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Naomi Lolita Lamar

"Just Wait a Minute."

0 · 636 views · located in Hell on Earth

a character in “The Seven Vices”, as played by sweetshearts




⌈Just Wait a Minute.βŒ‹


Kendrick Lamar ||Poetic Justice
Drake|| Make Me Proud
Mariah Carey ||Fly Like A Bird
Wale || That Way


⌈Wanna know more? Just Wait a Second I'll Show you!βŒ‹

⌈NicknameβŒ‹ Image
Mi-Mi is her only nickname.


β€œI look 18 but am much older than that of course!”

β€œI am a cis-sexual female.”

β€œWell I’m an angel but I’m also of African, Japanese, Native American and German descent. That was a lot to say, right?”


⌈Face Claim
Jhene Aiko


⌈If I was Just a Little Better LookingβŒ‹


⌈Hair ColorβŒ‹
β€œMy hair is jet-black, but don’t think that’s because I’m devilish or something, I’m the polar opposite of that.”
⌈Eye ColorβŒ‹
β€œMy eyes are dark brown.”

⌈Skin ToneβŒ‹
β€œI’m fair skinned with a bit of a natural tan.”



⌈Physical DescriptionβŒ‹ \
Naomi is petite with an obvious girly look. She has fair skin with a bit of a natural tan. Her face is triangular and has visible cheekbones. She has a broad tip nose and wide-set eyes. Her eyebrows are arched and she has no facial blemishes. She has long naturally curly black hair which she will either straighten or curl depending on the day, sometimes braiding it or putting it in a bun. She also has a lot of baby hair on her edges. Naomi has a thin hour-glass frame and isn’t that tall. She has a small tattoo of the words β€œDon’t Rush God’s Plan” on her back and a rose of her stomach. She loves wearing loose urban clothes that show off body, girly clothes are a love of hers too.


⌈Nothing is Better then the Things You Like!βŒ‹

⌈Potential InterestβŒ‹
Cooking or being a Housewife

    ✦ Fighting || She knows how to fight quite well.
    ✦ Social Skills || She loves to talk to others and knows how to spark a conversation at any time.
    ✦ Aim || She has great aim.

⌈Power AbilitiesβŒ‹
    βœ”Cooking || She knows a lot about cooking.
    βœ” Patience || Obviously, she doesn’t rush anybody or anything, if she ever does something crazy is happening.
    βœ” Planning || She can plan things real well.


    ⌈I'm a Little Weird, Huh?βŒ‹

    Any other important information

      ❖ Twirling Hair || She just does this because she likes her hair a lot.

        β™₯ Love and Romance ||She loves romantic stories.
        β™₯ Candy || She loves sweet things.
        β™₯ Music ||She loves listening to music or humming to herself.
        β™₯ Human Happiness || Seeing humans, especially human children, be happy is something she loves dearly.

        ✘ Rush || She hates it when people are being too quick or want her to be too quick.
        ✘ Getting Hurt ||Both emotionally and physically, when emotionally hurt she’ll cry a lot, when physically hurt she’ll get angry.
        ✘ Things that Can Hurt Her/Anybody Else || Even when trying to hurt others she gets scared when holding a knife or guns, thinking she will hurt herself accidentally.

        βœͺ Strong || She is very physically strong.
        βœͺ Patience || Which is quite a strength itself, she’ll wait long for anything, unlike others.
        βœͺ Seriousness || Sometimes, she can get real serious when the time calls for it.

        ⌘ Hopeless Romantic || Somewhat of a weakness, she falls in love easily.
        ⌘ Naive || She trust people easily.
        ⌘ Lazy || At times she’ll just lazily wait for things, not caring at all.


⌈"I'm a Lot of Weird Things Stuck Together!βŒ‹

Patient | Calm | Hopeless Romantic | Naive Hopeful

Naomi seems to be the calm, no-nonsense person. She’s normally can be seen being very nonchalant and serious But, if you knew Naomi real good you’d know that she’s like a little girl; naive, sweet, and scared of the slightest thing. Her calmness only goes to an extent since she can get real excited for things, but will easily wait a long time for them. She loves to read books about love and romance, so she is a bit of a romantic person and would love to get a chance to find love. She is also extremely patient, obviously, she'll wait for anything for a long time and not care how long it takes for it to come. Her patience also comes with a lot of Hope, which at times was all she had. It takes a lot to destroy her hope and through all the hard times it has never been lost.Only on rare and drastic occasions will she ever be in a rush and she's known for keeping her cool. Unless her physically hurt her real bad she'll never have a temper, and even then she'll try not to show it much.


⌈I've Been on a Long Bumpy Road Waiting for The OutcomeβŒ‹


Naomi use to live a life of happiness, nothing was better then seeing a human smile to her and to see them get what they wanted. Human happiness was one of her favorite things. Sadly those days are over. Naomi had stayed in hiding from the demons for years, surviving some of the worse fights days of her life and being almost killed by a few demons. She wandered around cities looking like a homeless woman, scraped and dirty. She would cry herself to sleep and just hope one day to see some one smile, just one human, just anything that wasn't a demon! Sadly, it never happened. All she had left with her was hope, hope that maybe there was a plan out there, that maybe something was going to happen.

⌈You’ll Miss it When it’s Gone, so Why Rush the Wait?βŒ‹

So begins...

Naomi Lolita Lamar's Story