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Nothilious Mesmoas (Noth)

"Pffft, let the damn Angels nuke it out, and when the whole world turns to ashes around them, they'll only have themselves to blame."

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a character in “The Shinigami Bar”, as played by chris33


Name: Nothilious Mesmoas (Noth)


Age: 510

Race: Reaper

Political Leaning: Neutral

Appearance: Noth is a tall skinny boy, who looks rather young in mortal standards. He has long black hair and a pale complexion, which is common for most Reapers. He likes to wear mostly black clothing, although a smart white shirt underneath. He likes to look like he doesn't care about his appearance but secretly very neat and tidy.

Personality: Noth was once a very shy and quiet person, when he was alive. But after being made a Reaper, he started to become much more outspoken and lively. He is sarcastic and very dry witted, often poking fun at the patrons of The Shinigami Bar. He does not care for much, and is easily annoyed by those who think they are entitled to his attention. He is devoted to Death (The Grim Reaper) and his duty as a Reaper. The Balance is everything.

Equipment: Noth doesn’t have much in the way of personal possessions, but does own a Shoaling Sword, common among Reapers.

Biography: Noth was born a human peasant in modern day London, during the sixteenth century, under the name James. He lived a life of hardship, often being victimised and abused by the nobles and Lords in the area. He didn’t have to endure this life long, he died of the bubonic plague, just before his twenty fifth birthday. However, unlike most, his story didn’t end there. Death didn’t usher his soul onto to Gods side. Instead he offered him a job as a Reaper, that day he ceased being James, and became Nothilious Mesmoas (Graveyard speak for Gift of Voice.)

He was finished living in the shadow of his betters. He had a role now, a purpose and an important job. He helped Death collect souls for many centuries, becoming known for amongst the Reapers for being dedicated but a little outspoken. He had a certain disdain for Angels, who he considered too high and mighty. Often Reapers and Angels would run into each other on earth, and often Noth was less than diplomatic.

It was in one of these recent altercations he called a High Angel Lieutenant a “Pompous Moron” after the High Angel tried to sneak a soul Noth was trying acquire, into Heaven. The Lieutenant complained to Death and the Reapers about Noth’s lack of manners. After this Death rotated Noth out of active duty and employed him at The Shinigami Bar, where he would remain until he learnt some manners.

Reason For Staying At The Shinigami Bar: He is the Bartender there.

Theme Song: Oasis - Falling Down ( Prodigy Remix )

Codeword: -Cheese-

So begins...

Nothilious Mesmoas (Noth)'s Story