Violet Maundrell

I go by the three S's. Small, Smart, Silent...

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a character in “The Shadow”, as played by Violentious


Name: Violet Maundrell
Age: 21
Gender: Female
History: She was an orphan with special powers. Somebody took her in and trained her to kill at the age of 11. After 10 years, her master died and she was called Queen of Darkness. It was a nickname given to her by a random guard who was acting funny. One second later, the guard died.
Personality: Gothic and Silent
Side: R.C.
Magic: Thunder (Does that include Lightning?)
Other: She wears glasses. If she takes them off, you will get killed just by her looking at you. If your lucky, you will only have a few broken bones or your paralyzed...

So begins...

Violet Maundrell's Story