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Alexis Dunn

"Cross your heart and hope to die."

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a character in “The Seven Sins & Virtues”, as played by RawkFist



β–‰__A L E X I S__D U N N__β–‰

Wild Side || Tears of God || Two Shots
Cross My Heart Hope To Die


Al, Ally, Alex; accepted from friends & acquaintances
E, Lexi, Lex; accepted from close friends
Kid, Pup, Wolf; accepted from family & close friends
Dunn; uncommon, not accepted

[ AGE ]


Bi-curious, otherwise heterosexual.

Unemployed, college student.
Aspiring tattoo artist.

[ OOC ]
FC ~ Lynn Gunn
Speech ~ #880000 // Thoughts ~ #440000


ImageImage[ A P P E A R A N C E // & demeanour ]

Standing at an approximate height of anywhere between 5'0" and 5'2" with a slim figure, there are times in which Alexis' lack of height and shape could earn her the description of "small" or "dainty." Although she would probably threaten to kick your face in if you ever dared to call her such things; Alex is a fierce girl, to say the least, and this is evident in her day-to-day demeanour despite the fact that the majority of she surrounds herself with are tall enough to tower over her. Her general style choices and resting bitch face would make her rather unapproachable to most and indicate that she has quite an attitude, which isn't far from the truth. Everything about her screams rebel, from her shaved head and eyebrows to her countless piercings, tattoos and the dark colour scheme of her wardrobe, which consists of punk-styled clothing and accessories (the most notable being her dog tag). Alexis can be considered a decently pretty girl, and although it's clear that she cares a lot about her appearance, "feminine" is not a word that could be used to describe her. She is fairly boyish, though whether this is mostly exaggerated by her personality is questionable.

Alexis' body is covered in marks, whether these are tattoos or scars, and she has multiple piercings to speak of. There are only three tattoos worth mentioning, one of which is a dog's paw located on her left wrist; in memory of her first dog, Merlin (Alsatian x Malamute). The other is located on her left hip and the design covers two fairly basic magpies (which she believes will bring her luck). And finally, she has an X tattooed on the right side of her chest; the reason for which is unknown, even to Lexi. Her piercings include: nose (right), eyebrow (right), bellybutton, ear (both).


Keeping busy; Alexis is constantly trying to occupy her mind to keep herself from her own thoughts, anxieties and paranoia; kind of like a coping method.
Body art; Admittedly, she has a fondness for art in general, but expresses an open desire to pursue a career in body art; tattoos, piercings, etc. She finds herself more drawn to people who share this interest and are similar to her in style.
Loud environments; She enjoys being in large crowds of people and attending social events, to a certain extent. It helps to keep her mind off certain things.

Romance; Alexis is one of those typical "I don't believe in romance" teenagers, and she finds it difficult to enjoy the idea of being that close with someone.
School Cliques; Mostly because she never really felt that she fit into any of them; now it's more a case of genuinely not wanting to be associated with any group.
Over-confidence; People who are completely full of themselves tend to get on her last nerve. She occasionally enjoys putting them in their place but she mostly avoids them.

Crafting & Resourcefulness; Alexis has a talent for making something out of nothing. She's able to use the objects, emotions, and even people, around her to her benefit.
Art; Alexis' skills (and subsequently her aspirations) have always been more centred around art, with regards to painting, drawing and - on occasion - sculpting.
Academics; Despite the fact that she never seems to actually care about her studies, she's considered a "bright student" and her grades are reasonably high on average.

Impulsive; She often acts without thinking, allowing her emotions to take control and completely remove any sense of logic or reason.
Stubborn; Alexis finds it extremely difficult to accept new authority figures into her life and her stubborn nature means she'd rather dig herself into a hole than follow orders.
Violent; Lexi has been fighting through her problems since she was a child, and it's a nasty habit that has stuck with her since then. As previously stated, she allows her emotions to take control and subsequently throws herself into fights and other dangerous situations, sometimes merely to prove a point.

Telekinesis, to explain it in rather basic terms, is known as the ability to move and manipulate objects/matter using one's own mind. This includes, but is not limited to: binding, levitating, enhancing one's own speed and strength, projection (objects as bullets), choking/gripping, and general movements and manoeuvres (such as pushing or pulling).



|| Rebellious // Aloof // Headstrong ||

Alexis is a strong-willed individual, and - despite her aloof demeanour - carries herself in a confident, proud and decidedly energetic manner. As previously mentioned, she is rather boyish and strays as far from "feminine" stereotypes as she can manage. It's no secret that she's quick to anger, and even quicker to act on that anger; she's often too proud and stubborn to admit her mistakes (no matter how obvious they are) and submit to leadership or her peers. She doesn't believe she is lesser than those around her, and will make this known when possible, although she's far from narcissistic and will excessively pick out her own flaws as a massive contradiction to the way she acts. She's rebellious by nature and this subsequently makes her quite standoffish, sarcastic and unapproachable. To say the absolute least, she has a bad attitude. Alexis isn't an entirely bad person and - like with all others - there is room for improvement, but these traits have been hardwired into her personality and it would take a lot of time and effort to drill them out.

|| Creative // Resourceful // Intuitive ||

Alexis' impulsive, stubborn and violent nature means that she often lands herself in trouble, both with her peers and supposed authority figures. This is the way it's always been, and as such Alexis has been given many opportunities to gain and develop skills in getting herself back out of these situations, wherever possible. She's a smart kid, to say the least, and has no shortage of creativity with which to find herself a solution; she's highly resourceful. On the other hand, the fact that she knows there's a high chance she can escape the situations she lands herself in makes her careless, stupid and some would even say naΓ―ve. She gives no thought as to the consequences of her actions, and if she feels guilty about her actions you'd never know it. It's also worth noting that Alexis is fairly intuitive with regards to people's emotions and, while she never really displays any signs of actually caring about their feelings, she can read people like an open book. This has its benefits, although she's not the sort of person who could easily manipulate others.

|| Troubled // Insecure // Distrustful ||

Alexis acts as if she is completely confident in her own body and her expression of style, but this is far from the truth. She puts up a good front, enough to deceive the people around her, but Alexis has always been more concerned with her flaws and weaknesses than her skills and strengths. Modest would be putting it lightly, although she's not so severe as to be considered self-loathing. She is instead very aware of the fact that she's far from perfect, and is something of a pessimist in her own mind; constantly picking out the bad over the good, and always wishing she could do better or thinking she's not good enough. She is prone to anxiety and paranoia over other people's opinions over her (particularly that they are negative). Alexis also finds it very difficult to be open and honest with others, showing a major lack of trust (or willingness to believe) in others and their good intentions. Because of this, she often - as previously mentioned - keeps people at arm's length, never revealing too much of herself through emotion. More than anything, Alexis fears being hurt or abandoned, although she would never admit it, even to those she is close with.



Alexander Dunn // Father // 52 Years // Alive // Distant
Cecilia Dunn // Mother // 48 Years // Alive // Distant
Axel "Hex" Dunn // Elder Brother // 22 Years // Alive // Distant


Alexis was born and raised into a small middle-class family, including her mother, father and elder brother (by three years). It would be easy to say that she had an easy life growing up, since her parents both worked and rarely found it difficult to keep on top of the bills whilst still providing food and clothes for their two children. However, Alexis has always felt a little out of place, since her parents were always very distant and practical, and her brother was never around. Unsurprisingly enough, it was no easier trying to form relationships with her peers as she entered school. Her lack of an affectionate upbringing meant that she was awkward and a little socially inept. Talking and acting without thinking, as if she had no real consideration of others, was the cause of much bullying and harassment, and so started the trend of violent behaviour in Alexis. She fought so often that her parents and teachers thought it had become second nature, the lot of them promptly giving up on her after high school.

Alexis left school with a decent set of grades to back her up, and after moving out of her parent's house, she moved in with her elder brother in his apartment for a time. The two still maintained a distant relationship, but it was clear that Axel wanted her to get herself sorted. He is to blame for her attending Hades University, although admittedly the name did catch her interest a fair bit.


So begins...

Alexis Dunn's Story

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00000000 Michael Canaan 000000 Lucian Luxuria 00000000 Lucifer Baal

0 {Archangel} {999999} {Outfit} 00 {Lust} {8F0241} {Outfit} 00 {Devil} {000000} {Outfit}

Things we beginning to heat up at Hades University since the arrival of Lucifer and the Seven Deadly Sins. They had been making great progress during the fall semester with the Seven that Lucifer had been adamant on them claiming for Hell. Though the Sins didn't know why they were so important nor were they foolish enough to ask and risk their creators wrath. They instead did as they were told and it seemed they would have gotten a few claimed if it weren't for the divine Michael and his Seven Heavenly Virtues deciding to show up and make things interesting. Now it was The Sins vs The Virtues in the fight to claim seven humans who did't even know of the great abilities that would soon be awakened. Though the real question was... Who would they choose? Heaven or Hell?

It was quiet in the office. Papers were stacked upon each side as a large pale hand held the dreaded pen and stained each paper with lines of red. No one would ever imagine an angel grading papers yet here he was... The Archangel Michael grading before the Theology class he wouldn't be teaching until tomorrow. Michael could easily do this in no time but he surprisingly enjoyed the tedious and human task. It gave him something to do while his little creations were out posing as normal students and teachers while trying to complete their mission Michael's heavenly father had tasked him with. Michael was not allowed to intervened but simply 'mentor' so naturally the only way to pass time was posing as a college professor and grading mundane papers trying not to laugh at how some students still manage to write like children.

It seemed so long ago sins Michael had arrived at the ironically named Hades University overrun by the Seven Deadly Sins with his freshly created Seven Heavenly Virtues. At least seemingly fresh. Michael had a very skewed sense of time compared to how humans perceived it. In Heaven, a thousand years was a day and a day was a thousand years. He'd hardly noticed when the fall semester ended and the spring one began. He may not even realize when his class starts if not for the luxury of technology and clocks being on smart phones. Michael checked the contraption as he decided to pay a certain family member a visit...

It took sometime for the light to finally trickle far enough in the room to awaken the bleached bad boy surrounded by nearly equally attractive enough men and women that had joined the little sin after his concert last night... Lucian Luxuria: Embodiment of Lust and self appointed Sex God. He had slowly taken his arms off the naked and sweaty humans in his bed to scratch his stomach and rub his eyes for a bit. Lucian did not need sleep but he did enjoy the act after pleasing his customers all night long with his unmatched stamina and knowledge of the human body. Of course no one could ever quite keep up with Lucian which left rather bored but there was someone who kept things interesting for Lucian's lustfully twisted mind...

Lucian quickly snuck out of his own bed careful not to stir the humans and go through the trouble of telling them this was a one time thing though he was tempted to just kick them out. Instead he dug through his mess of a closet until he came upon an outfit that seemed clean and didn't smell. He got dressed and gave himself a rather vain once over in the mirror before combing his nearly white locks back and leaving the room. He had checked his watch and noted he had more than enough time for a special and pleasurable visit to his favorite teacher on campus before his class. It didn't take very long to swivel through people until Lucian finally happened upon the office he was looking for and gave a few knocks against the glass. "Oh, Ira..." He practically sang as he spoke. "You're Prince Charming has arrived and is in desperate need of some attention."

The clock ticked on far too slowly for Lucifer as crowds of college students raced around them in hopes of getting to their appropriate lectures on time. The Dark Prince, on his way to give a lecture on demonology and the occult, was in no rush at all as he carried his bag and coffee and took each step as slowly as possible. There was no need to race there and no reason to care if he was late. It was all part of his plan after all. Finally after what felt like centuries, Lucifer made it to the doorway of his classroom to peak in just enough to not be seen. He finally took a deep breathe before he threw the door about and appeared to rush and scramble into the room like an idiot freshman for the sake of getting his class to at least snicker a bit as he threw his things onto his desk in the same manner he entered.

"Sorry I'm late, class." Lucifer fixed his suit and gave his class an apologetic grin. "The 'devil' made me do it." He seemed to rub the back of his head with a flushed face though it was all just an act as he waited to hear the classes response. He finally composed himself to his regular and serious demeanor as his eyes seemed to fall hard onto the Virtues. Lucifer despised them more than the weak little humans all because they were copies of Lucifer's ideas and his father's way of wanting to soil his dreams with heavenly piss all over again.

As the room fell into dead silence with Lucifer being stuck in the state of wanting to kill the creatures he was not allowed to touch, a loud clap echoed through the room to take his students by surprise. "Well not that my 'lame and 'totally cheesy' introduction is finished... We can go onto our lesson for the day." He grabbed the best piece of chalk he could find as he wrote across the board with little squeaks from each stroke until he finally dropped the chalk and wiped the dust from his hands to turn and face his students. "The Devil, Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Prince of Darkness, Lord of Flies, the embodiment of sin and evil...." He paused to make sure he had their attention. "We all know about 'the devil' so to say... But do any of you actually know what he does and the story behind him?" He asked the class openly daring one of them to raise their hand and give him the wrong answer about who he was and what he does.

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Blake Pigredo
hex: #66CCCC XXX Acedia

Freida Anemone
hex: #9C6B98 XXXPatientia
Sleep. Wonderful, blissful, sleep.

That was all that Acedia wanted to do. He was tired and the alcohol he had consumed the night previous was still in his system. Since he wasn't human, he didn't really suffer from hang overs and he really had to drink a whole lot before he even felt a buzz. It was awful money-wise but he didn't really care about his growing 'tab'. They wouldn't be here for too much longer really and so the loss of money wasn't really a deter for him. Considering the amount of cans and glasses strewn in the dorm one would think he had gone to Lust's concert but he hadn't. He said he would, but he never made it there. Acedia was the least reliable of the bunch and Acedia was sure that his 'brother' would understand.

Acedia yawned and stretched against his bed and turned to glance at the clock. He squinted a bit to get the digital numbers in focus. 8 o'clock. AM. He had class with the Big Bad Boss at 8:30 but why bother? He lived in hell. He worked for the Devil. What more could he learn from a class that was centered on something he was living? Besides, class was really boring and it was early. Lucifer really should have made the class later in the day. Maybe then Acedia would be remotely inclined to attend such a thing. As it was, curling up in his nice soft bed sounded much more appealing to Sloth.

The sin gave a yawn and rolled back onto his right side and pulled the covers over his head to go back to sleep. Yeah, this was the better option. If he went to class, he'd fall asleep in the hard chair anyway. At least this way Mr. Boss-man didn't have to come over to his desk and startle him awake every 10 minutes. Less annoying for everyone involved. See? Acedia could problem solve when he wanted to.

He didn't get to remain where he was however.

Lucy was one to always be punctual to her favorite class though that didn't stop her from making an annoyingly necessary stop beforehand. She didn't bother knocking on the door knowing the little Sloth would be too lazy to come an answer the door anyways. Lucy simply barged straight in calmly and composed as she always was as she entered the room. She was not one to pull covers and make a grueling amount of noise like some of the others tasked with retrieving Sloth. No, Lucy instead took the chair from the rarely used desk and pulled it at the edge of the bed.

She sat down with her legs crossed and watched the lazy Sin sleep hidden away in his shield of covers. She examined her nails and let out a very audible sigh. "I'm only going to warn you once to get out and come to class." Lucy waited for his response hoping he understood by now that one warning was fair enough before she would decide to use her powers on him.

Acedia groaned when he heard Lucy and curled up tighter under the covers for a moment. He would ignore her and most of the time, he did ignore her. Today however, he really didn't want to have to deal with a painful wake up call. If Lucy decided to use her powers on him, he was going to be in pain and the ache was sadly residual. He gave an exasperated sigh and pulled the covers away from his head and glared at her.

"Bastard. Always ruining my sleep," he mused. "Fine, fine. I am up." He slowly pulled himself out of the bed and zombied over to his mirror and ran his fingers through his hair to somewhat comb it back before he pulled on a pair of jeans sitting on the floor and a wrinkled black T-shirt. He gave another yawn and slung his tiny back-pack over his shoulder. "There. Ready," he answered. He did not wait for Lucy though. He just started to make his way to the classroom slowly. He was sure Lucy would get there before him if she wanted to be there on time. And surprisingly, he ended up in the classroom only a minute late. He plopped down on the first empty seat he found and stared at Lucifer with a bored expression on his face, head resting on his hand.

Freida sat in her seat, her manicured baby pink pinky nail tapping on her lush bottom lip. She didn't normally take morning patients since most students had classes at this time, but there were a couple who she always saw in the morning. One of them, a girl, was sitting in a chair across from the virtue pretending to be a Clinical Psychologist. The poor dear was dealing with a lot of stress at home and this stress was not being helped at all with the appearance of the sins. Even though she was not one of the seven chosen humans, she was being affected by their aura and the occasional attention she did get from them. She needed quite a bit of healing.

"I see," she said softly and let her graceful hand write out the new development in the girl's life. Not only did she have her parents in the hospital, she was now facing a potential break up with a boy she had known for two years. Besides her depression of course. That was probably one of the things causing some of this boy trouble. Damn Acedia's power so easily ebbed over the masses without him even truly interacting half the time. Truly, a sin that required absolutely no effort to persuade people. She was happy the sloth never actually applied himself.

"So the problem is centering around the fact that you do not want to go out much anymore?" Patience asked just to clarify.

The young girl nodded. "I just... I don't want to go out. I am tired all the time. And just going to the movies is boring. I end up falling asleep and he gets mad that he spent money on the tickets for me to fall asleep."

"What do you think would solve this problem the two of you are having? If you don't want to go to the movies, what would you like to do?"

"I don't know. There is no communication anymore. He says I am no fun."

"So it is more about communication and interacting?"


"Okay. What do you think you can do to help improve that?" She asked, each word she uttered extending her Holly Voice to help dispel some of the fog that Acedia had left on the girl. A lot of it was the tiredness. She was losing more and more desire to do things so even if she came up with a solution, she would be unmotivated to do anything about it. She needed a bit of a boost. The girl heaped a big sigh, some of the creases in her face fading a bit as she calmed.

"Well... I guess we could hang out at home and talk. Or we could go out to a lunch or something. That is kind of a middle ground. I should probably answer some of his texts too. That way he doesn't think I am ignoring him," she said with a nod. "I could.. I could text him and make the arrangement to a restaurant this time. That will show him that I am still interested."

"All right. That sounds like a good idea. I want to see how you improve your communication with him next week and see if things have changed."

"Okay. Thank you Dr. Anemone."

"You are welcome. Your session is just about over. Is there anything else I can help you with today before you head off to your classes?"

"No. That was all for today."

"All right then. I will see you next week. Have a good day," Freida smiled and sat up in her chair, her blond hair up in a professional and elegant bun.

The student gave a nod before hurrying out of the room.

Freida sighed softly and looked down at her schedule. They needed to stay on their toes. They had to undo all the mess the sins had created before they could really start to sway the 7 powerful humans. They needed to work fast. Thus far, she had seen very little of the seven since they did not yet require mental help. She wasn't going to be able to influence them directly unless they came into the office. Ah well. She was getting Intel at least. It appeared that she mostly had to help those around the 7. Other humans seemed to be more susceptible to the charms of sin and virtue alike. The 7 would be harder to reach. And they were all currently in Lucifer's classroom. Most of the sins would be there and their combined efforts would be quite daunting. At least some of the virtues were there to keep the basic aura stable. She did so wish they didn't have a class with Lucifer but there was nothing they could do about that. At least Michael was also a teacher to help balance that situation out. She was going to have to talk to the others about Acedia's reach over the students in general and of course Lust's parading around. In her book, those were the two that could cause the most collateral damage emotionally. Well, they could all be rather damaging but generally speaking, she saw Lust and Sloth as the two that could reach many people at once.

"So much to do and so little time," she mused softly.

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#, as written by tigerz
000 A R I E L 0 C H A S T I T A S
000000[Chastity] [#7373FF] [Outfit]

0L U C I F E R A 0 S U P E R B I A
0000000[Pride] [#470000] [Outfit]
Sleep was never a necessity for the sound young Virtue though Ariel seemed to greatly enjoy the ritual more than most. Humans claimed to feel a rejuvenation from the task that the pure Ariel wanted to experience though his methods were always done in an odd and ritualistic manner. He'd always shower just before bed to remove his body of any impurities from the day before beginning his nightly routine of cleansing his face and physically removing the 'impurity' that may have rubbed off on him. Then he would prepare everything he needed for the next day. He'd set aside clean clothes and neatly organize them before organizing all his essentials for his classes and drink a full glass of water with assorted fruits and vegetables. Only then would he allow his body to drift off into the meditative state that was sleep in order to experience something many humans seemed to hold so dear.

Ariel would soon wake up the next day just before his alarm would sound his catchy show tunes everyday in the same timely fashion for him to get dressed and cleanse himself once more as if lying in his bed may have ruined the purity he embodies. His breakfast was as healthy and as vegan as anyone could make that seemed to take him hours to prepare before his daily work out and post shower. Yet somehow he still managed to always arrive to his morning class in a timely fashion. His first class was dreadfully Demonology and Occult Studies with a man his creator knew far too well with the evil and impure Seven Deadly Sins. Of course Ariel did not allow himself to despise the Sins are express any distaste as thoughts like those would be far too 'impure' for someone like him. He would instead meet everyone with a kind heart though he was much nicer towards the humans he was tasked with converting for unknown reasons.

On the other side of the campus, The First Sin was all too awake...

Lucy never slept. She had no need for it and saw no desire in trying to act 'human' by experiencing such a useless task that rendered her from getting anything done. Instead she spent her nights throwing parties. The best parties really. She was Pride after all and Pride could only bring the best. She was rarely seen at the festivities held in her obnoxiously large dorm that was really more of an apartment all to herself thanks to her 'father' and her own skills of persuasion. She would appear for only a few moments to quickly disappear into her own secluded room if she felt no one was interesting enough for her attention to. She would simply keep to herself as she kept her studies at the top of her class along with performing other tasks like strengthening her powers, improving her combative skills, or meditation to aid in honing her abilities even further. Every one in a blue moon someone would join her room for a night of pleasure she claimed that Lust would be jealous of. Though that night nothing of the sorts seemed to happen as no one caught her eye with their lack of intelligence and interest she found in most humans.

The next morning would be spent with Lucy begrudgingly having to partake in showering with the rest of the human females as Lucifer insisted she try to appear normal. Lucy did not have a need for showering. She was far too perfect for such a useless and mundane task. Of course she did it anyways as she knew better by now than to deny Father and his wishes. His wishes were the whole reason she was stuck in this pathetic school pretending to be like any other college woman even though she was far better than all of them. Though this morning would not be pleasant as Lucy had the unfortunate task of retrieving Sloth from his room. It wasn't hard for her as a simply threat of pain always seemed to get the point across though Lucy still hated anything that could hinder her prefect attendance. Especially when it came to the only class she actually seemed to enjoy.

Lucy seemed to almost rush past Blake though really she was walking at a normal pace compared to him as she arrived early to class as always but was displeased to find that she was not the first. She was second to the young man she recognized as Wolfgang. Second. This would never do for Lucifer's darling little Pride as she made a mental note to be much earlier than him the next chance she had. Lucy took her seat front and center as she did in every class while other students began to pile in along with the other Sins and Virtues like Ariel. Chastity. Lucy saw him as a prude not realizing the temptations he could enjoy if he didn't have a rod shoved so far up his ass and an obsession with being as pure as possible. Ariel took his seat towards the center row as he carefully laid out his supplies for class though he had no plan to actually take notes for a class devoted to sinful and impure thoughts.

As more students piled in, Lucy grew more anxious for the class to start though she never showed it. She always kept her same calm demeanor in any situation. She simply felt a bit anxious internally over the fact that class hadn't started yet and even Blake seemed t arrive before Lucifer which was far to alarming making Lucy wonder what happened to her creator. Lucifer soon came barreling in with childish antics meant to entertain the humans and an apology that she knew would never be genuine. She did not jump or change expression when he clapped his hands together though the gesture seemed to startle Ariel a bit. Lucy didn't fully pay attention or really care until Lucifer began to write on the board in chalk. "The Devil, Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Prince of Darkness, Lord of Flies, the embodiment of sin and evil...."

Ariel rolled his eyes while Lucy seemed to yawn and withdraw from taking notes as she never needed them. Clearly she was an expect in everything while Ariel simply did not want to learn about something so disgusting. Lucifer continued on. "We all know about 'the devil' so to say... But do any of you actually know what he does and the story behind him?" Lucy did her best not to snicker as the humans gave there attempts at responses. Ariel was barely listening to the conversation just hoping their lecture would be over with soon. One man seemed to drag on with Biblical nonsense and that made Lucy scoff and even Ariel snap to attention while Lucifer stopped at Wolfgang's desk and glanced at whatever was scribbled on the page.

Lucifer soon found himself to the front of the classroom right in front of Lucy's desk with his arms folded looking down at her while she scribbled a design on notebook out of boredom. "Lucy?" Lucy quickly looked up from her notebook and met eyes with Lucifer. "You've been awfully quiet... Care to enlighten the class on 'The Devil'." Lucy smirked up at him while Ariel seemed to leaned ever so slightly forward from his typical upright and statue like position. He was actually quite curious about how Lucifer's favorite sin would describe her creator.

Lucy adjusted herself to sit upright in her seat as she began her little speech. "The Devil is not some red man with horns and a tail and a useless pitch fork ruling over a fiery domain of sulfur and brimstone forcing people to sin. Yes, he was cast out of Heaven and the story goes that he fell because of Pride..." She paused for emphasis. The First Sin." Lucy seemed to show a hint of joy with her remark as she continued on. "The Devil had once been an angel and his true name was Lucifer, 'The bringer of light'. He was said to be God's favored angel and the first to question his creator. He questioned God's own pride for wanting another creation... Humans. Lucifer rebelled against God and was cast out of Heaven and punished to rule over Hell for being the only angel with balls to see the truth behind the righteous 'God'. He was then created to be seen as 'The Deceiver' and the cause of sin by religious bigots for showing Adam and Eve the truth even though he never forced Eve to take a bite from the forbidden fruit. She chose to sin on her own."

Lucifer was obviously pleased with her answer though he pressed on. "Very good. Now what does Lucifer actually do if he is not the reason people sin?" Lucy rolled her eyes to give another long winded answer. "Lucifer is said to tempt people towards sin though temptation is already present in everyone. He simply enlightens people with the truth and what they're missing out on. Though if you prefer is actual job... It is to punish those that God deems as sinners and refuses to come into his kingdom as this was Lucifer's punishment for the truth. Am I done?" Lucifer smiled down at her as his attention went back to the class. "Anyone else have thoughts to share?"