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Nika Brightwater

"Of all the things I could be doing, this isn't the worst."

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a character in “The Seekers”, as played by Tellukka


Name: Nika Brightwater

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Race: Half-elf

Appearance: Nika is slim and pale, like a paper birch sapling. It is clear that she has never done hard labor, or any work with her hands, as they are both smooth and soft. Her periwinkle eyes practically radiate curiosity. She has naturally light green hair, a mark of her elven heritage, which sometimes attracts attention. She has been asked multiple times on her travels if she had cast a glamour to get it. She wears robes made of faded navy blue, green, and gold. It's worn around the hems. Her shoes, made of leather, are supple and nearly worn through at the heels.

Personality: She, despite everything, tries to remain fairly optimistic. She is prone to mild anxiety and overthinking; causing her to miss obvious solutions at times. Despite all of that, she has a decent head on her shoulders. Nika has a great passion for learning. She's a decent woman, though she has a sharp tongue and because of that, can come across a lot meaner than she is. As she will say, she's not mean, she just doesn't think. The one thing that she truly hates is hurting other people.
Equipment: Her basket holds everything she has in the world. They include: a journal, writing implements, herbs, a tinderbox, a pouch with a very modest amount of money, and a pet mouse, who is tied up with a leash made of braided grass.

Skills: Nika knows a good deal about healing wounds and curing diseases. In addition to those, she is a fair dream walker and is a novice at astral projection. She knows some basic offensive magic. She can swim, though not well and not for very long. She learns quickly and retains information well.

History: She was born in some nowhere town in the north, and lived with her mentor since her parents could not afford to keep her. She had a decent relationship with him, even though he said little and emoted less. From the age of five, her mentor put her through rigorous training to be a healer. She was even taught to treat diseases and injuries with herbs while her magical abilities were still developing. Once she had nearly mastered the basics, around age twenty, she was given free reign to practice what she wanted, as long as she continued to learn healing magic and protect the community.
Life for her changed drastically when her mentor died. Nika stepped up to take care of the town, and despite her grief she was able to for a little over a year. Then a strange man came to town, an alchemist. With some aggressive marketing tactics, he replaced Nika as the healer for the surrounding area. Now unemployed and with nowhere else to go, she left the village.

So begins...

Nika Brightwater's Story


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Nika, trying to clear her head, had fallen asleep and was traversing her dreamscape. Something seemed off, however, like there was something large and looming just beyond the reaches of her own little area. As she stared into the mist in the distance, she could swear that she saw something take shape.

Help me… It said, though nothing on it moved like a mouth. Nothing on it moved at all, actually.

At first, Nika didn't move. She knew of several creatures that would try to lure in and snatch away the souls of reckless wanderers. But as she watched the shape, whatever it was, she realized that it wasn't a malicious being, or if it was, it was a very good at hiding it intentions.

Help me…. The voice was clearer, a little more desperate, cutting through the gentle silence of her dreamscape.

Nika blinked hard, trying to bring the shape into focus. "Who are you?" She asked. She took a few careful steps forward. "Where are you?"

Just as the shape began to shift, perhaps about to direct her, when something solid struck her body and jarred her awake. Furious and rubbing her head, she looked around her and spied a branch next to her on the ground. A squirrel was chattering loudly above her head. She threw the stick into the underbrush.

As she stood and dusted herself off, she heard the voice call out again, seemingly closer to her left ear. It wasn't much more than an echo now, but it was there and certainly real. "At least that's something," she murmured, untying the reindeer that used as an improvised mount and clambered up. She turned it around and headed back the way she came.