Anabeth Orion


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{ N A M E }
Anabeth Orion

{ A G E }

{ G E N D E R }

{ S E X U A L I T Y }

{ O C C U P A T I O N }
College Student; Philosophy Major

{ E Y E S }
Dark Brown

{ H A I R }
Naturally blonde, dyes brown

{ H E I G H T }

{ W E I G H T }
117 lbs

{ A P P E A R A N C E }
Anabeth could be someone considered a rare beauty depending on the person. She's not one to boast about it though there's no denying the looks she sometimes gets. Her style would sometimes be described as 'preppy' with bright colors and a bit of a Catholic school girl vibe as she tends to always where a cross around her neck she's had as a child. She has a small and thin frame and not very strong but she still manages to have an oddly strong 'bitch' presence about her without trying.

{ P O W E R }
Belief Inducement

{ S T R E N G T H S }
Academics|Anabeth keeps her grades as high as possible in order to not lose her scholarship and keep her family happy. She has great study habits and is actually really smart even though many would assume otherwise.
Leadership|She's a girl that's extremely ambitious and loves to be in control of everything.
Sway|This is something she doesn't know about yet until her powers awaken but Anabeth does have a certain knack for 'swaying' people to her side.
Fencing|Believe it or not she actually holds a a few Championship titles along with being here on a full ride scholarship.

{ W E A K N E S S E S }
Physical Strength|Anabeth is a small girl so she's not very physically strong but she makes up for it in speed.
Pride|The greatest sin and easiest one to succumb to as it would seem. It could be her downfall to the dark side.
Questioning|Anabeth has been questioning her faith in God and it very much mean she could be claimed by the sins.

{ F E A R S }
Losing Scholarship|She worked so hard to get it and she could lose everything without it.
Bugs/Insects|The quickest way for Anabeth to become a complete wimp.
Parents|That's long list as to why.

{ P E R S O N A L I T Y }

{ H I S T O R Y }

{ H E X C O D E }

{ F A C E - C L A I M }

{ U S E R }

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