activities. She also kept her accursed Coven Leader out of his hair.

Business was good – But he still enjoyed bringing in more money when he could.

With a content sigh, he made his way out to the gardens, smiling lightly as the plants perked up and bloomed at his passing by. Ah – A midnight stroll through his home was always lovely. Though, being in the garden reminded him that he intended previously on presenting Eris with that rare flower from Faerie for one of her spells. That could wait until later. He had a few phone calls to make, numbers to crunch, and a bit of shopping to do. That in mind, he was soon off, whistling on his way to his car. Dodge Chargers were all the rage these days and Alex always had to be on top. He hadn't amassed enough money to quite build up an impressive car collection due to paying Astrid, paying off property taxes and some mortgages, and putting some away for his future descendants. He was a very fickle man when it came to his money. He didn't really enjoy splurging his money on things that weren't of use and fashionable. He honestly didn't even upgrade to a smart phone until a few months ago. It helped quite a bit with keeping his things organized.

Speeding down the road and dodging oncoming cars as he switched lanes to get to the mall quicker. He was craving some records and they had such an excellent vinyl selection.

----Some time later----

Eris, is that you? Fancy meeting you here.” Alexander gave a soft smile to see the Queen Mother of New Orleans' Court, running his hands gently through his soft brown hair. “Like my new suit? Its Dulce – Custom made.” He turned a small circle in the record store as he approached the Grecian, showing off his new black suit accented with hints of green.

“Mmm. That's the spot. Nnn – Gods of Olympus that feels...amazing.”

The deep bass of a man's voice came from a room deep with the Coven Home of the Casa de Domitianus. The voice belonged to Leotychides, The Spartan was lying face down on a massage bed, hot oils being drizzled onto his back as a beautiful brunette rubbed them in and worked out the kinks. His head turned side ways as he closed his eyes, expressing his content. His enjoyment was soon over as a swift breeze tousled his golden locks and the feeling of small, soft, slightly inexperienced hands disappeared. A frown came to his face until he felt the wet, naked form of a familiar female press against his back and conform to his own figure. The moist feeling against his back was both warm and sticky – Water and blood. “Aww – Such a kind prince to have brought me a snack. I was quite hoping I would have to go out and get one.” The Nordic purr against his ear made his body tingle and he chuckled softly. “My dearest little Goldilocks. How lovely of you to visit your dear, old Maker. What's the occasion?” Leo felt lately as though he hadn't seen as much of Astrid as he once did. That she was drifting away once more and hiding more things from him than usual. It was an uncomfortable feeling.

“Ah, don't be sour. I just thought that maybe you'd enjoy sharing a few morsels with me tonight. If you'd prefer that I leave...” She gave a dramatic sigh and slid away from him, approaching the young woman that could be no more than fifteen, observing her very revealing outfit. “I swear – These Twilight freaks would sell their soul to Lucius for a one night stand with a Vampire. They try so hard its...sickeningly pathetic. Where is the joy of the hunt anymore?” She sighed once more, dipping a manicured nail deep into one of the slashes she had made upon entering the room. Behind her, Leo was smiling softly as he sat up, running his fingers through his hair before he made his way over, wrapping his arms around her midsection. “I'd love to share a meal or two with you tonight. And I do agree. But there will always be the Christians to hunt. Their genuine fear sweetens the blood making it all the more better. Ah – It doesn't get much better than making love to screaming Christians while feeding so slowly. Oh! How the fear elevates and just...Reaching such a state of euphoria. Priceless.” He gave a light laugh, nuzzling her neck gently, his nostrils being tickled by her hair. Resting his chin against her shoulder, he parted his lips for her to dip her finger in, sucking off the blood slowly before releasing her and moving to the body as well.

His fangs slid out with a “click” before sinking deep into the girl's femoral artery. He gave a light laugh as Astrid whined behind him that he stole her spot. He lifted his gaze without moving his head to see that she settled for the top of the girl's left breast, using her fangs to tear into the flesh and make a bigger wound. She always was such a messy feeder. He closed his eyes as the sweet A positive flowed past his lips, giving him a surge of energy and a bit of arousal as well. His moans mingled in harmony with Astrid's as they shared the meal, sucking the girl dry and taking their time with it. Feeling the blood slow made him sad and when it stopped flowing altogether, he gave a light frown and an “aww”, lifting his head from between the girl's legs. He glanced at Astrid who was licking her fingers clean and a grin formed on his face. “You missed a spot.” He flitted to her, wrapping one arm around her waist and placing the other on the back of her neck. He let his lips and tongue explore her face, neck, and shoulders as he cleaned up the blood from her mess. He attempted to get her legs around his waist and her onto the bed, but that's as far as it got before she pried herself free and flitted to the other side of the room, perching on top of the desk in his study with a grin. “I don't think so, lover. Remember last week when you stole my lunch? Payback's a bitch.” Giving a smirk, she was soon gone, most likely headed for her room to get dressed.

He hated it when she did that. He was all worked up for no reason and with no release. He wasn't as sexually flexible as the other two men in the Coven. Sighing with a light smile, he shook his head and began to hate himself all over again for being unable to stay angry at her. He was soon gone and headed out to the front lawn. Naked. Pfft – Please. Why wouldn't he be? He was a handsome and very well built man with a gleaming smile and everyone who lived in the house was more than happy to appreciate such qualities. He stretched out, a bit sad that he hadn't gotten the chance to finish his massage before eating her. In more ways than one. Looks like he'd have to go fetch another masseuse later. Leotychides wasn't one to pay for such services and he sadly had no pity when killing humans of any age. Sure, he was one once. But they were just food now. He was really craving young, pure blood lately. Not the blood of the adults that tended nowadays to be tainted with drugs and other such bullshit. He used to love feeding from the breast and sometimes the lips but now these women were getting all sorts of injections to keep themselves looking younger.

Under eighteen was the new way to go.