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Ginger Bennet

'Wait, so I'm just... stuck here? That's bull!'

0 · 208 views · located in A Savannah in Africa.

a character in “The Secret Savannah”, as played by Maerorem-Caligo


✖ Ginger ✖

Ginger Anne Bennet
16 Years Old
17th of May
Brisbane, Australia
"You want me to kill her for you? I'll do it!"

✖ Personality ✖

Image Ginger, outwardly, looks like your regular outcast; ginger hair, dark, loose clothing, gothic jewellery. Truth be told she's deliberately trying to put people off. She's very rude, and very, very mean. She loves to laugh at other peoples' pain and she likes to have fun by making macabre photography. She's not confident enough to let herself be nice, so she has few friends. She's a music student, primarily, and plays keyboard, drums and guitar.
She is smart, but not exactly genius. She's got a bad habit of spacing out a lot. She's scared of being in empty, quiet spaces and as such, if she ever is, she needs to turn on a television or something of the like to make sure she doesn't feel like something's going to jump at her. She's always watching horror movies, and though she's embarassed to admit it, on more than one occasion she's crawled into her parents' bed.
If you make a friend with Ginger, who hates nicknames generally, then you've got a friend for life. That is unless you call her names. She will bite your head off if you attempt to belittle her, because she hates bullies. That doesn't stop her acting like one, though. That does not mean she will start like that. She needs a reason to be a bitch.

✖ Flaws, Strengths, Likes, Dislikes ✖

"I will cut off your little prick before you figure out what it's even for..."

✖ Flaws ✖
☞ Twisted :: Ginger is macabre, and this tends to be very off putting to people.
☞ Procrastinator :: She's always putting things off, usually deliberately.
☞ Overly Sarcastic :: It's hard for her to give someone a straight answer, and generally uses snarky back-handed comments.
☞ Sleepy :: She often stays up late at night, which means she's always sleeping during the morning.

✖ Strengths ✖
☞ Up front :: Ginger refuses to side step something, and if she has an opinion of you, she will let you know.
☞ Artistic :: She often plays music at home, so guitar or keyboard music generally fills the house.
☞ Passive :: Ginger avoids starting arguments at all costs, though will quite happily rip into someone if they start with her.
☞ Funny :: Despite her biting personality, Ginger is a pretty funny person.

✖ Likes ✖
❧ Music ❧ Stage Technology ❧ Small animals ❧ Goth clothing ❧ Pastel goth ❧ Metal and rock ❧ Playing the drums, guitar or keyboard ❧ Drawing ❧ Dark fairytails that are meant to frighten children ❧ Autumn ❧ Forests ❧ The cold ❧ Being alone ❧ Playing mind games ❧ Watermelon ❧ Popcorn

✖ Disikes ✖
❧ Starting arguments ❧ Being with people ❧ Silence ❧ Dreadlocks ❧ Stereotypes ❧ Preppy girls with fake blonde hair ❧ Neon colours ❧ Kid's movies ❧ The sound kids make when playing ❧ Just kids in general ❧ People in general ❧ Crying ❧ Her gene pool ❧ Self righteous people ❧ Scene kids

So begins...

Ginger Bennet's Story

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"Well that's the only logical explanation, moron," she spat. "We're in Africa, for Christ's sake. There are reserves everywhere, so yeah, we probably are in one. That's one hope of getting out, or do you, you know, not have working brain cells?" Standing up, she picked up her suitcase and pulled her back pack on. Looking around, she figured these guys weren't going to be much help. "Right, I saw someone go thataway, so I'll follow her lead."
She took off in the direction she'd seen Lauren go, heading into the jungle. "Hey! Girl who walked out here!" she shouted. "Hello?" She continued to walk, barely dodging a massive spider hanging down in her face. "Yellow?" she called, using her usual greeting for people. Heading deeper in, she thought she could hear crying. Looking around, she struggled to see anyone, before she caught a glimpse of someone. "Hello?" Walking over, she squatted by the crying girl. "Hey? Are you okay?" She looked over her for wounds, but saw none. "Are you from the group of survivors?"

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#, as written by Pika
Nick came back witha full bag and tired eyes later that night. "Back got stuff so i'll be refreash in the morning Goodnight Africa!" Nick said falling over and going staright to sleep withouy a care in the world.