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The Shinigami Bar

The Shinigami Bar


Hello there! Welcome to The Shinigami Bar. Hard day being good in heaven, or bad in hell? Then come and relax at Deaths Shinigami bar! WARNING: This is a neutral area, any who violate the law of the land will answer to the Reapers.

811 readers have visited The Shinigami Bar since chris33 created it.


Welcome to the Shinigami Bar, the number one stop for all cross dimensional travel! Feeling thirsty? Had a long day? Need a place to stay? Then come on in! Here we cater to all your needs. We have an infinite number of rooms, so there are always vacancies. The bar is open 24/7 and everyone is welcome.
Please note however, this Bar and the surrounding plane of existence, is not and does not wish to be involved in inter-dimensional warfare. Please leave any prejudices and/or grievances outside. We are not interested in fighting. Anyone found to be aggravating the customers will be dealt with quickly and without mercy.
The Shinigami Bar is run by Death (The Grim Reaper) and his Reapers. Death himself rarely makes an appearance, he is after all, a very busy The Grim Reapers plane of existence, often referred to as The Graveyard Kingdom, is a neutral territory. The wars between Heaven and Hell do not apply here, and anyone who causes violence in this territory is in terrible danger, as the Reapers do not show mercy. The Graveyard Kingdom sits on the nexus between worlds, the space between dimensions. Most travellers heading towards the mortal realm (Earth) stop of here as a rest point, so it is usually pretty busy.

Elsewhere the eternal battle between Heaven and Hell is heating up. God is absent and has been for a long time. There are some forces in Heaven and Hell who wish to start the Final War, so one side can finally be victorious, and crowned ruler of the cosmos. Humankind often refer to this as the Apocalypse. The Factions are as follows:


Heaven is ruled by a supreme parliament, which is currently split between supporters of Michael and Gabriel, as they argue about possible war with Hell.

The Followers Of Michael: These are supporters of the Arch Angel Michael, commander of the Arch Angels and Supreme commander of heavens military. These Angels believe that war between Heaven and Hell is inevitable. Lucifer, the demons and her followers are scum and should completely wiped off the face of the cosmos, with no mercy and no regrets. They are the militant fundamentalists of Heaven and they believe that their status as Angels of Heaven makes them better than all other forms of life.

The Supporters of Gabriel: Gabriel’s supporters believe that war between Heaven and Hell can be averted and that they should not take such drastic action without the consent of God. They believe that Michael and his supporters are foolhardy and that their war mongering could lead them to disaster. These Angels are mostly academics and adventurers but there are a few warriors amongst them. They air on the side of caution and respect Lucifer’s right to rule hell, but no-where else. They may respect that Lucifer is the ruler of hell, but they still believe her and her followers to be blasphemous and traitors.


The Dominion of Hell is also stuck in political problems. Unlike Heaven, the arguments here are happening all throughout the land, which can often result in random brawls in taverns and pubs.

Luciferians: The loyal supporters of Lucifer the Wise. Surprisingly Lucifer argues against war with Heaven, as she does not wish to be supreme ruler of the cosmos, and never has. What she has wished is to be independent from Heaven, something she believe she has already partially achieved, and through a little more work, can fully achieve. Lucifer believes that destruction of the human world gains her nothing, as Hell is fueled by the sins of mortals. Hell is her kingdom now. Luciferians eye Heaven dwellers with pity, believing them to be the worthless pawns of an absent God, they live and die by the saying “It is better to rule in Hell, than to serve in Heaven.”

The Supporters of Beezlebub: Beezelbub is the commander of hells armies, he has a lot of influence as a hero of the Morning War. He is an Angel Supremacist, he and his followers look down with contempt on Mortals and Demons. He believes that Hell is a beacon of anarchy and freedom, and that Lucifer has lost her sight of the true goal, the destruction of Heaven. The followers of Beezelbub hate the angels of Heaven, believing them to be pencil pushers and aristocrats. The Fallen Angels are hard, enduring, strong and ready for war.

There are many races at the Shinigami Bar, but mostly Angels and Demons travelling to the Mortal Plane.

High Angels: High Angels are mostly just referred to as Angels. They are the Angels who fought against Lucifer during the morning war and current occupiers of Heaven. They are democratic and are run by a parliament. They are usually young and fair looking, with bright white wings and slim bodies. Most have a sense of supremacy to the other Races, believing Angels to be the picture of perfection. Angels enjoys music, poetry and the arts but are also some of the greatest warriors in the cosmos. They are the bitter enemies of Fallen Angels and Demons.

Fallen Angels: Once Heaven Dwellers like their High Angel cousins, they are now the rulers of Hell. They are much hardier than the High Angels, living in a war like culture. Many brandish scars and weapons proudly, but like their high brethren they are still considered very beautiful by the other races. They are slim, pale skinned and have dark black wings. They are the sworn enemies of Heaven.

Demons: Demons were the original occupiers of Hell, before the Angels came. They are in many ways formless, and can take on a multitude of appearances that reflect their personality. For example, a cowardly and shy Demon cannot take on the appearance of something big and monstrous, but most likely small and mouse like. Demons swore loyalty to Lucifer, who in turn educated the Demons about the cosmos. Although there are many Angels who abuse Demons as lesser creatures.

Reapers: Reapers were all once humans, who were selected by Death to become his servants. How he selects people, it is not known. Reapers are like angels, but not and are often referred to as Deaths Angels. Their abilities come from Death himself, they in a sense share a tiny portion of his power. Reapers are much like angels, and are just as powerful. They are both feared and respected, although at times begrudgingly. Angels still see them as recycled humans and look down on them as such. Although none would ever say so to their faces. They have little to no interest in war, only in preserving the balance, in fulfilling the role that Death has set.

Dead Spirit: Dead human spirits will also frequent the bar. They were once humans who were elevated by Angels to Heaven or Hell. Most human souls “Become one with God” when they die, whatever that means. But a few are selected to become immortal and reside in Heaven or in Hell. Usually people of importance or of specific skill sets. They resemble mortal humans, apart from that when their body is threatened, it becomes incorporeal, making them the only true immortals in the cosmos.

Hi guys. I just thought this would be a fun idea to toy with. It’s going to be a very tongue in cheek RP, not taking itself too seriously. I put up a lot of lore to give the characters some depth, but overall, its about supernatural entities drinking in a bar together.

I want to do it as a naturally evolving RP, by this I want to introduce a bunch of characters to each other and see where it goes, but I do also have a main story I will implement as we establish these characters.

There are other races who frequent the bar, fairies, Dwarves, Old Gods, etc etc, but they going to be NPC’s. This is purely so things don’t get to confusing.

Whilst pitching this idea to a couple of friends, they warned me that everyone is going to want to be a Reaper, for this reason I’m going to impose a three Reapers limit. Sorry guys, but let’s get some variety!



Reaper One: Nothilious Mesmoas (Noth) - Played by Chris33
Reaper Two: Lidia Obscurité - Played by airyshiM
Reaper Three:

Everyone Else

- Played by Cha-Kun
Wes Schrödinger - Played by SilverInk
- Played by The5thHorseman

Character Skelly:
Race: (High Angel, Fallen Angel, Demon, Reaper or Spirit)
Political Leaning: (Neutral, Supporter of Michael, Supporter of Gabriel, Luciferian or Supporter of Beezlebub.)
Equipment: (All Reapers will have a Scythe, a Sickle or some form of sword)
Reason For Staying At The Shinigami Bar:
Theme song: (Just for fun)
Codeword: (Read the rules!!)

Toggle Rules

1. Minimum 300 words a post, lets make every post entertaining and moving things forward. No one liners.
2. Be nice in the OOC, lets all get along yeah?
3. No god modding, Mary Sues, yadda yadda yawn. Do I even have to say it?
4. Interact! I want at least one of every three posts to include someone else. Interaction is the point of this RP.
5. Romance and Bromance are encouraged, but let’s keep things...clean.
6. I will keep character reservations for twenty-four hours, I want to get this thing moving as quickly as possible.
7. Minimum of a post every couple of days. If you are going to be away, please inform everyone in the OOC.
8. Lets not have any no shows. People who make a character then disappear up the backside of beyond when it starts. If you want in, great! If you don’t, can we not get everyone’s hopes up.
9. No killing other peoples characters unless it has been arranged in the OOC.
10. You read the rules? Don’t try and cheat it...go on, just scroll up a bit. You read them? Good. The Codeword is: Cheese.

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Character Portrait: Nothilious Mesmoas (Noth)
Character Portrait: Lidia Obscurité


Character Portrait: Lidia Obscurité
Lidia Obscurité

"God did not create evil. Just as darkness is the absence of light, evil is the absence of God."

Character Portrait: Nothilious Mesmoas (Noth)
Nothilious Mesmoas (Noth)

"Pffft, let the damn Angels nuke it out, and when the whole world turns to ashes around them, they'll only have themselves to blame."


Character Portrait: Lidia Obscurité
Lidia Obscurité

"God did not create evil. Just as darkness is the absence of light, evil is the absence of God."

Character Portrait: Nothilious Mesmoas (Noth)
Nothilious Mesmoas (Noth)

"Pffft, let the damn Angels nuke it out, and when the whole world turns to ashes around them, they'll only have themselves to blame."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Lidia Obscurité
Lidia Obscurité

"God did not create evil. Just as darkness is the absence of light, evil is the absence of God."

Character Portrait: Nothilious Mesmoas (Noth)
Nothilious Mesmoas (Noth)

"Pffft, let the damn Angels nuke it out, and when the whole world turns to ashes around them, they'll only have themselves to blame."

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Re: The Shinigami Bar

Gah I still need to make my other character.

Re: The Shinigami Bar

can i suggest re-doing you RP description? it'll go up in the RP page again as a new rp. This can help get new users since it seems others have kinda left the rp hanging, of course this is your decision! i just wanted to make a helpful suggestion since this RP is so good, and you put in alot of work! i would hate for it to go to waste :T

Re: The Shinigami Bar

thanks! i'll get started right away c:

Re: The Shinigami Bar

Hi there Airyshim

You sure can, they can be any gender you prefer to play :)

Many thanks

Re: The Shinigami Bar

may i play as reaper #2?~ what gender would you prefer my character to be?

Re: The Shinigami Bar

I vould liek to jone zis rolieplaiy, lol, I'd like to join you if you don't mind, I also had an idea for the "one with God" thing, He eats them... He eats their souls... I got the idea from Recast... it was awesome... creepy, but awesome....

Re: The Shinigami Bar

I have been hit with inspiration from my walk! Two demons, business partners one could say. What happens when one develops feelings that goes beyond emotions of your typical demon..not lust...but love? Their professional relationship is already complex enough..not to mention the war brewing. So excited that I got this idea.

Re: The Shinigami Bar

Hey guys!

Thanks for the interest! :)

@ Asher, SilverInk and 5th Horseman
Thanks guys, can't wait to see them characters!

@5th Horseman
Well this is my own lore, I wanted to borrow from religious lore but not copy it, as I did not want to jump around with peoples beliefs. The whole Reapers and Demons and Spirits thing I just made up :) Reapers are Deaths servants in this, Death is the Grim king of the Reapers lol. But as I said, I just borrowed some stuff and made up all the rest.

Re: The Shinigami Bar

Umm... FYI death is just a common nick name for the reaper, death is the name of the fourth horseman of the apocalypse. The reaper, the grim reaper, the angel of death, and death are just a few of his names though I usually call him the reaper( trust me this is my religion).

I would be glad to join because I have played in roleplays with demons and angels but not reapers( which I call deathless). I will submit a character in a few hours probably.

Re: The Shinigami Bar

I have a feeling this RP will be great for dark humor and tongue in cheek as you put it. I definitely have a few character ideas rolling around in my head right now.

Count me in as an everybody else character. Maybe two not sure yet.

Re: The Shinigami Bar

Hey chris! Nice roleplay you have here. I want to reserve a spot.

Oh, and PM me when you read this; I might have an idea for a character.

The Shinigami Bar

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