Vincent Mancini

"Life is better when you drink till you can't remember it."

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"Life is better when you drink till you can't remember it."


Role: The Killer

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Vinny: The name his mother used to call him. Other Mancini will call him Vinny should they wish to annoy him.
Piggy: A nickname he had in high school. If someone values their life; they won't call him that.
Lard, Walrus, Tubby, Flubber, and various other 'fat' nicknames: More various nicknames he had throughout school.

Occupation: When not acting as the Mancini families 'handyman', Vincent owns and runs a small Italian restaurant called Vi'cini.



Height: 6'4

Weight: 213 lbs.

Build: Vincent is by no means one of those 'thin with muscle' build that many men claim to be for Vincent has muscles to the point where he is no longer lanky. Vincent's body weight has always been on the heavier end of the spectrum so he still has fat shown on the bottom of his belly where he has his 'chubbiness' which he constantly remarks on to others.

Hair Color: Black.

Eye Color: A very light blue that borders on being teal.

Scars?: Vincent has a gunshot scar on the left side of his chest, a six-inch scar that runs down his left thigh, four burn scars on his left forearm that are from cigarette burns, and finally, Vincent has stretch marks on his thighs and stomach.

Brief Written Description: Tall and strong, Vincent would be a intimidating man, if only he wasn't so devilishly handsome. His skin tends to be on the more pale side which is at odds with his Italian heritage, but it only makes his dark hair stand out even more. His lush black hair is always kept neat and to the sides because that isn't much else he could do with it that wouldn't make him look like a James Bond villain. His eyebrows are a little thick, but given his broader face it helps bring it all together. His facial bone structure is angled, sharp, and strong making him a very noticeable man in a crowd because Vincent loves nothing more then to be appreciated. His lips are full which sit well over the dimples he has in his chin that become prominent when he smirks or smiles.

Clothing Preference: Vincent dresses more subtle because in his profession, one doesn't want to attract all the attention in the room because only novices do that. He tends to wear button up black shirts, blue jeans, and he is fond of childish boxers such as batman or some other cartoon. Like most men in the world, Vincent has three pairs of shoes; a pair of black loafers to go with this few suits, his black combat boots that he wears if he is going into the wilderness, and finally his everyday shoes which are black and white basketball shoes. While he does not play basketball, he prefers the high tops that basketball shoes have.



  • Killer: Vincent is a trained killer. He is highly skilled in unarmed combat having spent years in boxing and Muay Thai, firearms, and in knife fighting.
  • Cooking: Not only does he run his own restaurant; he is the head chef. Vincent loves to cook and is extremely good at it able to make fine cuisine from the cheapest of ingredients.
  • Steel Liver: A renowned heavy drinker, Vincent can drink a lot before becoming truly intoxicated, and few people can hope to even keep up with him in a bar.
  • Slight of Hand: Vincent is a very good pick-pocket able to reach into someones pocket and snag their wallet before they even realize he was in the same room as them. He is also very fond of magic tricks.

  • Involuntary Expression Disorder: Vincent has trouble keeping a straight face in almost any situation. Should the situation be tense or even if someone was in his face screaming at him; Vincent tends to chuckle and then laugh. It is not as if he is doing it to piss them off, although he does enjoy doing that, but more so that he cannot help it. His face gives away his thoughts every time which hurts his ability to lie.
  • Star Gazer: He cannot resist looking up at the sky rather to check the position of the sun/moon, or simply to see what the clouds look like today, Vincent cannot help but gaze, and he will often comment on it to whoever he is talking to.
  • Compass: Vincent always knows which direction he is traveling.
  • Dot those i's: Vincent dots every i he writes with a little heart. It is, more or less, for the humor aspect of it.
  • Toys: Finds uses in mundane items such as coins or bottle caps that he will use as a toy and play with should he get bored.
  • Hands on: Whenever Vincent speaks, his hands move and weave in conjunction with whatever he is saying.

- Women
- Alcohol
- Cooking
- Cigarettes
- Gambling
- Magic tricks
- Compliments
- Sleeping
- Rain
- Movies
- Odd things: If loves finding small or odd things that he had no idea of what purpose they serve.
- Smell of Gasoline
- The Cold
- Meat, he has a strong distaste for vegetarians.

- Idealist
- Car show offs: Classical cars or expensive cars, Vincent assumes they are compensating.
- Art, Vincent has just never 'gotten' the craze about art.
- Horror movies
- Vegetarians
- Baggy clothes
- Dry spells, not being able to drink for a period of time.
- Lombardi
- Non-smoking sections.
- Commitment
- Critics
- Heat

- Being Fat
- Being betrayed
- Spiders/Gorillas
- Ladders
- 'Serious' relationships


  • Alive: Years ago there was a Lombardi spy that had gotten close to Vincent in order to get close to the Mancini family. Vincent loved her and thought she was the 'one', but she stole an important... trinket of the Mancini's, and Vincent cornered her, but he loved her too much to kill her and lowered his gun. In that instant, she raised hers and shot in through the chest, and left him in a ditch to die. Despite that, when Vincent was asked what became of the woman, he told them simply, "I took care of it." Making them believe the trinket got away, but the woman was dead. Even though she shot him, Vincent still loved her, well, that and if he told them he had let her get away they would have killed him, so there was that too.

  • Bullied: Vincent was bullied through elementary school to high school. It is something he is extremely ashamed of and does not speak about.

Written description: Vincent is a man of vices. He likes to drink, he likes to smoke, and he lives to have sex with random women he barely knows. This self-destructive nature comes from a variety of roots from wanting acceptance, inability to trust, need to forget, and even a deep rooted case of self-loathing. Starting from the top, Vincent has always wanted to be accepted even as a child, but he was never able to. He was always playing alone as a kid, and was always chosen last in teams. As he great older, it only got worse. At a point, he started to eat his lunch alone in the bathroom because it was easier then sitting alone at a table as everyone else laughed with their friends. There was a time when he was accepted, but that ended badly which leads to his inability to trust. Vincent will often tell people he trust them or make them believe he does, but in truth, Vincent doesn't trust anyone. Not even himself. Trust is for fools and for children. People like to hurt each other. People can't help but do it because deep down they are just as messed up as he is, and Vincent knows he is not a good man, and so would never trust himself and tends to smirk when someone else puts their trust in him.

Vincent has many things he needs to forget. From betrayal, to bullying, to his numerous kills. He doesn't like kill, but nor does he dislike it. Killing is just something he does from time to time, but he still wants to forget it because its just more fuel for the self-loathing he has. Vincent does not like the man he is, but he mocks the men who are better then him and so he is stuck, and so his spiral of self-destructive nature continues to go until something gives, which will probably end in his death either looking down the barrel of a gun or when his lungs give out.

Besides that, Vincent loves to laugh even if they are fake because laughter means that he is okay. Smiling and laughing at the world is his way of dealing with life, and so he tends to appear as a happy, if perhaps an asshole, figure to people. His humor can be a little harsh sometimes and so his jokes will often be cruel or mocking to others which is another way he creates distance with people. Vincent is a natural flirt and loves to, well, flirt. He wants a night of passionate sex but doesn't want anything else which is fine because there are plenty of women out there who sleep with him before they consider if he would desire anything more, and that is the jest of the kind of man Vincent is. A man trying to destroy himself while laughing and joking because he doesn't want anyone to notice just how weak and sensitive he is because he can't bear to have to love another. He will die before he does that.


Relationship Status: Like any sane man, single.

Brief History: Vincent was born to a single mother, Melissa Mancini, who was only seventeen when she gave birth. Vincent's father was a thirty-two year old physics teacher and, well, his birth caused quite a scandal. The teacher was found dead, strangled and left naked in a drainage ditch because no one fucks with the Mancini family. Literally.

Vincent's early life is of unimportant to the grand scheme of his life. His mother worked two jobs, a cashier at Wal*Mart and a 'working' girl at night, but she tried her best to be the best mother she could even though her choice of life left her estranged from the rest of the Mancini family because they wanted little to do with her or her bastard son. Elementary school came and went, and Vincent had fun most of the time save for in 5th grade. A boy named Kevin, his arch nemesis of that year, started calling him Chunky Monkey Vin as Vincent was indeed a very 'chunky' kid. It didn't take long for all the other kids to adopt the name or find their own, even the other chubby kid started making fun of Vincent because if he was part of the insulting group, he wasn't being insulted himself. He was never hit or picked on besides names, and Vincent just laughed and smiled as they called him names to pretend he liked it, but he didn't. He would cry as he held his mom asking why he had to be Chunky Monkey Vin.

Middle school got worse. The kids became crueler and far more creative. Pudgy. Lardass, and then the physical abuse started to come in. They would hit him and laugh as his body jiggled from the force. It was so funny, and again Vincent laughed with them because it made it just a little easier. Even as he hated himself more and more. To the other kids, they did not even notice how much pain it caused them because they were kids. They didn't understand or care about such things, even when they made him stand naked in the boys locker room and dance. As they threw things at him and laughed, Vincent laughed as well. Even as the tears rolled down his face. He laughed. His first crush was Sarah Parker, a shy blond girl who spent most of her day just reading books and smiling at her louder friends, and it didn't take long for his own group of 'friends' to notice as well, and they thought they would 'help' him. Pushing and dragging him to her table at lunch, they forced him into the chair as they skipped around the table singing about how Pudgy Wudgy Vincent loved Sarah. Vincent doesn't blame her even to this day because what could she do? All she could do was shout that she would never love someone as fat as Vincent because she didn't know what else to say. Vincent smiled at her when she said that. Said she would never love a lardass, and said, "I know." Of course, whatever point in which he may have sounded mature was ended when one of his 'friends' accidentally kicked the chair leg which caused the chair to crumple in on itself from Vincent's weight which left him rolling like a turtle to struggle to get up.

In High School it got worse still. It didn't take long before they were reading, 'Lord of the Flies' and that is where Vincent got his 'best' nickname. Piggy. Just like the fat kid in the book they were reading. Vincent isn't sure how many times he was hit and beaten up. How many times he was spit on. How many times girls said ew when he got close. How many times he walked to his locker to see Piggy written on it with marker... One day, a group of seniors came into the locker room where he was changing after gym at the end of the day, and they held him down. They wanted him to oink, but Vincent refused, so they stretched his arm out and lit a cigarette, and began to burn it into his arms. When the smell of burning flesh hit his nose, Vincent started to oink. Even when he was crying in pain and yet trying to laugh, he oinked, but they didn't stop. They burned him three more times just to make sure he never forgot what he was.

In his sophomore year, he met her. Claire. She was a new student who was in nearly all his class. She was so beautiful with long flowing blond hair and freckles that darted her face, and she sat next to him and spoke to him. She was the first girl who had ever sat next to him and just talked to him without saying 'ew' 'gross' or was trying to get something from him. As days went on, she became his first and only friend. His bullying did not stop, but for the first time, Vincent was happy because he had Claire. As long as he had her then everything would be alright... Until the day his mother died. She was working 'late' one night and never came home the next day. The police found her two days later with three bullet wounds in her chest. Someone had executed her. Vincent was sent into a spiraling depressing, and Claire stayed with him. Told him it was going to be okay and that she loved him.

The next week, a man from the Mancini family showed up to tell Vincent that he was his grandfather, and he was going to be living with him from now on. Vincent had never met the rest of his family as his mother refused to talk about them trying to get away from the life of crime that she had been raised in, and Vincent understood. His grandfather was a hard man and forced Vincent to take classes to learn how to fight and to force him to lose weight so that he would not embarrass him. Vincent still went to the same school, and so it is what kept him together. From taking his pathetic life was the fact that Claire was there and she loved him. Working up the courage in the middle of their junior year, Vincent asked her to be his girlfriend and she said yes.

Highschool slowly went by, and Vincent stopped the bullying. He had lost much of his weight, and was now a formidable boxer and so he had a tendency to get violent when someone shot him a 'look'. His life had changed.... but for it to change, his mother had to die. The police never caught the murderer, and his grandfather refused to speak of it, but Vincent was so happy now that he let himself forget everything even as the knowledge of what he would have to be in the future. A 'handyman' for the Mancini family because he assumed he would have Claire there with him.

In his senior year, Vincent killed his first man. An informer for the Lombardi. His grandfather beat him down and captured him. Shoving the gun into Vincent's hand he told him it was time to join the family. With a shaking hand and a laugh, Vincent pulled the trigger and then promptly threw up, but he had done it and so was now an official member of the Mancini family, and it was what Claire had been waiting for.

At his graduation party, most of the Mancini family showed up bringing 'trinket's and gifts for the newest member, and Claire was there of course. The trinket in question was a medallion of gold from a small tribe from south america worth millions, but its true worth was in its description. The Mancini family had a love for intrigue and one of their vault keys was the medallion. A vault that held both money, gems, and other trinkets of incredible value, and at the apex of the party. Claire stole it.

The entire family went to look for her, but Vincent found her. How couldn't he? He loved her. He knew where she would go, when she would go, and even what time she would get there. Vincent can still remember it, standing inside the large drainage ditch with his gun pointing at her back. He called her name twice before she finally turned around, a M1911 pistol in her right hand and the medallion in her left. Claire smiled at him, and said she knew he would find her and that is when she told him the truth. It was all one great plan. Her real name wasn't even Claire... His mother had been murdered just so that Vincent would be taken into the family. She had gotten close to him for this one moment. Years of planning went perfectly, and Claire taunted him. She had never loved him; she was just doing what her family wanted her to do, and despite the hatred Vincent was nearly overcome with... he lowered his gun because how could he kill her? She was his Claire, but she didn't have as many reservations as she raised her own gun and fired.

Vincent woke up in the hospital a week later with his grandfather staring down at him, and when he was asked if he had taken care of the girl all he could mumble was, "I took care of it."



So begins...

Vincent Mancini's Story