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a character in “The Siege of the Elements”, as played by yogitheambrangyl


ImageZeron is still nothing but a pup. His white paws are still a bit big for him, a hint of blue running through the fur. His long tail that has a solid ice blue stripe stretched down it, trips him up once in a while. He is a rascal, his scraggly blue bangs hang in his light, ice blue eyes. The rest of him is covered in fuzzy, pure white fluff.


Being a pup, he is almost pure trouble. He is always looking for something to get into, someone to chase or scare, and always trying to act like the older wolves. He has a simple mind, he doesn't know about lying or can tell if someone is lying to him. He can be easily tricked, or made angry. But he is also easily made a friend with either a few kind actions or treats.


He is less than a year old, he doesn't know much pain or suffering. His older brother is Marous.

So begins...

Zeron's Story


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The little pup bounded through the snow and tumbled into a small snow bank, the white puffball that he was disappearing easily in freshly fallen snow. His bright mischievous blue eyes the only thing peaking through the flakes they fallowed the movement of his brothers blue grey tail. He burst up through the snow, blue bangs flying round his forehead as he pounced and landed on his brother’s back, climbing and biting on his brother’s ear. Got you!!!


His dark, almost charcoal colored, ears swiveled as he heard something moving in the snow. He closed his eyes and shook his head. The pup needs to be trained soon. He just waited then felt Zeron pounce on his and grab his ear. He opened his mouth, making it look as if he would howl. Ow! He rolled as if his little brother took him down and he lightly nipped and pulled the little pup’s tail a little to get him to let go. Little rascal! Go bug someone else. He nudged his little brother towards the couple other pups of the pack as he saw a few of the other wolves getting ready to go on patrol.