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Charity Bell

The Seeker of Reunion

0 · 191 views · located in Chicago, Illinois

a character in “The Seekers (private)”, as played by Holoo1946


Full Name: Charity Lee Bell

Place of Residence: Chicago, Illinois
Place of Birth: Union City, New Jersey

Relatives: N/R
Enemies: The Seeker of Separation
Dr. R (She has a mutual admiration for him despite human interaction with the Seeker of Destiny being extremely rare)

Occupation: Seeker of Reunion

Fashion of Choice: Goth-like contemporary-style clothes

Personality: Spunky and eccentric when happy, but one of the scariest well-known Seekers when angered.
Alignment: Neutral (as with all Seekers)
Motivations: To reunite the Objects for a purpose known only by her and the Seeker of Destiny.
Disposition: Usually a kind disposition but underneath hides a very angry, bitter person.

Sexuality: Straight

Played by What Famous Person: April Jeanette

So begins...

Charity Bell's Story

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The Holder of the End


The Seekers are present in a halfway house in Chicago Illinois. They were brought here by an unrelenting force in their minds that drew them to this location in search of an object carried by a man known as the Holder of the End. Charity Bell is sitting on a couch in the waiting room while a strange man in a trench coat was standing over by the front desk conversing with one of the clerks. The strange man radiated some kind of power out to everyone else in the room. It was slightly unnerving. The Emperor had made his way into the room as well, drawn by the same mysterious willpower. He had met Charity Bell before in a Meeting of Seekers but he also felt like he knew the man at the front desk as some sort of best friend even though he couldn't even see his face.

The Emperor converses with Charity Bell
The Emperor converses with the mysterious individual
The Emperor converses with the front desk clerk
Someone else steps in and picks from these things