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Elena Brian

Warrior of Nature

0 · 567 views · located in The Warriors Temple

a character in “The Shards”, as played by zen_ink


Name: Elena Brian
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Skin Tone: Olive
Element: Nature
Side: Pure

Modification of Picture - Description of Picture
Head Wear: Long, earthy brown hair; sometimes she wears it in a pigtail and always has either a flower or a vine in it; sometimes wears animal pelt hats
Shirt: A tight, brown leather tunic, fashioned similar to a corset or a vest
Pants: Very short, form-fitting leather shorts. All of her clothes are rugged as they have been crafted mainly by Elena herself
Foot Wear: Tight leather thigh-high boots with fur around the tops
Left Hand: A tight leather elbow-length glove with the fingers cut out and again fur around the top
Right Hand: 4 bracelets; one carved of wood, two of animal hide, and one is a vine
Left Arm: N/A
Right Arm: A leather band of fur around her upper arm (around the bicep)
Back: A brown and green leather cloak/cape; it's hooded but she always keeps the hood down except when going into battle; her quiver
Leggings: N/A
Other: Elena often accessorizes with the products of nature, whether its vines, leaves, fruits, flowers, or animal pelts.
Weapons: Her main weapon is a bow she carved from a magical willow. She also has a spear, and obviously a quiver full of arrows. She frequently poisons the tips of her arrows and spear


Personality: The first thing you must understand about Elena is that she has 2 very different and distinct sides to her personality. They interchange frequently but always according to the situation; this quality can make her difficult to pin down and sometimes confusing to those around her. Those closest to her know to expect it and respect her for who she is instead of questioning her or trying to anticipate her behavior. The first side is the loving, nurturing, motherly side that has respect for all things and all life forms, and especially a respect to nature. Elena is wise, patient, and forgiving. She looks out for those who share a similar cause to her own (to preserve the balance of things and prevent the corruption of nature) and vilifies those who don't. Elena's second side is the savage, raw, primal, instinctual side. Even when this bestial and animalistic side comes out, she still retains her wisdom and keen sense of judgment. Her kindness for her friends is always apparent. But it is when faced against those who would dare threaten the balance of things or more specifically nature, that Elena's inner warrior comes out. This is where the deception factor lies with her personality. Most people view her as a kind and gentle soul, too caring or peaceful to be an adequate fighter. This view is quickly changed when she is provoked. Haven't you ever heard of "nature's wrath"? Well Elena is the advocate for nature and she certainly has a wrath. She would more often prefer to keep to a more passive style of dealing with conflict, such as the utilization of magic and prayer. This is her normal style. She only whips out her bow or her spear when its absolutely needed, and when she does that, you better be ready for a battle, because her eye is sharp and her aim is true, and those poison tipped arrows of her's will cut through to your core.

Some consider Elena a hypocrite for having such a thing for animals yet she wears so many animal pelts. Well if you bring it up to her, she will explain to you quite frankly that killing is a part of nature. Yes, it is only natural to hunt and to kill. The "circle of life" and "nature's delicate balance" and all that good stuff.

Joys: Animals... caring after them, being around them, even the general idea of them; prayer... she is very spiritual and has a lot of faith in her own beliefs

Phobias: Fire; the destruction of nature


Earth Life

History: Elena ran away from home at a very young age; 8 to be exact. It's not that she didn't have a happy childhood... she did. She had a decent family, good parents and a great number of loyal friends. It was the lifestyle she found herself living in that made her extremely uncomfortable. She felt so distanced from nature with all the technology and everything. It didn't feel right to her, she desired to be closer to nature. Her primal instincts were calling to her and that was when she had to follow her heart and become a member of the wild. Ever since then, she has been living strictly off of the products of nature. She tends to avoid civilization at all costs, as she hates people for their tendency to be piggish and also for the fact that they ruin nature to no end.

Occupation: N/A ... huntress ?

True Life

Name: Viridia

History: Viridia was for the most part extremely similar in personality to Elena except no wild and savage side and emphasize the whole wisdom and prayer thing times a thousand. Viridia was always dressed in beautiful robes and garments reminiscent of nature as they were ornately decorated with leaves and flowers. She carried no weapons as she didn't believe in violence.. nothing except a staff with which to focus her magical energy. She often functioned through prayer, and the other warriors regarded her as a sort of ultimately wise, motherly figure. She gave great council but was actually rather reserved and distant from most other beings. She revered all life forms and did not kill. Her ultimate task was watching over the preservation of nature and the order of balance. When that balance was threatened, or when the sanctity of nature was threatened, she would pray in order to restore the balance. When seen at her fiercest in battle, Viridia could call forth massive roots and bring to life nature itself to smite those who would dare impede upon its territory. She had been depicted as a goddess of the earth, earning herself the nickname "Mother Nature". Feared, respected, and often underestimated for her tendency to be so passive, Viridia was the servant of a higher purpose, a greater good that she would always keep as a task closest to her heart.

Death: As the castle was stormed by those who would wish evil and imbalance upon the universe, Viridia went to pray. She pleaded to the gods and goddesses to protect the orb, to preserve the order of the universe and to strike down the evil where it stood. As she prayed, the earth itself appeared to move. Nature seemed to adopt its own will and began tossing demon after demon to its death with roots several feet thick and super strong vines. Poisonous flowers bloomed all around and emitted their toxic spores. As Viridia prayed and nature's wrath grew stronger and stronger, it seemed a possible victory was at foot. But then the inevitable happened, and Viridia was struck right in the heart with an arrow fired by a demon who was too clever for the universe's own good. She fell to the ground and all the vines and roots and flowers began to wilt and die. As Viridia took her final rest, so did nature return to rest, to allow the vile demons to do what pleased them. Before she died, she gripped the arrow in her hand as it held firm, impaled deep within her chest. She vowed to take this with her into her next life and turn it into a weapon so powerful that it would strike down any who dared threaten the balance of nature again.

So begins...

Elena Brian's Story