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The Shadowhunter Chronicles: City of Snow

The Shadowhunter Chronicles: City of Snow


In 2013, a new group of Shadowhunters based in Toronto are tasked with getting to the bottom of a series of increasingly strange demon attacks. What they find will rock the Clave to its very foundations, and start an all new war for the survival of man.

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Shadowhunters, also known as Nephilim, are a secretive race of humans born with angelic blood. They are a demon hunting race that has survived for over one thousand years. They have fought the demons valiantly, creating their own culture and civilization within human society. Their mandate is to protect humans.

One thousand years ago, the precise date unknown, the earth was being invaded by hordes of demons. A man, Jonathan Shadowhunter, had a warlock summon the angel Raziel. He begged Raziel to help save humanity so the angel mixed his blood with that of Jonathan Shadowhunter, in the Mortal Cup, and gave it to men to drink. These men became known as the Shadowhunters, as did their children, and their children's children. They were given the first Gray Book, listing all of the runes, to use in their fight against demons.

In 1868, the Shadowhunters sign the first of The Accords. This is the first step in the peace negotiations with the Downworlders populace.

In 1878, the Shadowhunters of the London Institute face the Magister. He and his clockwork army attacked the Nephilim. Tessa Gray, with the ability to Change into other people, dead or alive, as well as hear and see their thoughts and memories, is sought by the Magister. Her ability also allowed her to be used as a volume for communication with the spirits of the dead.

The Uprising occurs in 1991. Valentine Morgenstern and the Circle plan to slaughter the unarmed Downworlders. This event is stopped by the Downworlders and some of the other Shadowhunters, informed by Valentine's wife, Jocelyn Fairchild-Morgenstern, and former best friend, Lucian Graymark, both of whom discovered the error of his ways.

In 2007, the Accords were signed again and Valentine plans to wipe out the current Shadowhunter race and make a new one by calling upon the angel Raziel again. A demon army he had summoned from their dimensions nearly slaughters all Shadowhunters and Downworlders, a great battle taking place. Valentine is defeated, nonetheless, after being killed by the angel Raziel.

It is now 2013, and the Toronto institute is currently facing a problem of it's own, one possibly on the same scale as the London crisis. Whispers in downworlder clubs and dark alleys say that a downworlder known as Sartana is starting an uprising against the Clave and, as a result an increased amount of demon attacks have been taking place. However, these demons seem to be much stronger than normal, and rumors indicate that it is because of an artifact known as the Luna brush, said to belong to none other then Sartana himself.



The Clave is the governing body in the Shadow World. Shadowhunters who are of age and choose to act as demon hunters are considered members, unless they choose to renounce their membership of sorts.
It is led by a Council, the Inquisitor, and the Consul. They meet in the Gard at Alicante, Idris. Although Shadowhunters are all welcome to the meeting, some Shadowhutners choose not to attend. The Council makes the law of the Clave, known as the Covenant. The Council also signs the Accords. Originally this council held only Shadowhunters.

By the end of the City of Glass, the New Council has been formed, now including seats in the council for representatives from all four Downworlder races (Vampires, Werewolves, Faerie, and Warlocks).

The Clave has different branches, or divisions of smaller groups of Shadowhunters in different countries who reside in their Institute. In New York, it is referred to as Conclave, and Enclave in London.


Runes, sometimes referred to as Marks, are markings used by the Nephilim. A stele is used to draw them and they have a variety of effects.
Runes were markings given to the first generation of Shadowhunters by the Angel Raziel to assist them in fighting the Demons they were tasked to eradicate. Every rune known to the Shadowhunters is recorded in The Gray Book. This is a specially crafted book with each rune place in its pages. Copies of the book are rare because each book must be specially made as many of the runes would burn normal

Many Runes are temporary and fade with time. These runes will always leave behind a faint silver scar symbolic of the rune that was once placed there. These runes would need to be drawn again for their effects to be felt again. Other runes are permanent. These runes never fade and their effects constantly work on the Shadowhunter they were placed on.

The placement of runes also adds to their effectiveness. The closer a rune is place to the heart, the more effective it is. Some runes are place on hands and arms and legs because they target that particular area. The force that the rune is drawn with is also a factor in how long it lasts. The harder someone presses when drawing the rune makes it last longer.

Runes are what make Shadowhunters different from average humans as they are the only beings able to bear the Angel's marks. Most marks can only be worn by Shadowhunters. When drawn on mundanes, they burn. However, several marks, powerful ones, would drive any average person insane. They would be turned into Forsaken, mindless servants to the one who marked them, and they would never be the same. Downworlders that are marked cannot bear the runes. They will kill them on contact.


Shadowhunters may be trained at a very young age, by their parents or other mentors and guardians. Some Shadowhunters may train at an academy in Alicante, or at Institutes in other parts of the world.
There is a variety of weapons used by Shadowhunters. Most of these weapons are made with materials capable of killing demons, some using adamas forged by the Iron Sisters.

Most used is the seraph blade, the primary weapons of the Nephilim. They are made of adamas crafted by the Iron Sisters. They call upon the power of an Angel's name to access the blade's power.

In addition to seraph blades, Jace also uses a sword, Alec alternatively uses a bow and arrow and a featherstaff, and Isabelle uses a whip in battle. Valentine used a kindjal, a Circassian dagger, in his first encounter with both Clary and Jace. Hodge Starkweather's, and Luke's weapon of choice were chakrams. Maryse Lightwood used a naginata.

The Sensor, invented by Henry Branwell, is a weapon that allows Shadowhunters to detect demonic energies. They can be fooled by Greater Demons, as Abbadon was able to keep his ethereal form just outside a portal before he attacked Jace and the others.

Shadowhunters are known to hide weapons in churches for their use in case of emergencies, since some forms of demons can only be killed and fought through a certain method of a belief systems. As long as Shadowhunters cleave to no single religion, all religions will assist in their battle. The weapons are usually hidden by a church's altar, with the Nephilim rune drawn over its hiding place.

Each species is weak to a certain element. Blessed iron is effective against fairies, silver powder and bullets against lycanthropes, holy water and other religious symbols against vampires, etc.


An Institute is a safe house for Shadowhunters. They are found in all large cities and are often located in churches. The entire point of an Institute is to lodge and assist Shadowhunters from around the world in their quest to kill demons.

An Institute is a place for Shadowhunters to find safety in the event of danger. It is a stronghold for the Shadowhunters that live there.The hallowed ground prevents vampires from entering. The bricks have been blessed with deceased Shadowhunter blood, that in and of itself being a powerful protection. Every metal rod is made out of iron and every nail silver, protecting against faeries and werewolves respectively. In addition, the doors cannot be opened without Shadowhunter blood, thereby stopping anyone but a Shadowhunter from entering. Also, it is glamored. Any mundane that looks upon an Institute would see nothing but, for example, a rundown church.

Inside an Institute, there are many amenities that are the same. An Institute is supposed to be lived in. Therefore, it has a kitchen. These kitchens are quite large and well put together. There's also a formal dining room, able to seat over two hundred comfortably. Additionally, in the residential wings, there are over two hundred bedrooms. These room are always open to Shadowhunters that wish to take up residence there. They all have an infirmary to heal injured Shadowhunters. There is a library filled with books always open for the Shadowhunters' use.
There's also a training room. Shadowhunters are at liberty to enter the training room and develop their fighting skills at any given time. There are usually beams along the ceiling to allow Shadowhunters to practice flips, and a locker room attached to the training room for the Shadowhunters to store spare clothes while they train. Additionally, there's an armory filled with all sorts of weapons. They have everything from bows to seraph blades at the disposal of the Shadowhunters.

Outside of the hallowed ground is the Sanctuary. This area is purposely put outside the hallowed ground for meetings with Downworlders. Vampires and demons cannot enter hallowed ground. Therefore, the Sanctuary is the meeting place with downworlders and the holding cells of demons that are being interrogated.

Additionally, the Institute is the seat of power over a given area. They are the authority force for the city in which they reside and they oversee all tactical missions. They report directly to Idris and are often Council members.
To be a head of an Institute indicates a great deal of power. Though most Shadowhunters are paid roughly the same, Institute heads are paid more because of their difficult position. They deal with many administrative tasks: communicating with Idris, Downworlder negotiations, etc. Therefore they are rarely seen going out on a hunting mission for no reason. They generally take on the more dangerous missions, such as raiding a large vampire nest, and don't often do much else.

Orphaned Shadowhunters, wards, are given into the care of Institutes. When someone leaves the Clave, the one thing that they must give up is their children. Every year, until the child is eighteen, the Clave will ask the child if they would like to join the Clave and become a Shadowhunter. If the child answers no every time until they are eighteen, they are free. At any point during the eighteen years, the child can go to any Institute and ask for training.
Additionally, if the former Clave members die, their children become the custody of the Clave. They are given to the Institutes to be watched and raised until they are eighteen, when they can decide what they want to do. This holds true to children whose parents haven't left the Clave. If they have no close relatives, they are given to an Institute to be raised and trained.

An Institute belongs to the Council. The guardians of it may live there, but it isn't actually theirs. Therefore, it is considered unprofessional to decorate an Institute as one would a family home. The halls and public rooms should be kept clean of all family portraits.



Isaiah Redcrown - Vexilous




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Character Portrait: Leonard Pierce
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Character Portrait: Cleopatra Firewalker
Cleopatra Firewalker

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Character Portrait: Mikasa Ravenscar
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Character Portrait: Isaiah Redcrown
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Character Portrait: Mikasa Ravenscar
Mikasa Ravenscar

"Demons don't deserve to live. Downworlders don't either but I'm forced to let them."

Character Portrait: Isaiah Redcrown
Isaiah Redcrown

"All stars burn out eventually, what matters is that we shine as bright as we can while we're here."

Character Portrait: Cleopatra Firewalker
Cleopatra Firewalker

"Nothing gold can stay."

Character Portrait: Leonard Pierce
Leonard Pierce

"Life is so boring, I wish something exciting would happen"

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Character Portrait: Mikasa Ravenscar
Mikasa Ravenscar

"Demons don't deserve to live. Downworlders don't either but I'm forced to let them."

Character Portrait: Isaiah Redcrown
Isaiah Redcrown

"All stars burn out eventually, what matters is that we shine as bright as we can while we're here."

Character Portrait: Leonard Pierce
Leonard Pierce

"Life is so boring, I wish something exciting would happen"

Character Portrait: Cleopatra Firewalker
Cleopatra Firewalker

"Nothing gold can stay."

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