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The Shadows of Undrentide

The Shadows of Undrentide


An epic science fiction fantasy that combines both technology and mythical races.

759 readers have visited The Shadows of Undrentide since Seraph created it.



The world as humanity knew it was of war, rape, murder, pestilence and disease. A series of devastating maladies compounded; the human genome had begun to break down from the last critical epidemic of 2525 . After millennia of mutations and genetic disorders--the human DNA sequence, the code for all human life was irrevocably damaged. In a last ditch effort to stall for time for a cure, humans turned to gene therapy and gene splicing.

This futile attempt only stalled the progression of the breakdown. The cure for the disease came five years later, however nearly half of the entire world's population perished. With the break down on a cellular level, people began the long, agonizing decent into death looking dead; deathly white skin, unless the corrosion struck the liver then a noticeable jaundice onset. Dark circles that looked more like black eyes and contusions. Hemtomas would 'sprout' over the body, painful protrusions as the accelerated breakdown flared cancer cells into over producing even more.

A breakthrough cure came in 2531 under the code name "Icarus" A new synthetic drug that manipulated the chromosomes and secured human prevalence once again. At first, the drug worked wonders. It cured every natural disease man had faced up to that point. But like the man that flew with wax wings and got to the sun--everything went terribly wrong.

Seven years. Seven long, painful years and the world would change forever. the drug that humankind sough to liberate themselves from a disease that--biologically had sundered them, was now the choice weapon of their downfall. Utilizing "dead" strains of some of the more viral plagues that were tearing human civilization apart and combining them to ward off the effects of active live strains yielded surprising effects. The live strains broke down chromosomes, the chemical make-up of any given human being. With an endless array of outcomes; sterilization, rapid onset of leprosy, blindness, deafness, anorexia, and the ever increasing chance of having the all--the diseases became known as Azrael Syndrome. Because of the human depiction of the Angel of Death as a hooded skeletal figure--patients exhibiting this contagious plague often looked appeared dead long before their suffering engulfed them.

Entire colonies were set up to shelter them, burn the bodies when they died--sometimes in the masses--and experiment on to find a way to combat this Syndrome. Icarus combated this infection by consistently mutating the chromosomes on a regular basis so it could not be destroyed via blood. Once entered into the blood stream, it changed the nature of AS and did not full on combat it. Within years strange side effects of the Icarus became apparent. Within the seven year progression strange, brutal attacks began occurring where victims were torn apart--and eaten. It wasn't until the world saw what was happening to the population that had been immunized from AS did it stand still in absolute horror.

The constant adaptation to the disease left what remained of the populations scattered across the world mutated or unfazed. Half the remains world's population experienced one of two mutations. One mutation was that subjects had a massive increase in muscle density and a could contract muscle tissue far more than a human ever could. The comparable strength was twice that of an adult silver back gorilla. Capable of flipping, even lifting sedan sized vehicles, ripping steel doors off their frames and even breaking steel reinforced cables. They also exhibited a highly dense hide, very resistant to bullets and shrapnel. These had a a decrease in mental functioning, with warmongering as a strong mental urge. The need to fight is very prevalent in these mutations. Their skin is a dull grey, they are highly muscular, and their eyes are like polished obsidian and hair a stark white. This are nicknamed "Oroc"

The second and completely differing mutation is a more agile, slimmer and highly intelligent being. They had a massive increase in brain activity. They have made quite a few advancements in technology, including but not limited to human-cybernetic attachments capable of combating Oroc. However, as agile and intelligent as they are, they seem to be quite frail. Having hollow bones that allow them swift movement, this is counter-productive as they cannot withstand even the abuse of a normal human would be capable of. These are called the Silvian.

The landscape of the world has changed much during the times of the plagues. The continents have since shifted and rejoined to make a super-continent now called "Toril". Less in scale to Pangaea millions of years ago, it still combines most of Europe, North and South America, and Africa as well as the core of Russia. The earth’s surface is ruled by the Orog, the skies by the Amaranth and the subterranean by humanity. Humankind has found ways to combat the Orog, albeit, not everyone applies. Human and Amaranth technologies have culminated in high strength, high performance robotic prosthesis. An expensive and painful procedure, usually only dedicated soldiers have been voted to endure at their request.
The Orog have overrun the surface. Their cannibalistic and volatile natures make them a threat at all times. However, due to their incredibly durable skin as well as their redundant organ systems, they are incredibly hard to kill. On noted occasions of one beserker Orog took out two squads, fourteen men in total by itself while sustaining multiple gunshot wounds. Their bones and skin are incredulously dense, acting like a biological "bulletproof vest". Even shots to the head, unless by a heavy caliber tipped with depleted uranium cores have stopped these beasts. The Kommandos, technologically enhanced soldiers with grafted augments have been noted to be capable of one fights with the Orog and survived.

The Amaranth seem to want nothing to do with the surface dwellers, hiding in floating citadels with their machines, high above the cloud cover. However, on occasion, they will trade with the humans. The Orog having a keen taste for Amaranth flesh. The only connection with them is via hologram. However, something has changed the Orog's behavior recently; decisive and seemingly tactful maneuvers--things that the typical Orog or its hierarchy hadn't displayed before has become a new threat to humanity and the Amaranth.

A "Duke" that goes by Cain has developed a highly receptive sense of reasoning. He was a capable of taking the rule over the Oroc hierarchical society and maintains his intelligence. However this does not mean he can be simply persuaded. He has recently taken down an Amaranth citadel, a near impossible feat beforehand and forced the city's leader to ransom its people or his daughter. The city voted unanimously to give Cain their city's leader's daughter. Cain plans on making a principality with his new bride...a concept that invokes disgust and terror for all...

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Anez sat still throughout Cain's sefl-hating rant unsure what to do, her mood changing slowly from sadness to sympathy. Near the end she got and walked quietly to standing in front of him. She knelt down and looked directly into his eyes, feeling sorry for him and slightly guilty about the look in his eyes.

She took his hands in hers, "Nobody deserves to live down here, you're right about that," she said, "And don't hurt yourself over me, I knew since I was nine that I would have an arranged marriage, that's what happens when you're born into royalty". She pulled him to his feet as best she could, "And to your unasked question," she paused taking a deep breath forcing herself to say what she had to, "I will help you". She gave him a small smile trying to persuade him that though she was still depressed about what had happened, that she was dealing with it and learning to cope and that he shouldn't worry about her. She knew that this marriage now was inevitable and that she had to learn to live with that fact and live with Cain, to learn to love him just like her parents learned to love each other. She knew it would be difficult to love the king of the Orogs, but it had to be done whether she liked it or not.


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#, as written by Seraph
"Nobody deserves to live down here, you're right about that," He felt her hand slide into his. He looked down at it, almost amazed at how small it was in comparison. Like he had never seen like that before. It was true. He had never really taken the time to notice how small or delicate they were. His eyes looked over her fair, flawless skin taking in the smallest details. His thumb, curiously caressed her hand. Its rough, calloused surface ran against her much smoother, softer flesh. Flesh that, he had deprived himself of many years ago.

He had killed a Silvian Stalker, a hunter of Orogs. He devoured him in a frenzy as any Orog would most certainly have, but then something unexpected happened. Guilt. It was a greater poacher than any Silvian had been, it stopped him where he could be stopped--his mind. He had found himself such a beast he didn't eat for weeks. He had hid in a storm drain, contemplating what his mother would have said to him had she found out. Even though she was human and never had the hunger like he did, she would've been disappointed in him for losing control.

"And don't hurt yourself over me, I knew since I was nine that I would have an arranged marriage, that's what happens when you're born into royalty" She told him, trying to pull him off the ground. Not realizing it, she was trying particularly hard and he wasn't exactly budging. Cain then stood up, watching her expression. It seemed like she was as though an animal too profoundly altered by her environment and the situation at hand--to be honestly concerned about his race. She was fighting a tide of on coming depression.

"And to your unasked question," He could tell she was hard considering the question, but reluctant to answer. "I will help you" Cain watched her smile, it was weak and broken. He could tell she still felt force into this position. He knew who was to blame. He was still looking down at her hand, and he knew what he had to do. He had to take her back. She had to be willing or his efforts, all that he had worked to prove the Orogs were capable of was for nothing.

"I will take you home..." He said quietly, never letting go of her hand, still caressing it like it were still simply something to be gawked at and amazed over. " I'll personally bring you to the teleporter and then...then you can decide." He finally released her hand and looked her in the eyes staring down at her. He had a hurt expression on his countenance. "I just wanted this so much for my people, I guess I forgot to just think it through thoroughly. But I knew if I didn't do something drastic, that no body would hear me or my words."

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What can I be and how fast will this be moving?

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You were changing names around in the description, are the Oroc different from the Orog? Where do the Silvian live? Who are the Amaranth?

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