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"The chance of corruption in this operation is too big to be assured of safety and success after we have retrieved the shards but no better opportunity has arisen so were stuck with gathering the shards."

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a character in “The Shards”, as played by Thorait


Name: Laisin (After hearing the name of his past live he changed his name form Frederic to Laisin)
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Skin Tone: very white because he prefers to stay inside
Element: The mind
Appearance: Laisin is a tall man but he isn't massive and wile he's fairly skinny his experience is showed in a healthy strong body. Laisin has shaved his head for practical reasons but it brown, he has a pair of very dark brown eye's that some people in a quick glance could mistake for black. His eye's are located in a face with a sharper almost feminine bone structure just as his body is build not very manly instead much more agile and slim and there's the fact he has a smooth well kept skin so he's often called girly.
Side: Pure but only because he believes the power of the shards make you go insane anode he is satisfied with his powers.


Personality: Laisin can best be described as logical and quoit ruthless but not very evil. He shows signs of Psychotic behavior by brutally murdering people that come in the way and he lacks social skills but he isn't senseless and doesn't murder just for fun. Laisin is intelligent and he has a good self control but he isn't emotionless only shallow in his emotions and he is very annoying in the sense of him being logical he will always in every situation point you to mistakes and even in cases of live and dead is his reaction to remain calm and correct everyone.
Joys: order, power
Phobias: a person able to get the little emotion out of him, getting outsmarted


Head wear: A dark blue hood able to cover the entire face and hide it
Shirt: Dark blue and made of the same strong but light fiber as the hood, there are five metal reinforcements hidden in here two on his chest and three small plates on his belly to protect his organs.
Pants: Dark blue and light with two metal plates hidden on the front of his upper legs.
Foot wear: Simple shoes made of leather and dark blue they give him excellent grip wile moving silently.
Left hand: He wears a Dark blue glove over this hand to cover up a dagger.
Right Hand: Also covered up with a dark blue glove that also hides a dagger.
Left Arm: A dark blue sleeve of his shirt covers his arm it's unarmored.
Right Arm: The same as his left arm also unarmored.
Back: Light and dark blue with six's metal that run from either sides of his spine to his shoulders were the other the great number is used to compromise defense for speed by breaking the formation into six's plates instead of two.
lower legs: Just two metal plates that are thin and serve to protect his feet when he kicks
Other: Laisin seems to have no real sense of color this explains the constant choice of the color dark blue but he has made his clothes light agile armorer that makes clear he does give care about functionality.
Weapons: A pair of daggers that are on have one hilts made of light wood and just one side to cut because a wooden extension of the hilt runs on the right side of the dagger hidden in the right glove and on the left side of the one hidden in the left glove. This one side seems to be debilitation but it's needed because Laisin has a strong wire running from both daggers into the palm of his hands so he can pull them out with a movement quicker than you would expect and it gives the daggers a very strange but flexible usage that requires the extra reinforcement. The daggers also have a sharp point on the top because Laisin trows them as if they are darts because he has played darts in college when he was recruited and used this skill for combat.


Earth life -
History: Frederic had a calm live in the city where he was diagnosed with multiple serious problems and he was forced by his family to go too a therapist were they would investigate his strange complicated mind because he reacted and acted coldly when he was eight years old and he also despised his classmates. As time progressed he grew up in a gifted young man that after studying biology began studying medicine because he loved learning so much that it was all he wanted to do until he was recruited. He has spend a year of his live on this occupation and he's satisfied with his progress but he does wish to become greater.

True life -
Name: Laisin (in a old now long dead language it mend 'the one that knew')
History: Laisin was one of the less known warriors because wile he was loyal to the death he didn't do well with other warriors often ending up in a argument about ethics this made made him hide away from the world but he was still loyal and as he aged a bit his knowledge took a high point rivaling the warrior of knowledge with his cold logical way of thinking was he often able to calculate actions to the point where he obtained a strange and fairly trustworthy foresight. As Laisin progressed people often doubted his loyalty and he was the warrior to always come up first when the question who would be a traitor and this intensified and he sometimes openly doubted his duty with arguments if he wouldn't go and play the role he was suspected too but then why follow there demands? So wile most warriors believed Laisin to not have helped much but he really did allot in the sense of his gift for paper work organizing and ordering things such as food and other things people don't notice.

Death: Laisin was silent as he watched the fight a great demon approached him but a second later it lay died as he would let none go trough his doorway. His choice of the a bottle neck between the room of the elements and the battle had been wise as he would assure that none of the demons that slipped trough his colleges would reach the room even wile they would think he was lazy because he wasn't present in the main battle. Laisin heard the battle end and suddenly restart much more violently but then again reinforcements could go. Suddenly a large group of his allies approached him many more followed and he knew something was wrong because swords where pulled "I see treachery has been seeded in our organization." A group of warriors men and woman of his own ranks lead the troops aimed there weapons at him and yelled "Get out of the way or die Laisin we outnumber you." Laisin thought a second and as he did suddenly the fight began under the traitors as he made swords fly and strike wile he suddenly turned invisible and a warriors throat was cut to pieces. It happened so quickly but he began to brutally murder people. Suddenly Laisin felt he had been hit and as he turned his head to look at it he knew it was done, a large cut ran over his chest deeply cutting in his flesh and as he turned his head a bit more to look at who had killed him he saw trainee barely trained enough to hold the sword that had cut him and as Laisin killed the boy ripping out his eye's with his power wile pulling the brain out was it clear he was going to die as wile he was invisible another lucky cut got trough his leg and after the third time this blow coming form a knight was Laisin dead with a spear sticking out of chest and because it had penetrated the stone under him so that it couldn't be removed. Laisin had killed twelve men where one was a full fledged warrior but he didn't care at he fought the entire time until he finally died from heart failure and blood lose.

So begins...

Laisin's Story