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Sayuri Yoshida

If the world cannot accept me as I am, how can you expect me to accept the world as it is? I will not change merely because someone commands it of me nor because they do not like who I am.

0 · 646 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “The Senka Maiden”, as played by Ever




โŒˆWelcome to the story that is my life, my past. No, it isn't anywhere near being close to the ideal fairy tale...but I'm happy enough as it is. Plus, I never was the 'princess' type, anyhow.โŒ‹


Halestorm || Innocence
The Pretty Reckless || Going to Hell
Halestorm || I'm Not an Angel
Gary Jules || Mad World
Plumb || Better
Thousand Foot Krutch || Move


โŒˆIf you expect this world to be fair with you because of your own purity and piousness, then you are merely fooling yourself with a delusion. That's the same as expecting the lion not to eat the lamb because the lamb didn't attack it's predator.โŒ‹

Saya-chan, Yu-chan, Riri, Kiti (Kitty) || These are the names permitted for her best friends to use, no one else.
Dolly, Princess, Angel, Bambie, etc || Refer to her as any of these names and you'll receive a black eye.
Yuki-Onna (Snow Woman), Rin (Cold), Oyabun (Boss), Sayuri-sama || The names her classmates and syndicate underlings refer to her as.
The Senka Maiden
โŒˆFace ClaimโŒ‹
Fuwa Aika || Zetsuen no Tempest


โŒˆ'Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who is the Fairest of them all?' That is how the old saying goes, correct? But what happens when that mirror can no longer disguise your ugliness and shatters?โŒ‹

ImageโŒˆHair ColorโŒ‹
A brilliant shade of ashy gold that, depending on the given light, darkens to a caramel or lightens to milk-tea.

โŒˆEye ColorโŒ‹
A light violet with fanning streaks of lilac from her pupils. Noticeable with her mood shifting, the orbs will either become a blue-violet or medium hue of mauve.

โŒˆSkin ToneโŒ‹
This particular skin tone rivals any perceived notions about the Japanese being tanned.. in fact, Sayuri is far from that. Tying into the key element of being a doll, Yuri's hue is of a luminescent porcelain, not a single rash pigmentation (save for the occasional opaque hint of rose gracing her cheeks) marring the smooth surface. Constantly flawless and blemish free, her skin is often a topic of envy among other females, each one colouring with jealousy at it's perfection...but, in all honesty, Sayuri hates it. The paleness seems to further alienate her from her peers and humans, the glow of it further enforcing the idea of her origin being of something far more ethereal than the humble human.

5โ€™0โ€™โ€™ even.

92 lbs

ImageโŒˆPhysical DescriptionโŒ‹
Noted to be a beauty that could rival, and surpass, that of any known model, Sayuri boasts an appearance that could be both described as seductive and innocent. Standing at the petite height of 5โ€™0โ€™โ€™ even and weighing in at a mere 92 pounds, this particular girl has been naturally molded to possess a physique carved like a perfect hourglass.. something of which women have spent decades trying to achieve. It's evidently no wonder why there isn't a single qualm about her wearing whatever style of clothing she desires or how she easily becomes the occasional fantasies of men. With her nipped waist and toned limbs, there also seems to be no problems or worries about the idea of gaining weight, either...quite an envious trait. Either it's her embodiment of femininity that directs attention towards herself or it's the innocent, doll-esque skin that's the selling point..but you can always count on Yuri to turn heads..even if she doesn't want to.

Moving onto her hair, yet another selling point, Sayuri has been blessed with a gift. Generous amounts of silken naturally colored hair that, when caught in the rays of the sun, illuminates with a brilliant golden ashy tint, cascades and frames her silhouette perfectly... almost like a drawing. Typically, and almost shamefully, the lazy girl will leave her waterfall down due to the wispy strands barely cooperating (and also due to the fact she's quite sluggish when it comes to following stylish trends.. hair isn't the most important issue, alright?). Usually, when the low-back reaching tendrils are set loose, they will have a slight, almost non-existent, wave to them... yet, oddly enough, that wave is just enough to frame her face picturesquely and to radiate the impression of her ethereal beauty belonging to that of a china doll. On the note of her bangs, seeing as Sayuri doesn't have the energy to style them like most girls, they have grown in such a way that the longest part (the middle strand) barely brushes past her eyebrows.

Now then, the other qualities are stunning and all but the major factor that sets this particular girl from the crowd are her eyes. In her opinion, as well as her friend's and stranger's, the brightly-colored pair are her best and most alluring trait. Why? It's all simply due to the breathtaking contrast they provide with the rest of her appearance. Almost constantly, the orbs seem to flux in their varying shades of purples, even darkening with her mood swings.


โŒˆIf the world cannot accept me as I am, how can you expect me to accept the world as it is? I will not change merely because someone commands it of me nor because they do not like who I am.โŒ‹

ImageโŒˆPotential InterestโŒ‹
N/A at the current moment.

    โœฆ Flexibility || Sayuri's body was put under intense training during her time as an apprentice to the previous syndicate Oyabun, the stature pushed to it's limits daily. As such, she has become far more nimble and flexible than most humans. From mind-boggling contortions to impossible tree-top running to even head-reaching kicks, Yuri is both an interesting and admirable ally and opponent.
    โœฆ Swordsmanship || Not only is she is the captain of the Kendo team, but Yuri uses this skill to defend herself and comrades during street fights.
    โœฆ Hand-to-Hand Combatant || Thanks to her past and the effort she put behind this skill via martial arts, Sayuri is quite well-trained in terms of fighting in hand to hand combat. Of course, that doesn't mean she likes to use this technique of fighting..after all, she isn't the strongest around.
    โœฆ Pressure Points || Not having vast amounts of strength can be pretty sucky.. which is precisely why Yuri has divulged her time in studying the various pressure points scattered about in the human body. If worst comes to and she has to resort to drastic measures, at least she can temporarily numb a person or make them pass out by a precise jab at a nerve.

    โœ” Selective Eidetic Memory || Perhaps her most useful skill, Yuri possesses a 'selective photographic memory'. In a matter of seconds, imposing text blocks ingrain their way into her mind, languages a natural occurrence to her (Sayuri fluently speaks Russian, Japanese, Korean, English, and Italian), the memorization of combinations and passwords the equivalent to counting to 3.
    โœ” Math Caculations || Dubbed to be the "Human Calculator" by her classmates and teachers, Yuri has yet to meet a math problem she couldn't solve in 15 seconds or less.
    โœ” Insomniac || A natural talent that many do not know exists, Sayuri can actually stay awake for days on end and not feel even an ounce of weariness. Her record? 2 and a half weeks without sleep.


โŒˆIn all honesty, we are continuously searching for someone whose demons can play well with our own.โŒ‹

Any other important information

    โ– Violent || Stuck in a mindset that the only way to get things done is through physical threats, Sayruri, unfortunately, is quite violent. Of course, she tries to restrain herself arounds her friends..but sometimes, even they can irk her to the point where she has to put a hole in someone's locker.
    Imageโ– Fussing || The surefire way to know that you've embarrassed Yuri is through the stereotypical and cliched habit she has; she'll fuss with a lock of her hair, gaze averted from the perpetrator and a light rose will colour her cheeks.
    โ– Nail Biting || When perplexed by something, Yuri, noticeably, lightly bites the nail of her right thumb.
    Imageโ– Blunt || It's almost ridiculous how severe this habit is; Sayuri, for the life of her, can not be anything but 100% truthful and opinionated about every matter.
    Imageโ– Twitch || Another bad habit, when annoyed or offended, Yuri's right eyebrow will give a small twitch to declare such aggravation outwards. Of course, soon following the motion, a punch or a swift kick is delivered.

    โ™ฅ Hiromi || Though mainly opposites, Yuri is, strangely, quite compatible with the quiet girl. Not to mention that she's the only friend Sayuri has outside of the syndicate..
    Imageโ™ฅ Freedom || To Yuri, almost nothing is better than being in control of what she wants to do, where she wants to go at that moment.. and trust me, she'll fight tooth and nail to get this leisure back if someone steals it.
    โ™ฅ Cloudy or Rainy days || Sun and pale skin never mix well.. especially so when that said-person has light sensitive eyes.
    โ™ฅ Training || It's one of the many ways that Yuri chooses to calm herself down. Be it through physical exertion or mental exhaustion, as long as she keeps herself busy, everything will be fine.
    โ™ฅ Reality || Not one for believing in fairytales or legends, Sayuri enjoys hard facts provided by logic and science.
    โ™ฅ Sweets || A guilty pleasure, the quickest way to her heart is to provide her with sweets.
    โ™ฅ Gambling || Not exactly the world's healthiest habit, Yuri has actually become quite partial to the idea of bets. And it shows.. this girl can literally win any challenge thrown her way.
    โ™ฅ Expensive Tea || Another secret pleasure of hers, Yuri just adores high-quality, loose-leaf tea.
    โ™ฅ Control || Having had influence and followers since she was born, it's a natural and expected concept for her to possess.
    โ™ฅ Math || Being the realist she is, Yuri is quite partial to numbers and facts. Hence is why she is practiced and skilled with solving equations.

    โœ˜ Threats || A human instinct, sure. But Yuri takes any and all confrontation personal..and, as such, she'll deal with it on a personal level.
    โœ˜ Her Family || Hating them with such an intensity that she keeps them in the shadows, not even her best friends know her parent's names.
    โœ˜ Losing Control and Freedom || Pretty self-explanatory.
    โœ˜ Spicy or Bitter Foods || By far the easiest way to get on Yuri's target list. Just..don't.
    โœ˜ Swimming/ Large Bodies of Water || Since she never learned how to swim, it is only natural that Yuri would hate it.
    โœ˜ Fairytales and Legends || Since when have you ever heard of a realist enjoying topics along the lines of paranormal or fiction?
    โœ˜ Being Idle || Hardwired with constant adrenaline, being forced to stay still and lazy is Sayuri's greatest nightmare come true.
    โœ˜ Romance || The whole concept seems like a such, she would prefer to avoid it.
    โœ˜ The 'Law' || This applies to really anything that interferes with her, and the syndicate's, fun..namely being the police.
    โœ˜ Sun Exposure || Literally, all she has to do is be out in the sun for a matter of a few minutes without sunblock before being burnt to a crisp.

    โœช Fearless || A rare trait for humans to possess, Yuri is, seemingly, without fear. Without a shred of hesitation, she will plunge herself into the nightmares of others and into the abyss to save others.
    โœช Protective || The embodiment of a strong figure, you can always count of Yuri to have your back in a fight or in a time of need.
    โœช Mentally Sound || Thanks to the environment she grew up in, Sayuri is very mentally unshakable. Other's words and insults rarely ever get to her, a mental barrier always up to filter out the negativity from such attacks.
    โœช Reckless || Both a curse and blessing, especially paired with her fearlessness, Yuri isn't one to ponder and weigh the consequences first
    โœช Blunt || Not always being of popular opinion, Sayuri isn't afraid to voice her feelings and thoughts on a given subject.
    โœช Knowledge || After all, it is pretty hard to go up against someone who can determine your attack patterns in a matter of a few seconds.
    โœช Power || Thanks to her family, she has both wealth and a name. As for the syndicate, she has the power of fear.

    โŒ˜ Being Gentle/ Being Feminine || Not her forte, any feelings of being gentle or the prospect of acting like a female is foreign and alien to her.
    โŒ˜ Compliance || Disobedient, at times, is a mild word for her behavior towards certain demands and orders. 'Stubborn as a mule' was pretty much invented for her.
    โŒ˜ Sheer Strength || Being a woman, no matter how much she has trained, Sayuri will always be under men (and demons) in terms of strength. And, unfortunately, it shows.
    โŒ˜ Rage || If someone ticks her off, that does it. Without hesitation, Yuri will go into a lapse of anger, any object within reach a potential tool to make her victim feel pain. When this occurs, it's hard to make her calm down until she fumes for a bit.
    โŒ˜ Hiromi || Both a strength and a weakness for Sayuri, the shrine maiden drives her to the extremes of being overprotective. And, rust me when I say this, Yuri won't hesitate to have bloodshed should anything happen to this girl.
    โŒ˜ Achluophobia || The fear of the dark.. At times, Sayuri experiences moments where she has intense anxiety attacks when left alone in the dark.
    โŒ˜ Heavy Thunderstorms || During these times, Yuri has been known to freeze in mind-crippling fear followed by severe anxiety attacks.
    โŒ˜ Brooding || If she gets into a fight with someone close to her or if someone gets hurt because of her, Yuri will spend days on end mulling over how to apologize or how to make things right.


โŒˆOn broken wings, one learns to soar high above the clouds, unafraid of falling. We surpass that fear once we reach a height that, even we, cannot deny gives us euphoria.โŒ‹

Blunt | Reckless | Fearless | Two-Sided

To outsiders, she's cold, stoic, ruthless..someone who deserves a respect from a distance. Someone who even the teachers hold a fear, someone who isn't afraid to land you in the hospital for a snarky comment. Yet, what about the Sayuri on the inside? The Yuri that her friends get to see?

On the inside, Sayuri is absolutely the type of kindred spirit who keeps her feelings under lock-and-key and past where it should be kept; a book. Not wanting to focus on herself or hauntings, this girl, instead, tends to redirect such attention onto her friends and duties..almost a tad bit too excessively mind you. And as such, she is typically described as a caring and selfless person who charitably jumps to other's rescue to, without hesitation, recklessly exert herself in order to be of their aid. As you can imagine, Yuri does tend to go overboard constantly, resulting in, more often than not, putting herself in danger's way to protect those she cares about.. she'll even go to the length of shielding someone from a bullet (or others) if it comes to it. This has been the root origin of her recklessly caring trait, those near and dear to her heart in a never-ending state of worry for her wellbeing. However; despite the constant trouble that plagues her, Yuri truly means everything she does. When performing a task, no matter what it is, this girl will always put forth the greatest display of effort possible, the belief that hard work will pay off in the end guiding her course. Also to be noted, blunt to a fault, this teenager may also have a bit of a temper should someone ever get on her bad side...and isn't afraid to say so if this occurs.

As a child who was pushed into a lifestyle of maturity, Sayuri typically doesn't allow for others to bother her much as they normally fact, most statements are ones that are brushed aside without further investigation. Of course...there are always exceptions (especially when the prickly subject of her family appear). A certain idea would have to be extraordinarily infuriating for her to crack and figuratively assault the person...but when this occurs, you can be assured that this grudge-holder won't utter a single word to you for months at a time. Taking in her blunt trait, to some people's confusion, Yuri can be, at one moment, calm and composed before flipping into a fierce and without bounds character.

On the broadest possible note, Sayuri does have a rather likable and optimistic nature >around her friends<, especially so when she is feeling lively, and can often be spotted taking a playful jab at others...namely her friends. Whether it's about their crush on someone or about a certain aspect of their appearance they hold in a positive/negative light, she loves to playfully prod at them before accepting said retaliations with jovial heartiness. Of course she does it with care as to not upset them.. however; there are times where she can't help herself.

In the end though, even if she doesn't fully announce them, Sayuri does harbor her own demons and monsters that remain dormant far below the surface. Those demons you ask? The lack of a family, of the warmth most take for granted..and the odd changes within her body that she has been experiencing every waking moment.. Because of this burden she carries, Yuri does attempt her best to hide such difficulties as not to become a trouble to her syndicate and friends.


โŒˆThey say the past could never hurt, that'll you forget it if you stand outside your virtue. They are all bloody liars.โŒ‹

Like all history at some point in time, Sayuri's began with a single person that would both build and destroy her happiness. And that single person just so happened to be Yahiro Yoshida, only son and heir to a multinational company that honed in on distributing weaponry and goods, a man that was adored yet feared. But before Sayuri was brought forth, there was another; her half-sister, Hikari. Hikari was the first child of the scandalous marriage between a promising businessman and a first-class chef, the marriage considered to be an absolute disgrace in the aristocratic world...after all, for an heir to stoop that low for 'love'? Unheard of! Naturally, the product of such disgrace was to be humiliated and shunned by both the Yoshida associates and the rest of high-class..why give the vile creature any recognition of existence? Of course, Yahiro tried to quell his world's occupants, claiming both Misa and his daughter were beings worthy of the highest praise..but none would have it.

Eventually, Misa committed suicide, the poor treatment and daily threats to her person and daughter, ultimately, proving too much for her to handle. With Hikari only at 3 years old, she was left motherless and her father a widow. Trying to be 'considerate', the current overseers of the Yoshida company allowed their heir a week to recover before lightly suggesting the ideas of an arranged marriage, declaring it was improper for the next-in-line to be without a respectable spouse. It was during this time of the constant pushing and talking that Yahiro became bitter, withdrawn, any anger and spite being directed onto little Hikari. After all... if it wasn't for their child, none of this would have happened right? Yet, despite the father who seemingly despised her, Hikari began to do anything that pleased him. Including taking up kendo, his favourite personal sport. Once more, Hikari was in the spotlight, the media's interest piqued at the 'bastard' child who had a gift for the sword. Unfortunately, while all of this was going on, Yahiro's resolve was weakening and, eventually, he succumbed to his company's wishes for an arranged marriage.

Within a year of his previous wife's death, Yahiro was remarried to someone deemed suitable; Megumi Torai, Sayuri's mother. And, despite the head-over-heels-in-love persona the two displayed for the cameras, secretly they loathed each other. In fact, as her mother often said, the only time they ever really had physical contact was the wedding kiss (for the cameras) and their wedding night, the night in which she became pregnant with Sayuri. As the months wore on, Megumi's belly getting larger per week, several shifts started to occur within the Yoshida household. Yahiro was less frequent in appearance at the compound, "work" continually keeping him away, Megumi was becoming more and more irritated within the mansion's walls, and the 4 and a half year old Hikari came to absolutely despise her new step-mother. Before long, Sayuri was brought forth into the environment spewing negativity.

By the time she was 5, Hikari now 9, several things became clear to Yuri: 1, she had only seen this man, this 'Yahiro Kurosaki', a total of 6 times in her life, her birth not being one of them. 2, her mother was off somewhere in the world, living life quietly away in some villa. and 3, she absolutely loved her half-sister with every inch of her soul. Fast-forwarding to the age of 8 (Hikari now being 12 and constantly tormented by others), Sayuri suddenly became determined to protect her elder sister from the harsh headlines and glares of those around her. And what better way to do that than to become a prodigy? With her mind set on impressing the world she lived in, Sayuri began to pursue a life of mastery, each day willing her abnormally small stature to it's breaking point. Needless to say, she easily gained her father's eye and the attention she was desperately seeking.

ImageIt wasn't until she was 12, her elder sister 16, that true tragedy stuck her life. Hikari was diagnosed with leukemia, the doctors immediately declaring it to be terminal. It literally felt as if her world was falling apart, as if a piece of her soul had died. After all, if the closest person in the world to you was fated to perish before their prime, how would you react? By the time that she turned 13, a mere year later, Sayuri had lost the person most precious to her. The second tragedy soon pursued at the age of 14, this time in a form of a robbery gone wrong. Megumi Yoshida, away on business in London, was killed in the course of a break-in within the Yoshida private villa.

As one can imagine, Sayuri's life was broken, the family left being, as she quoted, "greedy bastards who view me as a bargaining chip", the grief overwhelming. Thats when she turned to fighting. Slowly, the glorious reputation she had constructed begin to diminish by the constant fights and delinquent behavior she began to exhibit, her own way of 'rebelling' against fate's cruel game. Though it wasn't until she landed two guys in the ICU that the media declared her to be 'Another disappointment for the Yoshida name'. Her father, completely giving up on her, took little regard to her new behavior.. in fact, the only sign he existed was the transactions of money he sent her. Eventually, she treaded on the wrong turf and ran into a syndicate's patrol. The Devil's Score, as they were called, took a personal interest in Yuri and, gladly, took her under their wing. By the time she was 15, she was already the 16, her powers as the Senka Maiden awoke.

โŒˆI hate the word fate. Birth. Encounters. Farewells. Success and Failure. The misfortunes of life. If our lives are already set in stone by fate, then why are we even born?โŒ‹

So begins...

Sayuri Yoshida's Story